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CIC Delivers 10,000 Petitions to Prosecute Clinton, Revoke His Pension

[CIC delivered over 10,000 petitions, along with the following letter, to Speaker Hastert and other selected members of Congress demanding revocation of President Clinton's pension and prosecution of his presidential crimes].
July 24, 2001

Honorable Dennis Hastert
Speaker of the House
2369 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Dear Speaker Hastert:

It is an outrage that impeached President Bill Clinton is about to receive $992,000 for his pension and other expenses for FY '02 in the current Treasury, Postal & General Government appropriations bill now before consideration in the House. Rather than rewarding Mr. Clinton for his criminal behavior, Mr. Clinton's pension should be immediately revoked! As you know, Congress has the authority to strip any ex-president of his pension as prescribed in the Former Presidents Act. Furthermore, Mr. Clinton must be investigated by the House Government Reform Committee for his illegal pardons and his continuing obstruction of justice by him and his brother in the federal investigation.

Please accept these 10,000 Petitions from grass-roots America, which call for revoking Mr. Clinton's pension and investigating and prosecuting the impeached president for his past and current crimes. Enclosed are these paper petitions along with a diskette containing on-line petitions signed by thousands of Americans and are posted on our popular website at .

In closing, I strongly urge you take these voices and concerns seriously. Through CIC these citizens have spoken loud and clear that Mr. Clinton should still be held accountable for his crimes. There is no greater insult than giving away nearly $1 million of our tax dollars to an impeached and disgraced President! Should you cave in to this Clinton extortion, we will not forget our duties as voters in the elections 2002 and 2004.


Jack Clayton
Executive Officer

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