News Updates February 13, 2001

Senator Says: Clinton Can Be Impeached Again!

In a statement on Fox News Sunday, Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) said that Bill Clinton could be impeached again for pardoning Marc Rich in exhcange for accepting millions in cash. Bribery is explicitly stated as an impeachable offense in the U.S. constitution. Ironically, Sen. Specter was among the handful of treasonous Republicans who voted against Clinton's impeachment in 1999. He is now a top member of the Senate Judicary Committee and will help lead the panel's hearings this week into "Pardongate." Though Clinton is already out of office, another impeachment could strip him of his presidential pension, his Secret Service protection and his library fund, and open him up to prosecution in a criminal court. That is why it is imperative that President Bush not be pressured into granting a pardon of Clinton. Please sign and circulate CIC's Petition at While Sen. Specter did not state his support for another impeachment, he hinted that members of the House are alrady moving towards it. Please keep in touch with us at as this breaking news develops on Capitol Hill....

Bush, Congress Must Revoke Clinton E.O.'s

President Bush and the new 107th Congress are faced with the difficult task of repairing the enormous damage of eight years of Clintonism. In particular, there are an unprecedented 364 Executive Orders signed into law by Bill Clinton that have violated the constitution and trampled on individual rights. CIC has drawn up a priority list of selected Clinton Executive Orders that must be revoked. These are posted on our home page at . CIC members are urged to contact President Bush at (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461, E-Mail: and tell him to revoke these E.O.s. CIC supporters should also contact their members of Congress at and and tell them to support the Separation of Powers Restoration Act (formerly H.R. 2655) and the Executive Orders Limitation Act (formerly S. 1795), both of which will be re-introduced soon with new bill numbers. Congress must also investigate and expose the 80 secret “Presidential Decision Directives” (PDDs) that Clinton imposed on the military and still remain classified.

Pardongate: Were Bribes To Clintons Involved?

Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, held hearings last week on Clinton's outrageous pardon of fugitive millionaire Marc Rich. Committee members heard testimony from Clinton cronies Jack Quinn and Eric Holder, but were stonewalled by Denise Rich, who pleaded the fifth in writing. New details have surfaced revealing that Ms. Rich gave $70,000 to Hillary's campaign and $450,000 to Clinton's “Library Fund” (with over $1 million pledged). Records also reveal she visited the White House 100 times in the last 12 months alone! In addition, there are allegations that Marc Rich, who acted as a spy for Israel, committed treason against the U.S. The Senate Judiciary Committee plans to hold hearings on February 14th. CIC urges supporters to contact committee chairman Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) at and Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) at and demand they subpoena both Clintons to testify. On a total of 47 of his 141 pardons, President Clinton clearly violated standard pardon procedures by bypassing the DOJ and FBI in the process. On a related note, Congress has a new problem with the pardon of wealthy crook Glenn Braswell, who was convicted of mail fraud and perjury in 1983, but is still currently under federal investigation for other felonies.

Tripp Links Hillary To Waco Massacre, Foster Murder

CIC's Longtime Position Sustained By Facts

In an exclusive interview with CNN's Larry King this last Friday, Linda Tripp stated that Vince Foster was traumatized and depressed over the Waco massacre in 1993 and that this may have led to his death. Tripp also confirmed what CIC reported several years ago: that it was Hillary, through Vince Foster, who ordered the massacre of 86 men, women and children at Waco. Shortly after Foster's body was discovered, Hillary's top aides raided Foster's office and seized memos by Hillary ordering the Waco raid. “Linda Tripp worked in the White House in 1993 and personally knew Vince Foster. Her stunning remarks have now established a clear motive for Foster's murder,” says CIC's Jack Clayton. Sadly, the so-called 'mainstream media' has shied away from Ms. Tripp's candid comments and instead have focused on her statements about the Clintons' trying to avoid filling out the proper forms when they started stealing White House 'gifts' back in 1993. “To restore integrity and justice after years of the Hillary-Bill-Reno crime spree, the Bush Department of Justice needs to investigate and prosecute all those public officials responsible for this massacre, especially Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton,” adds CIC's Clayton. Supporters should e-mail Attorney General John Ashcroft at . Don't forget to mention Chinagate and hundred of other crimes.

Hillary Heist At The White House; Are Museums Next?

