News Updates February 1, 2001

(Historical Note: With the swearing in of a new President, the "Committee to Impeach the President" has now been renamed but justice demands CIC to pursue the Clintons. Cartoonist Jim Huber is launching catastrophic humor on them, too.)

CIC Alerts Congress About Hillary ‘Ethics’

Advance Copies of "Hillary's New Book" handed out!

Senators on Capitol Hill were surprised recently to receive a gift from their colleague Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. But it was actually CIC members who delivered to the offices of Senate leaders Trent Lott, Tom Daschle, Don Nickles and Pat Roberts copies of Hillary Clinton’s new ‘Book on Ethics.’ The books had a slick leather cover and title "Sen. Hillary Clinton's Book on Ethics", but when opened up were filled with BLANK pages. "These symbolic books serve as a reminder to all members of Congress that Sen. Clinton has no regard for ethics or the rule of law," says CIC’s Scott Lauf. Barely on the job for more than a month, Hillary has already violated Senate ethics rules with her $8 million book deal; her receipt of $190,027 in questionable gifts upon departing the White House; and her unusual registry with Borsheims Jewelers, which is owned by her friend, big-time donor and shady billionaire Warren Buffett. CIC supporters are encouraged to send their own symbolic blank ‘Hillary books’ to their members of Congress, and to contact Sen. Pat Roberts, chair of the Senate Select Committee on Ethics, and demand he begin a full-scale investigation of Sen. Clinton:

Bush’s DOJ Should Prosecute Clinton!

Bill Clinton may have escaped indictment in the Monica Lewinsky scandal by his slick "deal" with the "Independent Counsel"(sic) Robert Ray, but he is not exempt from prosecution by the new Department of Justice for numerous other crimes, particularly Chinagate. "This deal is a complete sham and a sell-out!" explains CIC’s Scott Lauf. "However, President Bush is still under pressure to issue a blanket pardon for all of Clinton’s felonies." CIC is still collecting signatures for its "No Pardon" Petition at and intends to use them to urge the Bush Administration to set an example by enforcing the rule of law. Please sign on, if you haven’t done so already, and forward this message. Thank you.

Taxpayers To Pay Clinton’s Legal Debts?

It’s bad enough that Clinton is getting away for his crime sprees, but it’s even worse when the American people have to pay for them – literally. One aspect of Clinton’s sweetheart deal, which the liberal media failed to report, was a provision allowing him to seek government reimbursement for his $11 million in legal debts. This latest insult by Clinton should not be tolerated. Help save our tax dollars by telling President Bush how you feel. Call: (202) 456-1414 Fax: (202) 456-2461 Write: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500.

Hillary Is Key Figure In Pardongate

In his final abuse of presidential power, Bill Clinton issued over 140 pardons to assorted criminals, most notably Whitewater crook Susan McDougal, 1970s terrorist Patty Hearst, CIA traitor John Deutsch, and his cocaine-peddling brother Roger Clinton. But the most despicable pardons he issued were at the behest of his wife Hillary. Clinton pardoned fugitive tax-cheat Marc Rich, who illegally pocketed $70 million from the resale of Iranian oil in violation of the U.S. embargo on Tehran. Since 1993 Rich’s ex-wife Denise has given Hillary, Bill and the DNC over $1.3 million in cash as well as $7,375 in luxury furniture. Clinton also pardoned four embezzlers of New Square, NY, a Hasidic community which coincidentally gave 99% of its vote to Hillary. The swindlers reportedly stole more than $40 million in government funds. "Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, has pledged to investigate this latest scandal" reports CIC's Steve Miroy. Please contact Congressman Burton and urge him to subpoena Sen. Clinton for testimony. Call: (202) 225-5074; Fax: (202) 225-3974: Write: Honorable Dan Burton, 2157 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515. For e-mail, visit Sen. Majority Leader Trent Lott has also called for a congressional investigation. He should be contacted at (202) 224-6253, (202) 224-2262 (Fax),

Clintonites Rape-N-Pillage White House!

Loot Air Force One – All At Taxpayers’ Expense!

