CIC In Action
8/07/01 CIC Launches "Condit for President" Campaign
7/24/01 CIC Delivers 10,000 Petitions to Prosecute Clinton, Revoke His Pension
7/12/01 CIC Delivers Petitions to Investigate Gary Condit
7/10/01 Is "Big Brother" Spying on You?
7/2/01 CIC Exposes Possible Video Cover-up in Condit Case
6/5/01 CIC Distributes Jim Jeffords Toilet Paper to Senate offices, bathrooms
5/11/01 CIC Delivers Shredded Black Berets to Congress
5/2/01 CIC Delivers Crushed Fortune Cookies; Demands Revocation of PNTR
4/9/01 CIC No Apology Brigade Brigade visits Chinese Embassy
4/9/01 CIC Spokesman Clayton Wins Senator Helms Over
3/27/01 CIC Stops Stealth Pay Raise Attempt by Congress-- for today
3/8/01 CIC Delivers "Geto-out-of-Jail" Pardon Cards to Congress
3/1/01 CIC Demands Clinton's Pension be Stripped
2/1/01 CIC Alerts Congress About Hillary "Ethics"

The Citizens Investigative Commission sponsored 50 loud and enthusiastic rallies pushing for the impeachment and conviction of William Clinton at the Judiciary Hearings, and at the White House in Washington. Thanks to everyone who made this possible by giving up their time and effort to go on record against Clinton and his wrongdoing.

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