Citizens' Investigative Commission provides some political sites, humorous sites, and a combination of the two.

From the Left

We Believe Juanita!
A grass-roots organization of women who support Juanita Broaddrick and other women who have been raped by Bill Clinton.
Micheal Kelly
The former New Republic editor exposes Hillary's true character.
Hillary's Secret Closet
The First Lady's run for New York Senator could end here.....
Read Mother Jones' story on the executive slumber party in the White House Lincoln Bedroom
Skeleton Closet
Michael Kelly for Bush
Stop Gore
Al Gore: A User's Manual
Unofficial Gore 2000

From the Right

Kiev Radio (AM 870) host Hugh Hewitt
Hugh used to work for President Ronald Reagan. Besides savvy political commentary, Hewitt has timely and top notch political actions to suggest and Hewitt posts poems (Gorelero, Doctor Seuss Goes to Florida, A Christmas Poem -- a tribute to men in uniform)
House Managers PAC
Dedicated to the Rule of Law and to helping the House Managers who impeached Clinton who are under attack in the national news media
Visit premiere news site of investigative journalist Chris Ruddy who agrees with CIC that Vince Foster did not die in Fort Marcey Park.
World Net Daily
Hard-hitting news and commentary from the 2nd most popular web site in the world!
Matt Drudge
Web site of journalist Matt Drudge --- the man who outscooped America's liberal press on Monicagate.....
Ann Coulter
Read the latest commentary from the best-selling author of "High Crimes & Misdemeanors."
Judicial Watch
Read the latest on the numerous lawsuits pending against the White House.
Free Republic
Grass-roots organization which has organized impeachment demonstrations across the country.
Conservative Caucus
A page of links and e-mail addresses to contact the national media.
The Bossie Report
Investigative web site of 1999's recipient of CPAC's Ronald Reagan Award.
Rep. Dan Burton
Official home page of the lone Congressman investigating the Clinton-Chinese fundraising scandal.
Capitol Hill Blue
A political digest of scandal and news in the nation's capital.
Hillary Clinton Carpetbag Headquarters
Stop Hillary No!
Throw Clinton in Jail!
Traitor Bill Clinton
Stop Hillary Now!

Just for Fun

After a long day of liberal-bashing, here are some fun sites. Listing of these sites is an not endorsement by CIC of their material. They're just funny.
Flag Day at American flag info for kids
Making patriotic flags!
The ofishul Pauly C paiyje
The folks who brought us the "Paul Chomicki for President" site are back to make fun of Paul some more with their irreverent wit. Funny games, pictures, and cartoons... They got it all!
The Onion : America's Finest News Source
parody online newspaper.
"A public service for the terminally frustrated; the truly outraged; American women who are sick of betrayal; and for the just plain mean-spirited. Have a nice day."
Paul Chomicki for President
God help us if he won... or got any votes. Paul is real, but the campaign is, thankfully, not.
"Politically Correct" Cartoons
Jim Huber (this site's multi-talented webmaster/political cartoonist/genius) takes aim at the liberal every week in his conservative political cartoons. No liberal is safe from Jim's sharp wit! (just like you're not safe from his self-adoration)
Nutty Sites
Resource of "crazy, fun, stupid, silly sites."
Right Wing Limericks




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