News Updates March 9, 2001

CIC Delivers Letters, “Pardon Cards” To Congress

Bush Aides Pressure Burton Committee To Shut Down Probe?!

CIC hand-delivered letters last week to selected members of the House Government Reform Committee, as well as several conservative Democrats, urging them to strip Clinton of his presidential pension and benefits by amending the Former Presidents Act (full text of letter to be posted at ) CIC also distributed yellow symbolic “Get-out-of-Jail Pardon” cards, in the fashion of Monopoly community chest” cards, to illustrate Bill Clinton’s mocking of the rule of law and his egregious abuse of his pardon power (these got coverage in the Washington Times on 3/8/01). This latest visit to Capitol Hill comes on the heels of published reports that the Bush White House is increasing its pressure on GOP leaders to shut down all congressional Pardongate investigations. Despite the latest flurry of lies and stonewalling by former Clinton cronies Beth Nolan, Beth Dorowetz, Bruce Lindsey, and John Podesta, Chairman Dan Burton (R-IN) is still gathering evidence. Sadly, though, Rep. Burton has currently stalled on scheduling further hearings.

CIC Returns To Capitol Hill, Wednesday, March 14

CIC plans to keep the heat on Congress and will deliver “pardon cards” to every Representative and Senator in Congress. Among the 200 congressional offices CIC plans to visit on Wednesday, March 14th, we ask that supporters CALL, FAX and E-MAIL the following selected Congressmen on that morning and demand they hold Clinton accountable for his pardon crimes and ask that his pension be stripped. Please contact: Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) – (202) 225-2931 , (202) 225-2944 (Fax) , ; Rep. Tom Tancredo (R-CO) – (202) 225-7882 , (202) 226-4623 (Fax) , ; Rep. Sanford Bishop (D-GA) – (202) 225-3631 , (202) 225-2203 (Fax) , ; Rep. Elijah Cummings – (202) 225-4741 , (202) 225-3178 (Fax) , .

Bush’S Tax Cut Proposal Goes To Senate

President Bush’s tax cut proposal – H.R. 3 (“The Economic Growth & Tax Relief Act of 2001”) – has passed the House on a 230-198 vote. Though these tax cuts should be much deeper, CIC endorses this legislation and is urging supporters to contact their Senators at and demand he or she vote for this bill without amendments. The battle in the Senate is expected to be more difficult as Democratic Leader Sen. Tom Daschle (D-SD) attempts to sabotage this legislation with a so-called “trigger” plan, or outright filibuster the bill. As usual, Sen. Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) is cowering from the liberals’ threats by stating that he may delay action on the bill until a full budget proposal is adopted. CIC urges supporters to e-mail Sen. Lott at . Supporters should also send letters to the following Democratic Senators, whose states handily voted for Bush in the 2000 elections and could prove to be swing votes: Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-AR) at , Sen. Max Cleland (D-GA) at , Sen. Evan Bayh (D-IN) at , Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-LA) at , Sen. John Edwards (D-NC) at , Sen. Kent Conrad (D-ND) at , Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) at , Sen. Ernest Hollings (D-SC) at , and Sen. Tim Johnson (D-SD) at . In the meantime, CIC is planning to rally public support for the Bush tax cut on the streets of Washington … Please keep in touch with us at

Hillary Should Resign, Says NY Paper

Citing corruption and the “Clintons’ pardons-for-cash scandal,” the liberal newspaper New York Observer (2/28/01) has said that “Hillary Rodham Clinton is unfit for elective office. Had she any shame, she would resign.” Though other top liberal media outlets have recently started criticizing both Clintons over Pardongate, the Observer is the first major publication to call for Hillary to step down. Unfortunately, Sen. Clinton – just like her husband – will never resign. That is why the Senate must now face the possible prospect of evicting one of its own members. Article II, Section 5 of the U.S. Constitution states: “Each House [of Congress] may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two-thirds, expel a member.” Back in 1995 the Senate began proceedings to expel Sen. Bob Packwood (R-OR), but he had shame and promptly resigned. Similar action must be taken against Sen. Clinton, whose crimes are 100 times worse than Packwood’s sexual harassment. CIC is calling on supporters to start contacting your Senators on a regular basis at . This congressional session is bound to be a turbulent one.