Before exiting the White House, Sen. Hillary Clinton stole $28,000 in furniture that had been privately donated to the White House as permanent furnishings. The loot consisted of elegant chairs, sofas, lamps and rugs, earmarked by the Clintons' as 'gifts' to themselves, and were using these items to furnish their Chappaqua mansion. After public criticism, they were forced to return the stolen property back to Washington. “The Clintons are the worst kind of thieves by stealing White House furniture to decorate their homes. Perhaps we should alert the Smithsonian Institution to padlock their museums in Washington!” exclaims CIC's Scott Lauf. CIC, which received press coverage recently in the Washington Times newspaper (2/4/01) when it delivered Hillary's new “Book on Ethics” to top Senate leaders, is keeping up the pressure on Congress to investigate these matters. Likewise, supporters should keep contacting Sen. Pat Roberts (R-KS), chairman of the Senate Ethics Committee, at (202) 224-4774 , (202) 224-3514 (Fax), and .

HILLPAC To Retake Congress For Dems. In 2002?

Hillary Maintains Legal Defense Fund

In addition to her “Friends of Hillary” PAC, which raises money exclusively for her 2004 presidential race, Sen. Hillary Clinton has created HILLPAC, which brings in big bucks for Democratic candidates for the House and Senate. There is one caveat, though: money raised for this political action committee can also be used by Hillary to travel the country and to pay for “issue” ads that could help her pre-prez campaign. Partner-in-crime Harold Ickes, who is well-known for his role in numerous White House crimes, serves as chairman of HILLPAC. In an unrelated story, Senator Hillary has petitioned the Senate to keep the Clinton Legal Expense Trust in operation. “Hillary realizes she'll need this protection for all the crimes she plans to commit on Capitol Hill,” according to a CIC insider.

“We Are The Party Of Bill Clinton”

Former DNC chair Joe Andrew has admitted the obvious about the Democratic Party by saying in a recent interview: “We are the party of Bill Clinton, and it doesn't matter whether Terry McAuliffe or Maynard Jackson is our chair.” At the Democrats' recent national meeting, crooked financier and Clinton crony Terry McAuliffe, who was knee-deep in the Clinton-Gore fundraising scams and the Teamsters scandal in 1996, was anointed the new chairman of the DNC. McAuliffe, who was hand-picked for DNC chair by Hillary & Bill, raised big bucks for Hillary's Senate campaign last year and was responsible for guaranteeing the loan on their Chappaqua, NY mansion. Inside reports speculate that he may be indicted soon for his (alleged) crimes.

Presidency-In-Exile Challenges Bush White House

Traditionally ex-presidents quietly fade away after leaving office. Not Bill Clinton. He is pretending he is still the president. Since January 20th, Bill Clinton has meddled in U.S. foreign policy by appearing on Israeli TV giving an indirect endorsement to presidential candidate Ehud Barak (who lost miserably to Ariel Sharon), and speaking with the Prime Minister of India to 'coordinate' relief efforts for victims of its recent earthquake. Clinton also visited Boca Raton, where he felt right at home with the greed and excess of America's wealthy liberals. He gave a $150,000 speech to a Dean Witter Morgan Stanley conference, prompting protests outside concerning his "pardons" and outraging some investors who immediately closed their accounts. He also gave a speech to a ritzy synagogue in recognition of its power in fundraising for his two presidential campaigns. It was not disclosed how much Clinton was paid for this speech, but it is estimated at nearly $200,000. Clinton has set-up up his White House-in-Exile operation at the posh Carnegie Hall Tower in NYC with its $700,000 per year rent paid for by the taxpayers, including living quarters that may violate New York zoning laws. (When Clinton said he'll pay for half the rent for his new office, he was clearly lying, as his so-called “foundation,” funded by a cadre of wealthy liberal donors, will pick up the tab).

