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CIC Thanks House Managers for Courageous Work

[NOTE: The following letter was sent to the 13 House impeachment managers.]

February 17, 1999

Dear Congressman :

I am writing on behalf of the millions of Americans who are members, supporters and volunteers of the Clinton Investigative Commission. Our grass-roots organization wishes to express its heartfelt thanks to all your hard work during the Senate impeachment trial of President Clinton. Please know that despite the so-called polls reflecting Mr. Clinton’s job approval ratings, ‘real’ Americans appreciate your dedicated efforts. As historian Daniel Boorstein has suggested, it is the hero who shows the possibilities of human nature; it is the celebrity who shows the possibilities of the press and media. You and your colleagues are indeed true heroes.

Since January of 1997, when we first called for impeachment, we collected and delivered over 1.5 million petitions to the U.S. Congress. We also received over 20 million visits to our popular internet web site, We have encouraged our 167,000 internet subscribers and thousands of new visitors to our site to send you their own words of appreciation and thanks.

Despite the disappointing verdict in the Senate trial, please know CIC plans to lead our brigade of supporters in calling for continued investigation and relevant prosecution into the numerous crimes of the Clinton White House which are unrelated to the Lewinsky affair. We urge you to not forget these far more serious scandals which plague this administration.

Once again, thank you for all your efforts. Please continue in your duty to preserve our constitution and we shall always be there behind you.

Best regards,

Executive Officer,
Clinton Investigative Commission

CC: House Impeachment Managers




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