Ban Foreign Donations; Not Free Speech

Sen. John “McPhony” McCain and his groupies in the liberal media are gearing up for prime-time television as so-called “campaign finance reform” legislation is debated on Capitol Hill this month. CIC strongly opposes those provisions of McCain-Feingold that restrict the free speech of non-profit organizations and individuals during election time. “Unless the free speech bans are completely scrapped, then the entire bill must be defeated,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “Real campaign finance reform should focus on preventing another Clinton Chinagate scandal.” CIC is encouraging supporters to rally in support of H.R. 35 the “Illegal Foreign Contributions Prohibition Act of 2001,” which amends the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to prohibit any non-citizen or foreigner from making contributions or expenditures in connection with elections for federal office. Contact your Representative at . A companion bill may be introduced soon in the Senate. Stay connected with CIC for more info ….

New Pardongate Evidence Implicates Both Clintons

New evidence is surfacing everyday implicating both Clintons on numerous felonies in the Pardongate scandal. It has been revealed that two Clinton pardonees, Gene and Nora Lum, gave $2,000 to Hillary’s Senate campaign. Several years back the Lums were suspected of funneling thousands of illegal dollars to deceased Clinton Commerce Secretary Ron Brown. Hillary’s other brother Tony Rodham helped secure pardons for Edgar and Vonna Gregory, two Tennessee felons convicted of bank fraud; they too contributed money to Hillary’s campaign. Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has asked Attorney General Ashcroft to launch a criminal probe into the Gregorys. Roger Clinton is the target of a new criminal probe for his alleged $15,000 bribery attempt of Arkansas buddy Phillip Young; Roger may have been acting as a conduit for brother Bill. Newly disclosed e-mail records from a Mr. Avner Azulay (Marc Rich’s close associate and a Mossader) to a Robert Fink (Denise Rich’s lawyer) have further substantiated the cash-for-pardon scheme with Marc Rich. And, the House Government Reform Committee has stated that the Secret Service records (WAVES logs) documenting the dozens of private visits to the White House of Denise Rich and Beth Dorowetz have been tampered and doctored with. CIC urges supporters to keep contacting Chairman Burton at , and to stay in touch with us at as we continue to visit Capitol Hill and bring you breaking news ….

Pro-Criminal Crowd Cheers Clinton

One might have thought that it was O.J. Simpson himself walking onto the stage to a rousing standing ovation recently at the NAACP’s “Image Awards” in Hollywood. But, it was only the next best thing: “America’s white O.J.,” Bill Clinton. As he strutted to the stage with obvious arrogance and glee, Clinton gratefully accepted the NAACP’s “President’s Award.” He also commented about his office move to Harlem by saying, “I think I am America’s first black president.” This wealthy Tinseltown crowd, which may fund his possible NYC mayoral bid this November, heartily agreed.

Hillary Drops In NY Polls; Bill, A Mixed Review

New Yorkers are starting to sour on their Senator, but not necessarily on their “white O.J.” A recent Marist College poll reveals that 58% of New Yorkers believe Hillary is lying in her denials that she did not know about her brother Hugh Rodham’s receipt of $400,000 in exchange for two pardons. Another Marist poll also showed that 46% of New Yorkers believe Hillary is “unethical.” In a recent nationwide Zogby poll, 54% of Americans “agree with the people who criticize Clinton for what he did” and 58% believe he pardoned Marc Rich “in return for contributions.” In another Zogby poll, 47% of Americans believe both Clintons are “greedy” and are thieves. However, an independent poll of over 1,000 New York City voters found that nearly 50% want Clinton to run for Mayor this November.

Bush May Tap Spotted-Owl Lover To Top Post

Under pressure from the eco-extremists and liberal Republicans, President Bush is poised to select John Turner, a well-known radical environmentalist, to be deputy secretary of the Interior or chairman of the President’s Council on Environmental Quality. Turner is an enemy of property rights and states rights, and is well-known for championing the protection of the “Northern Spotted Owl” as a so-called “endangered species.” CIC strongly opposes this possible nomination and urges all supporters to contact their Senators at and demand they vote “no” on John Turner.