10 Million Illegal Criminal Aliens On Your Doorstep?

The pro-illegal alien forces on Capitol Hill are embarking on a new crusade for a blanket amnesty to tens of millions of illegal criminal aliens, a proposal far worse than Sen. Phil Gramm's “guest worker” amnesty. Ultra-liberal Rep. Luis Gutierrez' legislation (yet to be #'ed) includes welcoming deported criminal aliens to re-enter the U.S. and to give permanent visas to spouses and children of immigrants. This outrageous assault on the rights of real citizens must be stopped. Contact your Congressman today at and tell them to oppose the “Guitierrez Amnesty.” Later this week President Bush will embark on his first foreign trip traveling to Mexico to meet with Mexican President Vicente Fox, who has called for “open borders” with the United States. Please tell Bush to take a tough stand on illegal aliens. Phone (202) 456-1414 Fax (202) 456-2461 E-Mail: .

Clinton 'Library' Is A 'Slush Fund'

Former White House aide Dick Morris has aptly described Bill Clinton's Library Foundation as a “private, personal slush fund.” The fundraising goal of this operation is to rake in at least $200 million, which far exceeds the estimated cost of this presidential hall-of-shame library.” The bulk of the money will be used by Clinton for whatever purposes he deems to be 'foundation business' – like paying half the lease on his ritzy NYC offices, wining and dining at fancy hotels and resorts, or, more likely, funding his and his wife's next political campaigns. Denise Rich is not the only high-profile million-dollar donor to this classic Clinton scam. She joins the company of former strip club owner James Levin; Hollywood fat-cats Spielberg, Katzenberg, Wasserman, and Geffen; former DNC finance chair Alan Solomont; and shady NY businessman John Catsimatides, to name a few. The identities of other 'secret' donors have been exposed at FEC Info (

Clinton Archives To Cost Taxpayers $4.3 Million

To store more than 77 million documents of the scandal-ridden Clinton Administration while his Presidential Hall of Shame is being constructed, Bill Clinton is fleecing the U.S. taxpayers to the tune of $4.37 million in rent over three years for a renovated building in Arkansas. This exorbitant amount is twice the current price to buy the building. CIC believes Congress should investigate this matter and stop the disbursement of these federal monies. Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has already urged the General Accounting Office to investigate the costs of Clinton's vandalism of the White House. And Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK), subcommittee chair on the Appropriations Committee, has challenged the outrageous federal cost of Clinton's plush NYC offices. “In the new 107th Congress, it is these courageous lawmakers that have the fortitude to take on the Clintons, who are still continuing their crime spree against the American taxpayer,” says CIC's Steve Miroy. CIC supporters should contact them by e-mailing and .

Oh Where, Oh Where Is Hillary?

Queen Hillary floated 90 minutes late into the first day of hearings of the Senate Budget Committee, of which she is a member. On Day 2 of the hearings, she was at least 30 minutes late. On Day 3 she had to juggle late attendances at two hearings -- one for the Budget Committee, and another for the Labor, Health, Education & Pensions Committee. While Sen. Hillary is still operating on “CST” (Clinton Standard Time), CIC gives her a “C” grade on her attendance “report card.” Nonetheless, her trademark truancy and tardiness is a stark contrast to President Bush, who has surprised the Washington press corps by actually commencing public speeches and events at their scheduled times.

Ashcroft Must Clean Up Clinton Corruption

It'll take much more than issuing a new ethics guideline and appointing new deputies at the Department of Justice for the Bush White House to make good on its promise for a more ethical and honest administration. After finally being confirmed by the Senate on a 58-42 vote, Attorney General John Ashcroft has his work cut out for him. “Eight years of crimes and corruption by the Clintons and their cronies cannot and must not be swept under the rug,” says CIC's Jack Clayton. CIC is pleased at Mr. Ashcroft's confirmation and fully expects him to enforce the law. Please sign and circulate CIC's Petition, if you haven't done so already, at To e-mail John Ashcroft, write to

Stop Liberals From Stealing Your $$$

The battle over tax cuts has begun. Liberals and moderates in both parties are already attempting to water down, or outright eliminate, President Bush's $1.6 trillion tax cut plan over 10 years. As a starting point, CIC supports Bush's efforts to make the first phase of his tax cut retroactive for this year, which would give the average American family a $1,600 refund. Chances of approval are much greater if Bush's plan is kept together as a comprehensive package. Please tell House Speaker Dennis Hastert (R-IL) at and Senate Majority leader Trent Lott (R-MS) at to not break up Bush's plan into separate pieces of legislation. CIC also supports the immediate repeal of the federal Death Tax, as proposed by Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA). Please contact your members of Congress at and and tell them to support this bill. As the tax cut momentum builds on Capitol Hill, CIC will announce soon the introduction of the Liberty Amendment, sponsored by Reps. Sam Johnson and Ron Paul, which seeks to abolish the federal income tax. Stayed tuned with us at

