News Updates February 26, 2001

Congress To Strip Clinton Of His Pension?

The Democrats shamefully protected Bill Clinton during impeachment two years ago. Today, with their president out of office, they now have their best chance to restore some measure of honor and dignity back to their party. They are even heeding the advice of former President Jimmy Carter, who has described Bill Clinton’s abuse of his pardons as disgraceful.” According to CIC’s sources within Washington’s legal community and on Capitol Hill, Congress does have the authority to strip Bill Clinton of his presidential pension and other emoluments by simply amending the “Former Presidents Act” (P.L. 85-745, 3 U.S.C. /102). CIC believes the following Democratic members of Congress could lead the charge in this legislative effort, and are strongly urging all supporters to contact them and tell them to take immediate action. Rep. Marcy Kaptur (D-OH) – (202) 225-4146, (202) 225-7711 (Fax) , Rep. Charles Stenholm (D-TX) – (202) 225-6605 , (202) 225-2234 (Fax) , Rep. Ralph Hall (D-TX) – (202) 225-6673 , (202) 225-3332 (Fax) , Rep. Gene Green (D-TX) – (202) 225-1688 , (202) 225-9903 (Fax) , Rep. James Traficant (D-OH) – (202) 225-5261 , (202) 225-3719 (Fax) , Rep. Gene Taylor (D-MS) (202) 225-5772 , (202) 225-7074 (Fax) , Bill Clinton is a criminal who does not deserve one retirement penny from the American taxpayer,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. “While Clinton is certainly deserving of another impeachment, taking away his pension and benefits is an immediate and far easier remedy.” CIC will be circulating letters soon to selected members of Congress detailing the legal and constitutional means to amend the “Former Presidents Act.” Stay in touch with us as we post this information on the home page at

Is Hillary Guilty Of Bribery – Pardongate Scandal Heats Up

It is becoming increasingly clear that Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-NY) has played a central role in the quid-pro-quo connections of her husband’s last-minute pardons. New reports reveal that her campaign treasurer William Cunningham helped secure the pardons of convicted tax violators Robert Fain and James Manning, while her brother Hugh Rodham took $400,000 from convicted swindler Glenn Braswell and convicted cocaine smuggler Carlos Vignali, both of whom also received pardons. Federal prosecutors are looking into the “pardon-for-votes” scam in the cases of 4 Hasidic Jews in New York who were guilty of embezzlement. Then there is the case of Bear Stearns’ ex-director, Edward Downe, who was found guilty of securities fraud in 1993; he happily donated money to Hillary’s Senate campaign prior to his pardon. It has also been revealed that Roger Clinton (who himself was pardoned of cocaine charges) received $200,000 from one of his brother’s pardonees, suspected to be Mitchell Wood, also a cocaine dealer and close friend. The House Government Reform Committee will resume hearings on March 1st and is expected to hear testimony from John Podesta, Beth Nolan and Bruce Lindsey, three prominent Clintonite partners-in-crime. The House Judiciary Committee will also hold its own hearings into the matter on February 28th. CIC supporters should contact the committee chairmen Dan Burton at and F. James Sensenbrenner at and urge them to not only subpoena Bill & Hillary Clinton for testimony, but to formally recommend their criminal indictments by the U.S. Department of Justice. “If Bush really wants to move on,’ as he’s said, then it’s time his Attorney General prosecute the Clintons and throw them in jail. Enough is enough!” exclaims CIC’s Jack Clayton. Pathetically, the Bush White House is currently passing the buck to U.S. Attorney Mary Jo White in New York, a Clinton appointee, who claims to be investigating this matter. CIC supporters are encouraged to contact Attorney General John Ascroft at and tell him to take action. And don’t forget to circulate our petition to friends and family …

Conservative Speech Targeted By Feds

Through an abusive enforcement of the so-called “Cooperative Mailing Rule,” government regulators at the U.S. Postal Service are attempting to silence conservative non-profit groups like CIC by forcing them to pay thousands of dollars in "postal rate" penalties for every letter and petition mailed within the U.S. Due to a shortfall in revenue last year, one way the postal authorities may be looking to make up for this shortchange is targeting conservative non-profit groups with their mailings and petition drives, and charging them the same commercial fees as for-profit businesses. “The costly result of this federal action could permanently shut down the activities of many worthy organizations and even churches,” laments CIC’s Micheal Neal. Congressman Dan Burton has indicated that he will introduce legislation to curtail these excessive regulatory fed-theft schemes, but he needs to hear from CIC supporters. Please contact him at and please contact your own members of Congress at and … The First Amendment is at stake ….

