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December 12, 2000


First Lady Hillary Clinton recently attended her Senate orientation seminars and a formal dinner with husband Bill at the Supreme Court Building, and is now setting up her new political office on Capitol Hill. Pretending to be just one of 100 Senators, and with Secret Service agents in tow and a $2.8 million annual budget, Senator-elect Hillary Clinton is seeking seats on the Senate Finance, Appropriations, Education and Foreign Relations Committees, where she can plow her socialist schemes for more government control over America’s children and families. A recent Marist College poll of New York voters reveals that already 40% believe she will run for president in 2004; 51% say she will complete her term. None of the polled voters seemed to bothered that Hillary hasn’t even been officially sworn in yet as a U.S. Senator. This is what you get when few groups, except CIC, refuse to condemn her illegal activities with any vigor. Will YOUR Senator deal with Hillary Clinton?


Battle for Freedom is Not Over -- Please Help

American hostage Edmond Pope, who has been ailing from bone cancer in a Russian prison since April, was recently convicted of espionage by Moscow City Court and was sentenced to 20 years in jail. He intends to appeal, but there is little hope his conviction will be overturned, and it is uncertain whether Russian President Vladimir Putin will pardon him. President Clinton has utterly failed to pressure Mr. Putin to release him because he has refused to enforce the concurrent resolution passed by Congress in October demanding a cutoff in foreign aid until Mr. Pope is released. According to Sen. Gordon Smith (R-OR) there is still additional legislation that Congress can pass in its remaining days of its lame-duck session that would apply concrete pressure of both Mr. Putin and Mr. Clinton. CIC asks all supporters to please e-mail the following selected Representatives and Senators and ask that they enact emergency legtislative action to help free Edmond Pope. , , (Ben Gilman) , (Chris Smith)


Both President Bill Clinton and House Minority Leader Dick Gephardt have stated they favor using the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) to conduct manual recounts of so-called disputed ballots to prove that Al Gore won in Florida – even after George W. Bush is likely to be certified as the next President of the United States. “This is clearly a calculated attempt to discredit George Bush as the real victor of this election,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy.


One election finale-scenario that is quietly gaining attention on Capitol Hill is that George W. Bush will indeed become president – but his Vice President may be the current one, Al Gore, and not Dick Cheney. If the House of Representatives ends up deciding who is the next President (as happened three times in the 1800s), it is the U.S. Senate which chooses the Vice-President. The new 50-50 Senate will be ushered in on Jan. 6th and the Democrats will have a majority until Jan. 20th , with Gore still serving as President of the Senate. It is possible that Gore could be the tie-breaking vote to make himself Vice President under George Bush. Sen Bob Smith (R-NH) believes this to be a very real possible scenario.


The uniformed men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces, who voted overwhelmingly for George W. Bush for President, are now being threatened by their Clinton-appointed superiors not to speak out publicly about the 2000 election. It’s bad enough that hundreds of military absentees ballots were not counted in the state of Florida. Now, veiled warnings are being circulated to members from the likes of Air Force Brig. Gen. Jack Rives and Army Col. James Rosenblatt stating that Article 88 of the UCMJ forbids military officers from using contemptuous words against the president” and “vice president.” CIC is proud to disclose that our Mailbag has received thousands of letters from many military members over the years with very “positive” messages about the “future” of their leadership. “Free speech still reigns within the military during off-duty hours,” confirms CIC’s Scott Lauf.


Perhaps that’ll be the mantra towards a Gore victory next time around. In a shocking revelation, almost entirely dismissed by the “mainstream” media, hundreds of felons were allowed to vote illegally in Florida and their overwhelmingly choice for president was Al Gore. It is reported by the Miami Herald that at least 445 felons voted in the presidential election in several counties in the study and 80% were registered Democrats. According to Florida law, it is illegal for a convicted felon to vote. However, Palm Beach, Broward and Duval counties refused to purge their voter lists of known criminals as required by Florida law. As many as 5,000 felons are estimated to have voted in Florida based on this research


The Office of Independent Counsel Robert Ray is planning to interview Monica Lewinsky as a potential witness before a federal grand jury. The OIC is wrapping up its investigation into President Clinton’s obstruction of justice and perjury and will issue a final report after Clinton leaves office on January 20th, 2001. “Though the odds are slim to none, let us hope and pray that Mr. Ray redeems the rule of law by formally issuing criminal charges against the most corrupt president in American history,” says CIC’s Mike Davis. The OIC is also seeking taped information from Gennifer Flowers....stay tuned.....