Clinton's Last-Minute OSHA Rules Hurting Economy

The Clinton recession has been exacerbated by the onerous 'ergonomics rules' of the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), which took effect under the Clinton administration only four days before George Bush's inauguration. Tens of thousands of American businesses must now comply with restrictive and complex Clintonian regulations intended to improve worker safety” on jobs as varied as typists and airport luggage handlers. Compliance with these new rules will cost businesses between $90 and $126 billion per year, according to industry estimates. Under the Congressional Review Act of 1996, Congress has the power to revoke these regulations by passing a simple majority “joint resolution of disapproval” (JRD) in both houses. CIC urges supporters to contact their members of Congress at and and ask them to take action.

Support A Tax-Free Internet

Rep. Chris Cox (R-CA) and Sen. Ron Wyden (D-OR) have introduced the bi-partisan “Internet Non-Discrimination Act” which extends by five years the current moratorium on Internet taxation. CIC strongly supports this bill and recommends supporters to contact their members of Congress and tell them to sponsor this legislation. Call 202-224-3121 or visit and

U.N. Still Fleecing American Taxpayers

In a sad sell-out of American sovereignty, the U.S. Senate recently voted 99-0 to release $582 million of American tax dollars (so-called back dues”) to the United Nations. This bill now goes on to the House where passage is expected. CIC supporters should contact their Representative at and demand he oppose this payment. Tell him to support the American Sovereign Restoration Act (formerly H.R. 1146) which withdraws the U.S. from the U.N. Another worthy bill introduced by Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX) also calls on Congress to withdraw Clinton's directive joining the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Health Care Bill Could Bankrupt Americans

Liberal Republican Senator John McCain joined a bevy of his Democratic colleagues in pushing for the recently proposed “Patients' Bill of Rights.” Rather than improving the actual care for hospital patients, this new bill will lead to a flurry of frivolous and costly lawsuits that could potentially bankrupt sectors of the economy. There is no word yet on Sen. Hillary Clinton's position of this bill or what her own schemes may be for socializing America's health care system.

States Propose Electoral Reform

The National Association of Secretaries of State has offered 11 recommendations for voting reform to better ensure the integrity of future elections. CIC endorses three of its proposals, but stresses that they should be voluntarily enacted by the states, and not by the federal government or Congress: adopt and enforce Election Day rules and procedures to ensure equal treatment of voters; upgrade voting machines, equipment and systems as necessary; and maintain accurate voter registration rolls and promote cooperation among states and the federal government. CIC endorses the concept of an Election Review Commission but opposes the current McConnell-Torricelli resolution because it could lead to centralized voter rolls and overburden the taxpayers. In a separate study by the California Institute of Technology and MIT of voting technology, it was concluded that paper ballots were the best method to ensure election accuracy. CIC endorses this finding and believes that paper ballots are the surest way to prevent voter fraud. CIC is currently monitoring other congressional and state voter reform efforts and will post them on our site as they are crafted into legislation. On a related front, evidence of Democratic vote fraud keeps piling up. Sen. Christopher Bond (R-MO) has given federal prosecutors a detailed report of massive Democratic vote fraud in St. Louis during the November 2000 elections. Hopefully, indictments will be handed down soon.

Red China Is Public Enemy #1

After eight years of appeasement and treason from the Clinton administration, U.S. foreign policy towards communist China is in dire need of an overhaul. Recent reports indicate that Red China is continuing a massive military buildup of short and long-range missiles; escalating its repression of Christians and political dissidents; engaging in predatory trading practices; and strengthening its smuggling and espionage operations in Panama and the Bahamas. The Chinese Central Military Command also publicly disclosed its intentions to take back Taiwan “with force” by 2006. And the FBI has just reported that at least 10% of ethnic Chinese businesses in the United States engage in espionage and treason. “The Bush White House cannot continue this Clintonian 'business-as-usual' approach with a sworn enemy of the United States,” comments CIC's Scott Lauf. “President Bush needs to begin by prosecuting all those involved in Chinagate and then re-evaluate everything from PNTR to our military deployments in Asia.” Sadly, Secretary of State Colin Powell is considered to be “soft” towards China and has publicly stated he sees no threat in China's presence in the Panama Canal nor its military buildup. This naďve view will surely cause conflict with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and the new Assistant DoD Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who is an “Asian expert” that takes a tough line on Red China. Next month Beijing's top foreign-affairs official, Qian Qichen, will visit the U.S., and President Bush is expected to meet dictator Jiang Zemin in October.