On their last days in office, Clinton staffers severely vandalized numerous White House offices causing upwards of $500,000 in damage. Office walls were scrawled with offensive graffiti; official U.S. emblems were ripped off doors; desks were turned upside down; trash was strewn about on the floors; phone lines were cut; obscene messages were left on voicemail boxes; printers were filled with pornographic pictures; filing cabinets were glued shut; at least 19 computer hard drives were sabotaged and infected with viruses; and over 60 computer keyboards were destroyed. The damages in Al Gore’s former offices were the most extensive. In addition, on Clinton’s last trip aboard Air Force One to New York, his aides stripped bare the presidential plane – stealing china, silverware, salt-n-pepper shakers, blankets, pillowcases and anything else with a presidential seal. "These criminal acts are destruction and theft of government property and every American taxpayer should be outraged!" says CIC’s Jack Clayton. Unfortunately, President Bush has cowered and said he does not want to press charges. CIC supporters are encouraged to contact the President and tell him to prosecute these vandals and thieves. Tell him that you, as a taxpayer, are angry because you will have to pay for these crimes. Call: (202) 456-1414 Fax: (202) 456-2461 Write: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20500. (NOTE: WH E-mail system not working due to being wrecked).

VP Mansion Trashed By Gore

The White House wasn’t the only government property damaged by the outgoing Clinton administration. According to a Gore Secret Service agent, who wishes to remain anonymous, Gore’s family over the last eight years trashed various rooms of the Vice Presidential mansion with their parties and antics.

Homosexual Zealots, Extremists Lynch Ashcroft

Radical liberal Sen. Patrick Leahy (D-VT) has delayed Sen. John Ashcroft’s nomination. In the meantime, dozens of taxpayer-funded liberal interest groups continue their anti-Christian assault against the Attorney General nominee. Militant homosexual millionaire and Clintonite ambassador James Hormel, along with the lesbian-run NOW and the extremist NAACP, are viciously smearing John Ashcroft in a desperate attempt to derail his nomination. CIC supporters are strongly urged to keep up the pressure. Please call your Senator at (202) 224-3121 or visit and demand he support Sen. Ashcroft. All Americans should be outraged that almost all of the liberal groups attacking Ashcroft received nearly $150 million in tax dollars between 1996 and 1999.

No More Illegal Aliens!

Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX) is leading an effort in the Senate to grant amnesty for nearly 7 million illegal aliens. Currently, U.S. laws allow millions of undocumented Mexicans to enter the country as “guest workers,” and Sen. Gramm, along with four fellow Senators, wants to make it easier for them to eventually become citizens. This could undoubtedly create a flood of new registered voters who overwhelmingly will cast ballots for the Democrats. CIC strongly opposes these efforts and urges supporters to contact their Senators. Tell them to stop this outrageous amnesty. Call (202) 224-3121 or visit

Bush Issues New Ethics Rules

In his first act as President, George W. Bush barred the implementation of a few of Clinton’s executive orders dealing with the environment and Medicare. He also issued new strict ethics guidelines for executive branch employees, in an effort to curb influence-peddling, bribery, graft and corruption which was rife in the Clinton administration. CIC applauds President Bush on both these orders and will be drawing up a priority list of the most egregious Clinton Executive Orders that should be revoked. We’ll keep you posted at

Bush Should Open Up ANWR

President Bush could provide relief to future energy and gasoline crises by opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) in Alaska for drilling of oil and natural gas. Clinton did not designate the ANWR as a national monument, as was widely expected, so it should make it easier for Bush to garner bipartisan support on Capitol Hill. The new Interior Secretary Gale Norton, who favors ANWR drilling, should lead the charge in these efforts.

New Evidence Of Liberal Vote Fraud!

More evidence of widespread Democratic voter fraud in Florida is surfacing. According to the Miami Herald, at least 3,200 ballots were cast illegally in 25 of the 67 counties, and the tally keeps getting higher (including another 100 votes from convicted criminals). In Broward County, at least 452 felons cast illegal ballots, nearly 80% of who were registered Democrats. Please keep in touch at as we continue to compile these incidents of fraud and announce new initiatives for electoral reform.

Is Jackson’S Mistress Living On Our Tax Dollars??

Professional race hustler Jesse Jackson got smacked with moral hypocrisy when it was publicly disclosed that he fathered an out-of-wedlock child. While Jackson should be commended for telling the truth and taking responsibility for his actions, he needs to be scrutinized for the financial arrangements he made with his mistress. According to numerous reports, Jackson paid his girlfriend $40,000 and then set her up in a $365,000 home in Los Angeles with a $10,000 a month stipend. Jackson’s Rainbow Coalition has received hundreds of thousands of tax dollars over the years and it is quite possible he used the organization’s funds to pay this woman. Such a scheme is not unusual for Jackson, who has managed to escape IRS audits since 1983 despite evidence of millions of Rainbow dollars missing.