Ashcroft, Bush Bullwhipped By Race-Baiters

Kowtowing to the professional racists of the Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP, President Bush and Attorney General John Ashcroft have pledged to end “racial profiling” in America. Never mind, of course, that states and localities know best how to stop crime in their own backyard, or that statistics have shown that racial profiling has, in fact, been effective at apprehending criminals. “It’s real simple: if you don’t have racial profiling, then you don’t catch the criminals,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. “Every description of a suspect or suspects has to have complete demographic information, and that includes one’s race or ethnic background. The federal government should not be dictating to county and city police departments to NOT catch criminals!” Since most violent crimes in America occur in predominantly black-majority neighborhoods, these areas in particular would become zones of total anarchy, that is if Ashcroft, Bush and their new-found friends in the civil rights” industry have their way. Ashcroft and President Bush are pressuring Congress to pass legislation within the next six months that bans racial profiling, or else they will enact “executive” policies themselves. Can we say, Politically-Correct Big Brother?

Extradite Clinton To Canada?

In an exclusive report in Insight magazine last month, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is reportedly getting renewed cooperation from U.S. authorities and is stepping up its investigation into the Bloodgate” scandal, in which then-Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton allegedly knew of and approved the transport of contaminated blood from Arkansas prison inmates to Canadian blood banks in the 1980s. Today, over 42,000 Canadians have been infected with HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis C, and other diseases, and hundreds of sufferers have died. Criminal charges are still pending. “Perhaps we need to extradite Clinton to Canada, since our own Department of Justice appears too weak and timid in prosecuting him,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy.

Clinton Judge Escapes Charges

Chief U.S. District Judge Norma Holloway Johnson, a liberal Carter appointee who has acted favorably on numerous occasions to protect the Clintons over the years, was recently exonerated by the liberal Judicial Council on charges she violated judicial ethics. The Council actually admitted that Ms. Holloway steered the three Clinton criminal cases of Webb Hubbell, Pauline Kanchanalak, and Charlie Trie towards favorable Clinton-appointed judges, violating the procedure of random assignment by computer. However, they still cleared her of any charges. “The Clinton cronyism and corruption within the judicial branch of this country is so widespread, that when these liberal Clintonites are caught red-handed, their peers still protect them from accountability,” sighs CIC’s Mike Davis.

Conviction Of Clinton Crony Stands

Clinton’s hand-picked successor and partner-in-crime, former Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, had his fraud conviction upheld by a federal appeals court recently. Gov. Tucker, who has long been tied into the Clinton scandals going back to Whitewater, was attempting to clear his good” name. But, like so many other Clinton criminals, he will always be viewed by the public as a crook.

Clinton Shakes Down CBS In $1 Million Dispute

According to the Wall Street Journal, while Bill Clinton was still President he telephoned Leslie Moonves, the chairman of CBS television, on behalf of his close friends, Hollywood liberals Harry and Linda Thomason, to help resolve a billing dispute over $1 million dollars. Apparently, the Thomasons’ wanted payment over an aborted comedy series. Using the power of the Oval Office, Bill Clinton was able to shake down CBS and force it to pay the $1 million to the Thomasons’ production company. “This is another classic example of Clinton illegally abusing his presidential powers,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. This may be worse than Jesse Jackson’s infamous shakedowns of America’s CEOs, because here you have the president of the United States involved.”

Drug Dealers, Tax Cheats Love Bill Clinton

There is a pattern to Clinton’s despicable pardons. Despite the obvious quid-pro-quo evidence of money and gifts involved in more than two-thirds of his pardons, Bill Clinton seems to have a special admiration for drug dealers and tax cheats – and they certainly love him. While many Americans already know about Marc Rich, Pincus Green, Carlos Vignali and Roger Clinton, there other lesser-known felons who received pardons that should be exposed. Take Charles Morgan, for example, an Arkansan who spent three years in jail for cocaine distribution. Morgan’s stepfather gave $42,200 to the Democratic party throughout the 1990s. His lawyer was none other than former Clinton White House counsel (and partner-in-crime) William Kennedy. Then there is Arnold Prosperi who evaded taxes on $3 million he embezzled from innocent clients. Clinton commuted his sentence. Prosperi is an old Friend of Bill” and gave $45,000 to the White House Historical Association.

