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CIC's Urgent Letter to Senate & the Latest Petitions

[The following was recently hand-delivered by Jack Clayton of CIC, along with petitions, to all 100 Senators. Clayton and Scott Lauf have lead delegations of CIC supporters on frequent visits to Senate offices for the last few months].

February 4, 1999

Dear Senator:

Please accept with this letter a diskette containing over 15,000 petitions calling for the conviction and removal from office of President Bill Clinton. These were collected in recent days from citizens nationwide who have signed on at, our popular internet web site which has received over a total of 15 million hits. These petitions add to the 1.4 million we have already delivered to Congress by me or Scott Lauf, our other spokesman.

On behalf of our supporters, we urge you to vote for conviction and removal of William Jefferson Clinton. The evidence of Mr. Clinton committing the criminal felonies of perjury and obstruction of justice is overwhelming. In 1989 your esteemed legislative body convicted Judge

Walter Nixon for grand jury perjury --- one of the same exact charges against Clinton! If you fail to convict the President on this charge alone, you are telling all Americans that not only Mr. Clinton is above the law, but so are you.

We implore you to ignore any motion or deal which calls for censure or a "finding a fact." Such a move is clearly unconstitutional. Historical precedent and the constitution itself clearly mandate that impeachment trial should only end with a vote of conviction or acquittal.

We hope you take seriously your sworn oath to render "impartial" justice. For if the American people wish to have any faith in our system of government, they need to know that the U.S. Senate will not cower from its duty.

Best regards,

Director of Lobby & Research




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