Background on the Citizens' Investigative Commission

The Citizens' Investigative Commission (CIC) has over 60,000 members nationwide and has delivered over one million petitions to Congress. CIC is an authorized project of the Council of Volunteer Americans (a registered 501 c.4 organization) and was formed in 1993. Its website project,, began in January 1997.

Other former project names: Committee To Impeach Clinton, Clinton Investigative Commission,, Some current project names: Citizens Investigative Commisssion and All projects sponsored by the Council of Volunteer Americans, Donations are not tax deductable.

Staff and Representatives

  • Michael Neal, Director of Field Operations
    Michael Neal is the Director of Field Operations of the Citizens' Investigative Commission. Mr. Neal has worked in politics extensively since 1994 as a campaign manager and consultant for several Washington DC-area campaigns. Mr. Neal is a spokesman for conservative causes in Fairfax County, Virginia. He las led a grass-roots political organization to host speakers, stage rallies, and oppose liberal policy initiatives.

  • Michael Davis, Research Associate
    Michael Davis is a Research Associate at the Citizen's Investigative Commission (CIC) and a board member of the Council of Volunteer Americans.

    Mr. Davis received his B.S. in Adminstration of Justice from Illinois State University in 1994. Mr. Davis has served in the military as a former Army Reserve Infantry Officer and has past political experience as a staffer for a major GOP presidential campaign.

    He resides in Fairfax County, VA with his wife and child.

  • Donald McGuire, Research Associate
    Donald "D.J." McGuire is a researcher and freelance writer for the Citizens' Investigative Commission.

    Mr. McGuire is also a Ph.D. Candidate in Economics at Georgetown University. He graduated from William & Mary in 1994 with a BA in Economics. He currently works for a national anti-tax organization, and is the future head of a Virginia anti-tax group.

    Mr. Maguire is a native of Cranford, New Jersey, and currently resides in Annandale, VA.

  • Jim Huber, Webmaster
    Jim Huber is the the incredibly gifted Webmaster for the website, lending his web design and graphic skills to the CIC.

    Mr. Huber runs his own web design operation on the side , which also offers his unparalleled cartooning talents. He has been drawing conservative political cartoons for the past nine years, and has been a published illustrator since 1989. Aside from aiding the CIC in redesigning their web site, and providing humorous, intelligent, pictorial, political commentary in his cartoons, his political activity extends to various other political campaigns and local committees.

    Mr. Huber is everything you would want your children to grow up to be.

  • Jack Clayton, Lobby & Research

  • Linda Whitman, Spokeswoman
    Linda has been the national spokeswoman for CIC for two years at over 25 events in ten cities, especially Washington,.D.C.. Her voice has been heard on network radio, television and her words have been reported in hundreds of newspapers. Prior to joining CIC, Linda was retained by numerous political campaigns for management, polling and issue development.

  • George Primbs, Special Operations

    George Primbs is Director of Special Operations for the Clinton Investigative Commission. He has also been a spokesman for CIC since 1996.

    Mr. Primbs has a long record of political experience, beginning with several national youth groups and campaigns in 1980. He has served in the Reagan White House, and later as a special appointee to the Office of Congressional Affairs for Defense Programs at the Department of Energy. He has also worked on several campaigns, including statewide and presidential races.

    He holds B.A. and M.A. degrees from the American University and George Washington University, respectively, in political science and political management. He currently resides in northern Virginia.

  • Steve Miroy, Lobby & Research

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