Bush Lets IRS Shut Down Church

Armed federal marshals broke into an Indianapolis Baptist church last week, arrested several members, and seized the building. Since 1987 the church had refused to withhold income and social security taxes based upon on religious grounds and the Internal Revenue Service never took action – until Bush became president. This is the first known incident in American history where the IRS has taken full control over an entire church. “The timing of this illegal assault by the Feds upon this peaceful and lawful religious institution shows that these Gestapo agents wanted to avoid the appearance of another possible Waco under Clinton, so they waited until Bush was in office to strike,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy. If President Bush is a true Christian, as he has proclaimed, then he will not let this action stand. CIC supporters should contact him at (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461, E-Mail: Congress should also be contacted at and

Chinese Offer Clinton $2 Million; Payback For Treason?

In a peculiar letter to Sen. Hillary Clinton, the communist Chinese clothing firm Fapai is offering Bill Clinton $2 million to be its so-called “image ambassador.” In Red China, many companies are well-known to be fronts for either the Communist Party hierarchy or the People’s Liberation Army, and many use slave labor to manufacture their products. “Is this a money-laundered payback to Bill Clinton for his treasonous behavior in regards to China? Is Fapai connected to Clinton’s infamous Asian buddy James Riady?” asks CIC’s Mike Davis. To answer these questions, Rep. Dan Burton must add this to his current congressional inquiries. Congressman Burton has already declared his intentions to subpoena the Clinton Library Foundation records (as well as the Marc Rich records collected by the CIA) that may reveal millions of dollars in illegal donations from nefarious Asian and other foreign sources.

Clinton’s Speaking-Tour Not Very Popular

Ex-President Bill Clinton is getting poor ratings on the lecture circuit. After being greeted by protestors and angry investors at the Morgan Stanley Dean Winter conference, the investment banking house UBS Warburg cancelled Clinton’s speech scheduled in April. While Clinton did speak at the recent Oracle Appsworld conference in New Orleans, protestors chanted outside, many of the attendees inside refused to stand or applaud, and some shareholders dumped their stock. Clinton may speak at a February 27th conference hosted by Credit Suisse First Boston (#1-877-775-2732, and he is still scheduled to speak at Salem State College in Massachusetts on March 26 at a forum sponsored by Eastern Bank (#1-800-EASTERN , Students there, however, will be charged $125 for premium seating. Clinton is sure to cause an outrage among Canadian Catholics when the pro-abortion president speaks at St. Joseph’s Catholic Hospital in Hamilton, Ontario (#1-905-4941 , ). And Clinton’s alma mater Yale University is considering whether to withdraw its invitation for a Clinton speech this spring. CIC supporters are encouraged to send letters of protest and make phone calls to these venues using the above contact information.

Support Military Voting Rights

In response to the Democrats’ attempts to disenfranchise thousands of military voters in the November 2000 presidential election, Senators Ben Campbell (R-CO) and Richard Shelby (R-AL) have introduced two bills in Congress that protect the voting rights of America’s servicemen and women. The Armed Services Voting Rights Act (S. 122) prohibits a state from discarding military absentee ballots unless there is clear and convincing evidence of fraud. A bill to amend the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Absentee Voting Act (S. 154) permits military installations to be used as polling places for federal, state, and local elections. CIC supports both these measure and encourages supporters to contact their Senators at and urge them to co-sponsor these resolutions. The House Commerce and Energy Committee, Rep. Bill Tauzin (R-LA) recently held hearings chiding the nation’s mainstream media outlets over their blatantly biased reporting of election results that nearly cost Bush the White House. The Senate is scheduled to hold hearings soon on the Election Reform Act, which CIC opposes in its current form. Keep in touch with us as we continue to monitor ongoing electoral reform efforts to prevent vote fraud

Hillary Revives Her Socialist Health Care Schemes

In a major speech on the Senate floor, Sen. Clinton carefully staked her position for more federal control of America’s health-care system by saying that “we must not forget to invest in the people we represent” and “we must find them affordable, quality health care.” In Clinton-talk, “we” really means “Me, Queen Hillary,” and the word invest” is a synonymous euphemism for “tax & spend.” On a related note, Hillary has propped up her propaganda machine by hiring former White House counsel spokesman James Kennedy as her new communications director. This former partner-in-crime of the Clintons was the master spinmeister who was charged with the official duties of covering-up all the Clinton’s felonies since 1993. No doubt he will perform a fine job on Capitol Hill for Mrs. Clinton. And on an unrelated note, the Senate Select Committee on Ethics has buckled under fear by clearing Hillary of any wrongdoing in her controversial book deal/scam.

