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News Updates

1997 News Archives

The following articles can be found on our 1997 news archives.

Download the 1997 news archives (zip file). CIC News Articles and Commentaries

  • A Tribute to Ambassador M. Larry Lawrence
  • CIC Calls for Immediate Impeachment in Response to Latest Clinton Crime
  • CIC Letter to Congress Supporting Rep. Barr
  • CIC Published News Articles Archives
  • CIC Pleads Guilty to "Right-Wing Conspiracy"
  • Clinton Sells Out Taiwan; Breaks the Law with China Policy
  • Clinton's Character Will Count in November
  • Could Clinton's Smear Tactics Backfire?
  • Dear Editor...
  • Duty to Staunch the Corruption?
  • Fifteen Reasons Why Nixon Was Better Than Clinton
  • Get your own Presidential Pardon
  • Has Clinton Committed Treason?
  • Impeachment Non-Partisan Style
  • Interest for Impeachment Skyrockets on the Internet at 'WWW.IMPEACHCLINTON.ORG'
  • Letter to Congress Asking for Ron Brown Inquiry
  • Letter to House Judiciary and Rules Committee
  • "Monica Effect" Hits Capitol Hill
  • Own a Piece of History
  • Results of CIC Contacts with Congress
  • Should Americans Worry About Al Gore in an Impeachment?
  • What Happened to Ron Brown?

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