Hillary Keynote Speaker At Jackson Party

As CIC predicted, Sen. Hillary Clinton is using her new committee posts to stake out far-left positions on health care and other issues. In a recent speech before the Health Action 2001 National Conference, Sen. Clinton denounced Bush’s modest tax cut proposal and called for dozens of new pork-barrel projects in health care. She also gave the keynote speech at the so-called “Wall Street Project” conference, Jesse Jackson’s annual shakedown of America’s largest corporations (which give millions every year to Jackson out of fear of being sued for “racism”).

Riady Escapes Justice For Now

The mild guilty plea of Indonesian billionaire James Riady, which was arranged while Clinton was still in office, has been postponed until late February or early March. This delay is a clear indication that Riady intends to avoid any type of punishment for his illegal funneling of foreign cash into Clinton’s 1992 and 1996 election campaigns. “The Bush Department of Justice needs to throw the book at both Riady and Clinton,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. “These criminals cannot be allowed to continue to flaunt the rule of law.”

Free Speech On Internet At Stake In New Congress

Soon-to-be proposed bills to protect free speech, assure financial privacy and preserve the no tax moratorium over the internet may top the legislative agenda in the new 107th Congress. Reining in the FBI’s infamous “Carnivore” program, which has the ability to capture any and all internet communications and web browsing, may also become a congressional priority. CIC intends to be at the forefront on Capitol Hill fighting these battles. Please stay connected at for updates.

Be Wary Of Campaign Finance Reform

The media-hungry John McCain is back in the spotlight and has reached a tentative agreement with Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott to have his campaign finance reform bill brought to the Senate floor this March. McCain is often dubbed ‘Senator McPhony’ because he denounces “special interest” money in politics while raking in millions of that very same special interest” money – as was evident in his 2000 presidential run. McCain thinks the American people are stupid enough not to know these things, or will easily forget his tarnished image from the 1980s when he took money and gifts from crooked financier Charles Keating and then lied about it,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy. While there are provisions of the bill that are worth supporting, like strengthening laws against foreign donations, the proposed ban on “independent expenditures” in campaigns by groups and individuals must be defeated. It is outright censorship and a violation of the first amendment to deny any American their right to speak out for or against political candidates.

Bush Needs To Abolish Taxes, Not Cut Them

Americans deserve more than President-elect Bush’s modest $1.3 trillion tax cut plan over 10 years, which is far less than Ronald Reagan’s and John F. Kennedy’s tax cuts. After an expected recession and another possible stock market crash this year, the American people will need more than paltry tax cuts. “The time is now to abolish the income tax and eliminate all taxes on small businesses,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. This should be coupled with drastic cuts in federal spending.” Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) is introducing shortly a bill in the House Banking & Financial Services Committee to abolish the income tax. Contact your member of Congress and tell him to co-sponsor this legislation. (202) 224-3121 or visit

Robert Ray Sells-Out Again On E-Mailgate

After his despicable “deal” with Clinton protecting him from prosecution in the Monica Lewinsky scandal, Independent Counsel Robert Ray has done it again. Mr. Ray has decided to close the books on the “Project X” E-Mailgate scandal, despite overwhelming evidence of tampering and destruction of government documents. “I think it’s time for the Bush Department of Justice to open an investigation on Mr. Ray for his potentially illegal conduct as an Independent Counsel,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy.

Wash. Post Says: Dem. Voters Are Stupid

A recent analysis by the Washington Post of so-called “overvotes” in 12 Florida counties reached a startling conclusion for the liberal establishment: Florida voters who double-punched their ballots in error were three times more likely to cast ballots for Al Gore than for George Bush. Of these “overvotes” 49,000 were meant for Gore, while only 17,000 were intended for Bush. It appears that Republicans are more intelligent and savvy in their civic duty.

Hillary’s Rage Exposed

It has been well-documented that Hillary Clinton has a furious temper. But it is a rare treat when a former White House official comes out swinging on national television against the former First Lady. Former White House press secretary Dee Dee Myers, in a candid interview on ABC’s Nightline, disclosed that Hillary routinely cursed at, belittled and humiliated White House staffers who disagreed with her, especially when talking about Whitewater and a myriad of other scandals. Her vicious attacks caused many staffers to live in fear, and she handed down an edict barring staffers from making eye contact with her. Preliminary reports on Capitol Hill indicate that the “no-eye-contact rule” is still in force.

Is War Brewing Again In The Mideast?