Dem. Rep. Slams Clinton Over China

Maverick Democratic Congressman James Traficant, who defected from his party by voting for GOP Dennis Hastert for House Speaker, has reminded us all to not forget the treasonous relationship Bill Clinton had with Red China. Delivering a speech on the House floor, Rep. Traficant (D-OH) bemoaned the bankruptcy of American CSC Steel Company and the layoff of 500 of its employees. He attributed this economic loss in his home district to Bill Clinton's $18 million loan guarantee to a Chinese steel company last year. “Mr. Traficant hit the nail on the head, and that is why Congress must re-examine the issue of PNTR,” says CIC's Scott Lauf. Rep. Traficant is also lashing out at the Department of Justice for not investigating a Red Chinese smuggling operation in the U.S. and Canada. He claims to have audio and videotape evidence of this criminal Chinese activity and will be publicly releasing it shortly. Because of his independent ways, Mr. Traficant is currently without any committee assignments on Capitol Hill. The Democrats have shunned him; the Republicans have yet to fully embrace him. He is now just a one-man caucus.

Foster Family, OIC React To Murder Photos

In a bizarre move, the family of murdered Clinton aide Vince Foster has joined the corrupted Office of Independent Counsel (OIC) in filing a motion in the U.S. District Court for Central California to prevent the release of selected Polaroid photos of Vince Foster's corpse. Last month the court ruled in favor of a FOIA request by attorney Allan J. Favish to release five Foster photos. “Even with the Clintons out of the White House, this mysterious murder still haunts the corridors of power in Washington and scares the heck out of the victim's family,” says CIC's Scott Lauf. A court hearing on the motion is scheduled for March 5th. Stay tuned with CIC for more information.

All Republicans Are Racist! – The Dems.' 2002 Strategy

The signs are already evident that the Democratic Party intends to play the race card in their efforts to take back Congress in the 2002 elections. The smear campaign against John Ashcroft was only the beginning. Top House Democrat Dick Gephardt has called on Bush to re-nominate controversial pro-criminal black judge Ronnie White to a federal bench. New DNC Chair Terry McAuliffe has called the Republicans racist by charging they denied black voters in Florida access to the polls. Democratic congressional leaders have echoed these charges and will propose their own “voter reform” bills. Other Democrats have challenged Bush on Census “sampling” of minorities, which, if these statistics are released, could lead to redistricting favoring them in 2002 and 2004. But the most race-baited tactic, yet to come, is also the most outrageous. The National Reparations Convention is garnering support from the Congressional Black Caucus in its legislative efforts to steal $10 trillion dollars from white Americans to pay for the past sins of slavery!

P.C. Stings The Bush White House

Political Correctness” has already hit the Bushies, who are running from the liberal media with their tails between their legs. After announcing the closure of Bill Clinton's P.C. offices on AIDS and race relations (both of which pandered to the homosexual lobby and to race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton), Bush Chief of Staff Andy Card immediately cowered from the public criticism. Mr. Card backtracked and said these offices will remain “open,” but within the Office of Domestic Policy. “Since these offices are still going to be around, perhaps the focus should be on teaching morality and fighting hate crimes against whites,” comments CIC's Jack Clayton. Despite liberal myths to the contrary, AIDS is still overwhelmingly a 'gay' disease and its primary mode of transmission is homosexuality. Regarding hate crimes, according to the latest statistics from the DOJ, over 90% of interracial crimes involves a black perpetrator and a white victim.

Jackson, NAACP, Sexual Assault, Money, et. al.