Showtime At The Apollo!

Two “Select” Committees Battle over Vote Fraud

The Congressional Black Caucus and their fellow Democrats plan to turn the House of Representatives into a three-ring circus by creating their own special “task force” to showcase their delusions that black Americans were disenfranchised in the 2000 elections. This is in response to House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s plan to establish a bi-partisan “select committee” to address vote fraud and election procedures. “These liberals are so worried about being exposed for their vote fraud methods, they want to set up their own propaganda machine to spread lies that they were denied their voting rights,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. [To read about the Democrats’ “Top 10 Methods of Vote Fraud” please click to ] Naturally, the evidence of more liberal Democratic vote fraud continues to pile up. According to the New York Post, more than 14,000 registered New York City voters are also registered to vote in Florida. This clearly favored Gore, as 77% of New York City voters cast their ballots for him, and only 19% for Bush. In Missouri, the St. Louis Post-Gazette and Wall Street Journal reports that nearly 3,000 fraudulent voter registration cards turned in before last November’s election could have given new Democrat Governor Bob Holden the edge in his victory and may even effect next month’s mayoral primary in St. Louis. A special report by has confirmed that since 1996 over 80,000 illegal aliens criminals were indeed naturalized by the Clinton administration to boost Democrat support at the polls! And on a related note in the latest issue of School Reform News, the National Adult Literacy Survey revealed that nearly half (49%) of voting-age adults in the predominantly black, liberal Democratic 17th congressional district of Florida are functionally illiterate! “Perhaps these Democrats should be focusing on President Bush’s education reforms, instead of wasting time on electoral reforms,” comments CIC’s Scott Lauf.

Stealing Art: The Clinton Crown Affair

CIC wasn’t joking in our last update when we warned that the Clintons were like cat burglars who would stoop so low to steal artwork from museums. Indeed, it has already come true, according to former White House aide Dick Morris. Apparently, both Clintons have stolen over 70 museum” pieces that were donated to the White House and shipped back to Arkansas to be displayed in Bill Clinton’s presidential hall-of-shame library. Morris confirms it was Hillary who directly ordered the theft of these items. For the befuddled artists, who were assured that their works would remain on display in the White House, they will have to wait until 2004 to view their own artwork – that’s the year Clinton formally plans to open his “library” to the public.

Sex-For-A-Pardon Is Not A Crime!

In typical liberal fashion, one of Bill Clinton’s most ardent supporters, Newsweek magazine’s Eleanor Clift, pathetically attempted to divert attention away from the obvious money trail linked to the Marc Rich pardon by defending the alleged sexual trysts between Denise Rich and Bill Clinton. It didn’t exactly help the cause of the former President, though. During a recent airing of NBC’s “McLaughlin Group,” Lawrence Kudlow raised the issue of whether Denise Rich granted Bill Clinton sexual favors in exchange for a pardon of her ex-husband. This evoked outrage from Ms. Clift who, instead of dismissing the charge, asked: “What would be the criminality of this?” -- thus implying that sex-for-a-pardon is not against the law. It has been reported by MSNBC’s Chris Mathews and the Washington Times, in addition to other media outlets, that Denise Rich visited the White House dozens of times last year. The New York City Police Commissioner Howard Safir has also confirmed that Clinton and Denise Rich met privately on several occasions while the ex-president was visiting New York for his wife’s campaign.

Who Is Harvey Weinig?

The level of criminality by Bill Clinton in exercising his presidential powers has shown no bounds. One of the many despicable criminals Clinton pardoned was a New York lawyer, Harvey Weinig, who was convicted in 1996 for running an extortion-kidnapping scheme and laundering $19 million for the Cali, Colombian cocaine cartel (Bill Clinton seems to take a liking to cocaine dealers). What makes Weining’s case particularly interesting is the fact that Clinton didn’t just bypass the Department of Justice like his many other pardons – he outright defied them. Clinton Justice appointees Mary Jo White, Eric Holder and Roger Adams actually objected to Weinig’s pardon, but Clinton overruled them. Weinig’s pardon is clearly another worthy case to be added to Rep. Burton’s investigative files. Did Clinton receive drug money in granting this pardon?

Pardons To Promote “Civil Rights”

There were some pardons where it appears that Clinton's reasons were motivated more by currying favor to his African-American constituency rather than greed for criminal dollars. Take the case of black Democratic bigwig Dorothy Rivers, who was found guilty in 1997 to a 40-count indictment on theft and tax fraud charges. Ms. Rivers stole over $1.3 million in federal HUD grants intended for the homeless and spent it on a $35,000 fur coat at Nieman Marcus and a new Mercedes-Benz for her son, among other luxuries. Because former Black Panther Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) wrote to Clinton and said Ms. Rivers was a “loyal and hard-working member of the Democratic party,” Clinton immediately granted her a pardon. And, of course, there is also the case of convicted child molester and rapist Mel Reynolds, a former black Democratic Congressman who also received a Clinton pardon.