At Least 44 Clinton Pardons Can Be Overturned

Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) has teamed up with Judicial Watch in asking Attorney General John Ashcroft to overturn 44 of President Clinton’s pardons, citing well-established case law that pardons are not valid until the warrant is issued, delivered and accepted. Some of the criminals whose pardons are in jeopardy and not yet valid include Glen Braswell, Arnold Prosperi, Susan McDougal, Henry Cisneros and Roger Clinton. CIC supports this effort and urges supporters to write to Ashcroft as well. Send letters to . President Bush also has the authority to reverse these pardons. E-Mail Bush at

Jesse Jackson Linked To 3 Pardons

Times are tough for Jesse Jackson. After more scathing articles in several national newspapers exposing his multi-million-dollar scams and rampant philandering, Judicial Watch has revealed that Jackson may be linked to three of Clinton’s pardons. Congressional investigators on the House Government Reform Committee may be looking into these fresh allegations and to see if Jackson and/or Clinton got paid anything. On an unrelated note, Jackson is now under new legal scrutiny because his $9 million-per-year PUSH scam/business may have violated its tax status, and Jackson is being probed for allegedly filing a false tax return for year 1999.

Clinton Is Strangely Silent Over Pardons

Always ready to spout off a quick lie or two while he was president, Bill Clinton is now avoiding all questions about his illegal pardons. He has snubbed a rather benign offer by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA) to answer questions in a private meeting, and he has instructed the Harry Walker Agency, which arranges his speaking engagements, that any question about Pardongate will not be accepted. Meanwhile, Clinton is still globetrotting and wasting taxpayers’ money. This weekend he leaves for Europe where he will give several paid speeches and engage in so-called “charity” work. He is also planning upcoming trips to India and Africa.

Top Dems. Vying For Prez. In 2004?

Former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NY) has stated that he is open to running for the Democratic nomination for president in 2004, but has not “formally” announced his intentions. Kerrey last ran for president in 1992 as a bitter rival to Bill Clinton and was often considered an independent Democrat. But in a bizarre move in 1999, Kerrey towed the Clinton-Democrat Party line and voted against impeachment, then surprisingly announced his retirement from the Senate. Today, he is head of the New School University in New York City and is apparently on friendly terms now with Bill Clinton. Where this all leaves Hillary is anybody’s guess. She is widely expected to run in 2004. One group, the so-called American Women Presidents, celebrated President’s Day by sending out letters to 100 top women in America (including Hillary) urging them to run for president. Their real goal, though, is simply for Hillary to run for prez and win. And, of course, there are signs that Gore will run again. He held a private dinner in New York City recently with some of his top donors. This was spun to the media as a thank-you” dinner for last year’s race, but it was really setting the groundwork for 2004. Other possible Democrats in 2004 are Sen. Joe Lieberman, Sen. Tom Daschle, Rep. Dick Gephardt, and Sen. John Edwards, who recently visited top Democrats in Iowa.


Often overlooked by the liberal media in the whole Pardongate scandal are Marc Rich’s nefarious ties to Israel and Russia. In addition to money, it is apparent that pressure from Israeli and Jewish leaders helped persuade Clinton to grant Rich a pardon. Former Prime Minister Ehud Barak, the Chief Rabbi of Israel, and the heads of the ADL and the Holocaust Museum in Washington, to name a few, called and wrote to Clinton begging him to pardon Rich. While Rich has donated millions to charitable Jewish causes over the years, he is widely suspected of engaging in espionage for the Israelis and has possibly harmed American citizens and our national security. In addition, according to a recent expose in the New York Post, Marc Rich has close ties in Russia with criminal tycoon Boris Berezovsky and other top billionaires in the Jewish mafia. CIC urges all supporters to contact the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees. Demand they investigate these matters. Send letters to Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) at and Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL) at

Hillary Clinton, The “Clipper Project” & “Big Brother”