The rash of scandals surrounding the liberal “civil-rights” industry continues to unfold, and with no shame. Jesse Jackson has just elevated former black Congressman Mel Reynolds (D-IL) to a top post in his Rainbow/PUSH coalition. Reynolds, who was pardoned by Bill Clinton, served time in prison for sexually assaulting a child and for solicitation of child pornography. In a stunning article in the Chicago Sun-Times, Jackson's political and business activities were recently exposed as nothing more than a racial shakedown of large corporations and the federal government, stealing tens of millions of dollars for himself, his friends, and family. It has been confirmed that Jackson has often used Rainbow coalition funds to pay for his mistress(es). The pro-criminal NAACP, for its part, is under scrutiny for violating its tax status and misappropriating its $14 million annual budget. But nobody in the industry is worried about an economic recession. They are all gearing up for the biggest heist in American history – reparations for slavery.

Gore Chinese Fundraiser Gets Slap On Wrist

Gore crony Maria Hsia, who arranged the infamous Buddhist Temple fundraising scheme, got off easy for her treasonous crimes. At her sentencing, Clinton-appointed Judge Paul Friedman only fined her and gave her house probation, despite recommendations from federal prosecutors that she serve jail time. “Perhaps it is time to pass legislation which imposes term limits on federal judges,” comments CIC's Scott Lauf. “There are hundreds of Clinton judges appointed for life who will never enforce the law and will always be there to protect their liberal criminal friends. This is an outrage that must be remedied.”

Clinton Welcomed Armenian Terrorist To White House

Two weeks ago, a federal judge in Ohio sentenced Mourad Topalian to three years in prison for possession of illegal explosives and weapons. Mr. Topalian is the chairman of the Armenian National Committee of America, but the FBI considers him a terrorist and believes he may be connected to some of the160 bombings and assassinations of 22 Turkish diplomats worldwide. Except for the U.S. News & World Report, the liberal media shunned this story. Why? Because Mr. Topalian made 17 official visits to the White House between 1993 and 1996, including two private meetings with Bill Clinton.

Clinton Endangered Military W/ Foreign Trips

Top Air Force officials have come forward and acknowledged that President Clinton's foreign trips abroad have compromised the national security of the United States. On his trip to Vietnam last November, which fleeced taxpayers to the tune of $60 million, Clinton brought along such a large entourage that 26 military cargo jets and 10 refueling airplanes had to be used. This severely hampered the military's ability to supply airlifts for routine exercises in hot spots like South Korea and the Persian Gulf. “Had one of our enemies attacked American forces abroad while Clinton was globetrotting, I cannot fathom what the casualty count would have been,” sighs CIC's Steve Miroy.

Gore/Clinton Blame Game

According to the Washington Post, after the 2000 election Al Gore and Bill Clinton had a face-to-face meeting and heart-to-heart talk. Gore blamed his election loss on Clinton's sex scandal with Monica Lewinsky; Clinton blamed Gore for not campaigning on the supposed successful record of the Clinton administration. “The real truth is that Gore has himself to blame for his loss,” says CIC's Mike Davis. “Two factors spelled defeat for Gore. 1) Gore was directly tied in to numerous scandals of Clintonian crime and corruption. And 2) Gore went to the far-left extreme on numerous issues. This is what the American voter saw in Al Gore on the campaign trail.”

Gore Imposes Gag Rule On Campus

Al Gore began his new professorial duties by giving a lecture to a select group of students at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. Disregarding the first amendment, Gore imposed a “gag” rule on students, barring them from discussing his lecture, and banned outside journalists from attending. However, following criticism of these draconian measures in academia, where free expressions and inquiry are supposedly supreme, the dean of the journalism school has claimed to have lifted these restrictions. No word yet on whether Gore's “gag” rule will be applied during his upcoming lectures at UCLA, Fisk University and Middle Tennessee State University.

…But Don't Count Out The Comeback Kid….

Despite being heckled by investors and protestors at his recent speech to the Morgan Stanley Dean Witter winter conference in Florida, Bill Clinton made a startling statement: “Eventually I will resume my career as a civil servant.” As CIC has reported in past updates, Clinton may still be planning to run for Mayor of New York City in November 2001 or Senator from Arkansas in 2002. Speculation also continues to swirl over a possible Clinton bid to be Secretary-General of the United Nations. It has been rumored that current UN Chief Kofi Annan will retire in December this year. “If Clinton becomes head of the U.N., then the world can expect him to act just like the evil Nicoliae character in the movie 'Left Behind,'” comments CIC's Michael Neal.


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