Hillary Fundraiser Convicted Of Fraud, Tax Evasion

Paul Adler, one of Hillary Clinton’s fundraisers in the Senate campaign last year, was recently found guilty on mail fraud and tax evasion charges in a New York courtroom. Adler was such a good fundraiser that he was rewarded with overnight stays at the White House. Longtime readers of CIC’s updates should not be surprised at the quality of characters Hillary has surrounded herself with over the years. We’re just pleased that we can report these revelations that the mainstream media so often, and conveniently, ignores.

‘America’s First White O.J.’ To Run For Mayor Of NYC?

After abandoning his much-criticized Carnegie Hall Tower office for new digs in black Harlem, Bill Clinton was fittingly labeled by New York Post columnist Robert A. George as “America’s first white O.J.” “Always the genius at pandering to certain blocs of voters, this move clearly keeps him in the media spotlight he craves so much,” comments CIC’s Steve Miroy. Should Clinton run for Mayor of New York City in November of this year, which some political experts have predicted, he would be an obvious shoe-in against any opponent, considering the large number of African-American voters in the city.

Clinton-Gore Bought Votes W/ Ag. Funds

Another vote-fraud scheme and illegal boondoggle by the Clinton administration has been exposed, this time at the Department of Agriculture. In an effort to boost the turnout for Gore and the Democrats in the 2000 elections, Clinton-appointed DoA Secretary Dan Glickman forked out $50,000 each to thousands of “black farmers” who falsely claimed to have been discriminated against through denial of past farm loans. Over $600 million in tax dollars was spent on this get-out-the-vote effort, and other minorities have lined up with their hands in the federal trough. Not surprisingly, many of the recipients are not even real farmers. Congress should investigate this latest Clinton scandal. Please contact the House Agriculture Committee at and the House Appropriations subcommittee on agriculture at

Bush Backs Down From Reversing Clinton E.O.s

As CIC reported in our last update, we have posted a listing of the worst Clinton Executive Orders that must be revoked by the new presidential administration (see ). Unfortunately, Mr. Bush and Interior Secretary Gale Norton have publicly stated reluctance of reversing the most egregious of Clinton’ E.O.s, particularly the illegal land-grabs. CIC supporters are urged to contact President Bush at President Bush at (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461, E-Mail: CIC supporters are also encouraged to contact their members of Congress at and ask them to co-sponsor the “Presidential Order Limitation Act” (H.R. 23), introduced by former impeachment manager Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA), which would allow Congress to review all presidential orders, including executive orders and reprieves. This legislation would wisely rein in any Clinton-style abuses of power by future presidents.

Treason: A Shameful Clinton Legacy

For eight years the Clinton-Gore White House compromised America’s national security and engaged in treasonous behavior in its dealings with sworn enemy Red China and the former Cold War adversary the Soviet Union. The recent arrest of FBI agent James Hannsen is only the tip of the iceberg. The damage done to the United States during the Clinton-Gore years is believed to be far worse, as Sam Smith of the leftist Progressive Review details in his latest article Another recent revelation has national security experts reeling. The Clinton administration apparently sold to communist China a fiber-optic air defense system which in turned ended up in the hands of Saddam Hussein. These defense mechanisms were the intended (missed) targets of the recent U.S. and British air strikes against Iraq.

HUD-Gate: Another Clinton Scandal

Before exiting office, Clinton Housing & Urban Development Secretary Andrew Coumo poured over $40 million in federal tax dollars into housing projects in upstate New York. Cuomo, the son of shady former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, is expected to run for the Governor’s chair in 2002. In addition, Cuomo also spent $200,000 printing up a slick campaign-style booklet touting his achievements as HUD Secretary during his scandal-ridden tenure in the Clinton administration. “It is clear that Andy Cuomo is purchasing votes for his upcoming campaign, and he should be investigated and prosecuted for his past actions,” comments CIC’s Steve Miroy. Likewise, this largesse of federal money into New York also helps Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton in her future endeavors.

Sore Loserman To Run For Prez In 2004?

