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News Updates
November l, 2000


CIC is spreading its "get-out-the-vote" efforts by reminding voters of where the candidates stand on impeachment. CIC is placing road signs, in localities, which say "(Name of Congressman)Protected Clintonsí Crimes." "Itís now payback time for all those members of Congress who saved Clintonís hide," says CICís Jack Clayton. For listings of where members of Congress voted on impeachment go to "Congressís Materials" section,


Along with You and CIC, They Made Victory Possible

CIC is also urging supporters to keep informed about the 13 impeachment managers. Some like Rep. James Rogan (R-CA) post daily reports. "They are heroes and they deserve the public's support," says Clayton. To help them please click to The Weekly Standard's Fred Barnes says Bush will win because (the Impeachment Managers) were not only right but politically smart to press the case against the disgraced Democrat. "If they had winked at Clinton's wrongdoing, as polls suggested they should, and settled for a bland censure of the president, the overriding Clinton factor would never have emerged. This would be a campaign about continuity, and Gore would win easily."

And remember your own role in this historic years long struggle. There was a time when the word "impeachment" was not allowed to be spoken in Congressional offices. You and CIC made the difference from the very earliest moment and continue to this day.


Rep. John Petersen (R-PA) visited Russia recently and is negotiating a deal with President Putin to free American hostage Edmond Pope. It is likely Mr. Pope will be convicted by the FSB (formerly KGB) and the Russian courts. However, Putin has indicated he may pardon and free Mr. Pope when the trial is over. Citing passage of his concurrent resolution, Congressman Petersen warned Putin that if Mr. Pope is not freed soon "it will do serious damage to future economic ties." CIC led the effort that resulted in Congress voting to demand Pope's release. Tell your congressmen or candidate for Congress to follow up on Petersen's promise--suspend all loans and trade with the Russians.


An average of the latest top four tracking polls gives George W. Bush a 4% lead in the popular vote and a marginal lead in the Electoral College (209 to Goreís 176 --- MSNBC/Reuters 10/31/00). However, of the nine toss-up battleground states (153 electoral votes) Gore is holding slight leads in Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, Florida and Washington (87 votes). Bush leads in Pennsylvania, Missouri, Ohio and Tennessee (66 votes), indicating a possible narrow victory if current numbers hold. "Because this race is so close, no state should be taken for granted," says CICís Steve Miroy.


In their third debate, Rick Lazio attacked Hillary Clinton for accepting donations from an Arab organization which supports the terrorist group Hamas. She later returned the donation, only after the public disclosure of this secret fundraising event which raked in $50,000. The latest polls gauge this race as a near dead heat.


As Clinton hits the campaign trail to get-out-the-vote for Al Gore, details of his exclusive and controversial interview with Esquire magazine (including an offensive cover page photo) were leaked by the Drudge Report. A smug and arrogant Clinton, suffering from the "God complex," has demanded that congressional Republicans and impeachment supporters apologize to America for following their constitutional duties. "The audacity of Bill Clinton is beyond measurement," says CICís Mike Davis, "here he is still trying to convince people that we are the criminals and wrongdoers." Let's impeach him again.

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