Due to the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and Palestinians, U.S. military forces in Europe have been upgraded from threat condition Bravo” to the higher alert status “Charlie” in anticipation of an outbreak of war in the Middle East. The 69th Air Defense Artillery Brigade – which carries the Patriot missiles – has already been deployed to Israel, and the State Department has issued travel warnings to U.S. citizens in the region. Complicating matters more, it was recently disclosed by an Iraqi dissident-in-exile that Saddam Hussein has two viable nuclear weapons at his disposal. “The Bush White House needs to tread carefully; the nation should not have to relive the Gulf War all over again,” comments CIC’s Scott Lauf.

Russian Kickbacks Could Sink Gore Run In 2004

Al Gore may be out of office, but he is not out of trouble. Recent reports indicate that congressional and federal investigators are quietly probing the Clinton-Gore administration’s dealings with Russia’s former corrupt Prime Minister Viktor Chernomyrdin. While the illegal fundraising of Chinese money has been widely reported, the infusion of Russian money into the Clinton-Gore campaigns has not. Questions have been raised over whether Gore, serving as administration pointman to Russia, arranged to receive illegal contributions from Gazprom, Russia’s largest, most crime-ridden energy conglomerate. Chernomyrdin once served as its chairman and was close friends with Gore. Stayed tuned with CIC as more information becomes available.

Powell Accepted $$ From Lebanese Minister

Five days before the presidential election Secretary of State Colin Powell, who has a fortune of at least $27.3 million, gave a speech at Tufts University and received $200,000 for it from Lebanese Deputy Prime Minister Issam Fares, a billionaire businessman with close ties to Syria. Though Powell accepted this money before he was officially designated a Bush Cabinet nominee, there is a clear conflict of interest. “If the Bush Administration is serious about ethics and integrity in government, Colin Powell should set an example by giving the money back and disavowing any link to Mr. Fares,” says CIC’s Mike Davis. “U.S. foreign policy should not be for sale.” On a related note, Powell is also under scrutiny because his son Michael Powell was one of five members of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) who voted in favor of the AOL-Time Warner merger. At the time father Powell’s stock value in AOL skyrocketed, son Powell was elevated to FCC Chairman by President Bush.

Tripp Fired As Last Act Of Clinton Revenge

Courageous patriot and whistleblower Linda Tripp was abruptly fired from her quiet DOD job by Bill Clinton, in what her lawyers described as a last-minute “vengeful act” by the ex-president. Ms. Tripp is considering pursuing legal action in addition to the lawsuit she has filed against the Pentagon for recently violating the Privacy Act over her current job search. But the more pressing matter is whether the Bush White House will rehire her. Latest reports indicate that Bush is afraid to do so, not wanting to upset the new “bi-partisan” spirit in Washington.

Clinton To Move-In With Mother-In-Law?

Bill Clinton has his new mansions in Washington and New York, as well as respective offices paid for by the taxpayers (his New York office in Carnegie Hall Tower alone will cost taxpayers $650,000 per year, three times more than previous presidents!) However, a new report indicates that Arkansas will be his real home, where he will reside in a condo with his mother-in-law in Little Rock. According to Clinton’s own admission, he needs to be on-hand overseeing the construction of his presidential hall-of-shame library. The real reason, though, is that he probably wants to get away from Hillary. Nonetheless, Clinton will travel extensively at taxpayer expense giving approximately 20 speeches a year at $100,000 a pop. He also plans to write a book that will land him a $5 million advance.

Clinton Pulls A Gerald Ford

In a fitting act for his presidency-in-exile, Bill Clinton was out playing with his dog Buddy when he took a nasty spill on the driveway of his Chappaqua, NY mansion. Unlike Gerald Ford who was unmercifully lampooned by the press for his accidental falls, the liberal media mostly ignored this Clinton mishap. But, at last, CIC is happy to report that we now get the last laugh.

Professor Gore To Teach Liberalism

Sore loser Al Gore doesn’t intend to go quietly into the sunset. He already has plans to teach college courses at Ivy-league Columbia University, the historically-black school Fisk College, and his father’s alma mater Middle Tennessee State University. It is not known yet how much money Gore is being paid. He also plans to write a book, and former aides are pressuring him to establish a political action committee to raise money for a 2004 presidential run.

Final Poll Is America’S Verdict On Clinton

While the liberal media sustained Bill Clinton for eight years with rosy ratings in the so-called “job approval” category, a final poll commissioned by ABC News and the Washington Post paints the real picture of the American people’s sentiments. Over 75% of Americans believe Clinton has no morals and ethics and can never be trusted.


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