While it is widely expected that Hillary Clinton and perhaps Al Gore will campaign for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT) has already launched a preliminary campaign of his own for president. The Senator and his wife recently visited Florida on a “thank-you tour,” telling his core constituency of wealthy Jewish liberals “not to forget what happened” (i.e. that those evil Republicans stole the election). He also visited an African-American church, pandering to congregants who still believe they were denied the right to vote. When asked whether he would indeed throw his hat in the ring, Lieberman said: “Who knows? We may be back in 2004.”

Clinton Caters To Communist Cuba

Shortly before leaving office, President Clinton again prevented American companies and citizens from reclaiming their assets in communist Cuba for another six months by perverting a provision in the Helms-Burton Act and not allowing them to sue for compensation. The timing of this action is perfect for all those “elite” politicos who are really secret “Fidelistas.” Only days after George W. was inaugurated president, the Council on Foreign Relations and its cronies in the John D. Rockefeller empire, visited Cuba and Castro, and came back with prospective news. “Cuba is in for a big change, but not the way most people would think,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf.

Liberals Vying For Supreme Court Victories

The U.S. Supreme Court is back on schedule following the 2000 election appeals. The nine justices are addressing a backlogged docket of 38 cases – including two high-profile cases dealing with freedom of speech and religion. The same pro-Gore liberal forces that besieged the steps of the court last December are gearing up for full-fledged attack on the supposed “conservative” majority. They are also working in tandem with Senate Democrats in planning a Bork-style attack strategy to thwart any possible conservative nominees appointed by Bush, should Justice Sandra Day O’Connor retire this year as expected.

Democrats On Deathwatch

Democrats are preparing and praying for ill will to be cast on two of the U.S. Senate’s most distinguished and longest-serving members, 98-year-old Strom Thurmond (R-SC) and 79-year-old Jesse Helms (R-NC). Both Senators are currently in poor health and there has been much speculation in Washington over their deaths or early retirements before the 2002 mid-term election. As a result, Democrats may decide to filibuster and delay important GOP legislation in coming months with the hopes of regaining the majority in the Senate. Sen. Thurmond has already taped a video urging that his former wife replace him should he die before his term is up. Unfortunately, Democratic South Carolina Gov. Jim Hodges has already said he will appoint a Democrat. On a related note, former impeachment manager Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has declared his 2002 candidacy for the Senate.

Bush Kisses Up To Liberal Establishment

President Bush is clearly overdoing it in his “charm offensive” with the Washington elite. The President felt the need to court the calling of the liberal Washington Post madame Katharine Graham at her Georgetown home recently. Bush hobnobbed with some of the nation’s most powerful and liberal luminaries in government, business and media, including: Barbara Walters, Andrea Mitchell, Diane Sawyer, Vernon Jordan, Alan Greenspan, Henry Kissinger, Warren Buffet, and Bill Gates. Many of these individuals are also globalists and members of the secretive Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission and Bilderberg. “I don’t understand why George W. feels the need to ingratiate himself with these elitists in the same manner as his father did years ago,” comments CIC’s Scott Lauf.

Ashcroft Panders To “GOP” Homosexuals

Last Thursday, Attorney General John Ashcroft met in his Justice Department office with leaders of the Log Cabin Republicans, a homosexual organization that claims to be “republican.” The executive director of this sordid group boasted that this meeting solidified a working relationship” with John Ashcroft and the homosexual community. This is absolutely bewildering. How could the Attorney General of the United States pander to these people,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “What ever happened to moral principle? I hope we don’t find out that Ashcroft has been buddies with FBI turncoat James Hanssen!” For those Americans who are shocked and disappointed in Mr. Ashcroft, please send him a letter at

Congressional Reports On The Internet?

Along with his colleagues Pat Leahy, Trent Lott, and Joseph Lieberman, Sen. John “McPhony” McCain (R-AZ) is sponsoring one piece of legislation that he deserves a commendation -- S. Res. 21, which allows Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports to become available to the public via the internet. Currently, CRS reports are only accessible to Congressmen and their staffers. However, since the CRS spends $73.4 million tax dollars annually, the public deserves to benefit from this service as well. Please contact your Senator at and urge him to support this resolution.

Poor Gore…. Still The Bore …

As part of his self-described “community building” efforts, Al Gore is continuing his college tour of America. He recently spoke at Middle Tennessee State University where he was greeted by protestors chanting Al Gore, corporate whore!” He intends to maintain a vigorous academic schedule lecturing at schools like laid-back UCLA and Fiske College. Criticism of his first academic foray at Columbia forced him to rescind his “gag-rule,” which does not appear to be “in-force” at his other college venues. And, Mr. Ex-Vice President Gore says he’s upset over Clinton’s pardons and that he had no involvement in them. He might actually be telling the truth….


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