Recent reports indicate that Bill Clinton will be offered the job of Chancellor of Oxford University in England after he leaves office. CIC reported earlier in the year that Clinton was already looking for a home to buy in the nearby college town countryside. Clinton attended Oxford in 1969 as a Rhodes Scholar but did not complete his program, instead spending time organizing anti-American demonstrations in Europe and traveling to the communist East Bloc. Female students of Oxford should be forewarned of a potential Clinton presence on campus. Allegations swirled in 1998 that Clinton had sexually assaulted female students during his last tenure as an infamous Rhodes Scholar.


Thousands of patriots, and liberals, turned out at the Supreme Court Monday to show support for Bush, or Gore. For the last few weeks, the national parties have adopted CIC street theater tactics on a grand scale. And the anti-liberal forces are making a dent in the public opinion polls daily because they are more creative and CLEARLY outnumber the Gorons. CIC subscribers know these grassroots ways are the best.

Al Gore has suffered huge legal setbacks with the U.S. Supreme Court and Florida Circuit Judge Sanders Sauls, but America’s Supreme Sore Loser is still fighting on. He is now relying on the liberal Florida Supreme Court to save him. The U.S. Supreme Court will likely overrule Florida's Supreme Court Tuesday morning.

CIC members are asked to rally again, Tuesday, to thank the Supreme Court if a favorable decision is announced or to just thank them for "staying" the Florida Court's order to start up the "recount" (read: steal).

Visit the U.S. Supreme Court 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 12 to show support for the Court (liberals are upset over the "partisanship"). Or go to a busy intersection and hold a poster "US Supreme Court To Gore: Concede!" during morning rushhour, noon time, and afternoon rush hour in your city or town.


State House Speaker Tom Feeney has been steadfast in his pledge to hold a special session and certify George W. Bush’s 25 Florida electors. State Senate President Tom McKay has been reluctant. Both issued a statement delaying a special session until the courts play out their roles. Both Senate and House Committees have sent a resolution to their respective floors on Monday. CIC believes it is imperative that the Florida House and Florida Senate pass a resolution on December 12th certifying a Bush Slate of electors for Florida in order to offset the unpredictable outcome of the Democrat-controlled Florida Supreme Court. The considerable Gore machine is attacking Florida legislators in a withering fire. CIC urges all supporters to contact again State Senate leader John McKay and State House Speaker Tom Feeney at: State Senate President John McKay
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: 850-487-5078 or 941-727-6349
Fax: 941-727-6352 or SunCom 516-4008

State House Speaker Tom Feeney
The Capitol
Tallahassee, FL 32399
Phone: 850-488-0468 or 407-977-6500
Fax: 407-977-6504 or SunCom 392-6500


CIC members in concert with thousands of fellow citizens successfully demonstrated in front of the U.S. Supreme Court on a daily basis for the last two weeks. In separate rallies across the country, CIC is demanding that "Sore-Loserman" concede. These public events, led in part by CIC members and volunteers, have helped shape public opinion and build momentum for Al Gore’s eventual conceding he lost the election. It is part of CIC's mission to promote the truth and Gore has ruthlessly perverted the court system day after day. The most recent MSNBC poll reveals that 59% of Americans want Gore to concede now; only 30% want him to fight on. "The image of Gore as a sore loser has become crystal clear on national TV," says CIC’s Jack Clayton. "These persistent supporters of the rule of law deserve all the credit." CIC vows to continue to rally in the streets until Al Gore in finally gone. Please keep in touch at our website for the latest election developments and details on rallies in numerous cities across the USA.

>>>When will IT be over? Artist Jim Huber might tell you with his latest cartoon. Huber has drawn hundreds and hundreds of brilliant cartoons that are now archived. Huber has refused to tell inquisitive groupies the full details of his amazing life. Now national weekly "papers" compare him to the alien or Tim Allen. Just remember to check out the home page with the latest breaking news..

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