While many citizens remember Hillary’s much-publicized efforts to socialize America’s health care system in 1993, many do not know of Hillary’s attempts to invade the privacy of millions of Americans. Through the office of partner-in-crime Webster Hubbell, Hillary was in charge of the “Clipper Project,” a “big brother”-style plan to issue all U.S. citizens a national health care ID card with a special government-designed computer chip. Ironically, this project began in secret during Bush, Sr.’s administration but was never enacted. The question now is whether George W. Bush and his administration will take some action to protect the medical privacy. Last-minute regulatory orders by the Clinton administration (45 CFR Parts 160 and 164 under HHS Sec. Donna Shalala), which allow the government to disregard privacy rules and collect private medical records on millions of Americans, is set to take effect on April 14, 2001. Concerned Americans should e-mail President Bush at and new HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson at . Demand they overturn these regulations. “The Bush White House should follow the prowess of the GOP-led Congress which just passed legislation to overturn Clinton’s onerous ergonomic rules under OSHA,” says CIC’s Mike Davis. “There are so many Clinton E.O.s and regulations that Bush must reverse, and these on medical privacy are a good ones to begin with.” To view a complete list of the most egregious of Clinton’s Executive Orders, click to

Hillary Upset She Didn’t Get Prime Time

According to Capitol Hill sources, Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) was upset and angry that she was not allowed to give the Democratic response to President Bush’s nationally televised address to Congress on February 27th. Instead, ranking minority leaders Dick Gephardt and Tom Daschle gave the party response. An unnamed aide to the Democratic Senate leadership has indicated that Hillary considers herself the top Democratic spokesman on Capitol Hill and has made it known that she wants to give the next nationally televised response to Bush. No word yet if Hillary’s well-known temper led to broken lamps or abuse of staffers. In a related story, during a recent mad dash to get before NBC cameras in a Senate hallway interview, Hillary knocked over 98-year-old Sen. Strom Thurmond (D-SC) who was caught in time from hitting the floor, ironically, by Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA). As CIC reported in its last update, the Democrats on still on “deathwatch” in case Thurmond dies soon, in hopes of recapturing the Senate. Hillary’s accident could have (un)intentionally speeded up this process.

Hillary & Bill To Divorce?

From the supermarket tabloids to MSNBC, there have numerous reports of the impending divorce of Bill and Hillary Clinton. A miffed Sen. Clinton has denied the reports, and Bill Clinton has remained silent. According to the reported “rumor,” Hillary has already retained top divorce lawyers in New York City and plans to file papers next month.

Clinton’s Book Deal A Money Loser

Many liberals in the publishing world, who only months ago were chomping at the bit for Bill Clinton’s memoirs, are now backing off. According to the New York Post, Clinton’s reputation is so tarnished that publishers have indefinitely postponed bidding. Poor Bill Clinton. He was hoping to fetch anywhere from $2 to 10 million dollars. Now it looks like he has to rely solely on tax dollars and his criminal sources for future income.

Clinton Library Website To Censor Free Speech

Bill Clinton is planning to launch an interactive website promoting his Hall of Shame” presidential library. However, it will be constructed so that critics of Clinton will be expunged from posting comments in its chat rooms or on its bulletin boards. Even words like “impeachment,” pardon”, “Juanita” and “Monica” could automatically get a visitor wiped off the site. Big-brother moderators will be monitoring the site 24-7 to censor visitors. The site will officially launch this spring. The domain is .

Monica Lewinsky To Make Documentary

Apparently the high-minded folks in the entertainment business are still obsessed with Bill Clinton’s sordid sexual trysts. HBO plans to make a documentary with Monica Lewinsky detailing aspects of her life and relationship with Clinton that were not told in her biography. No word yet on how much Ms. Lewinsky is getting paid, or if Bill Clinton may participate just to try to make a few bucks. HBO plans to air the show next January.

Bush Hit By Homo-Shakedown

President Bush is not even finished with his first 100 days in the White House and he is already letting the radical homosexual lobby manhandle him. Currently, the federal government (via HUD) subsidizes brothels for nearly 50,000 homosexuals to the tune of $258 million per year. Rather than shut down this insane boondoggle, President Bush has indicated he wants to increase its funding to $300 million per year! This has placated the now-happy AIDS Housing Coalition and other homosexual organizations. Bush may be trying to ram through the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Massachussetts Governor Paul Cellucci to be ambassador to Canada. Cellucci is rabidly pro-homosexual and has enacted homosexual sex-education programs in public schools in Massachusetts.


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