News Updates March 23, 2001

Congress To Get Stealth Pay Raise?

CIC Delivers Lollipops -- Don't Call Taxpayers Suckers!

Some members of the House of Representatives are discreetly trying to steal for themselves a $22,935 pay raise each on top of their already-exorbitant yearly salaries of $145,100 by implementing a $165 per diem supplement for every day Congress is in session. Rep. John Doolittle (R-CA) and Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) are the designated cheerleaders of this theft and they are pushing it through the House Administration Committee. They are hoping to enact this pay raise without a House floor vote (nor public hearings) and are claiming the money will come out of the "Members’ Representational Allowances" (the expense accounts allocated for office expenses). This is clearly a ruse, and it is the American taxpayer who ultimately foots the bill.

CIC will deliver candy lollipops and ask "Don't mistake the taxpayer for sucker" to members of Congress beginning with Rep. Maxine Waters' office in the Rayburn House Office Building, Room 2344 on Tuesday, March 27th at 10:00 AM.

It should be noted that Rep. Doolittle (R) does not have a taxpayer-friendly record. During his first term in Congress in 1991-92, Doolittle abused his franking privilege by spending over $389,669 in tax dollars on his congressional mail (the highest amount of any member of Congress at that time).

If you can express strong opposition to this per diem demand call, fax and e-mail Rep. Doolittle at (202) 225-2511, (202) 225-5444 (Fax), and Rep. Maxine Waters at (202) 225-2201, (202) 225-7854 (Fax). CIC members should also contact their own Congressman at and the following selected members of the House Administration Committee: Chair Bob Ney (R-OH) at (202) 225-6265 , (202) 225-3394 (Fax) , , Rep. John Mica (R-FL) at (202) 225-4035 , (202) 226-0821 (Fax) , , Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) (202) 225-4131 , (202) 225-4300 (Fax) , , and Rep. Chaka Fattah (D-PA) at (202) 225-4001 , (202) 225-5392 (Fax) ,

[NOTE: Published reports say congressional offices are currently ignoring e-mails, CIC recommends that phone calls and faxes be placed ].

Hillary Is The Queen Of Glitz & Greed

CIC Confronts Hillary At "DC Palace"

Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) now has the distinction of having the costliest home office of any United States Senator. Queen Hillary has set up her new Manhattan offices at Third Ave. & 49th St. at a cost to taxpayers of $514,149 per year. Not bad office digs considering she also has a $3+ million estate in Chappaqua and a $2.85 million home in Washington, DC, where CIC members recently protested in her driveway holding signs asking: "Did Pardons Pay for this Mansion?" Speaking about greed, Hillary was also recently recognized as the Queen of "soft money" in the Senate. Of the $15 million of "soft-money" raised by joint Democratic fund-raising committees, Sen. Clinton received over half this cash for her campaign. But, interestingly, both Hillary & Bill Clinton still owe $3.9 million in legal bills from their eight years of protecting their crimes and corruption in the White House. It’s possible that the taxpayers may have to foot this bill. If not, then Hillary may file for divorce next month, as CIC and other sources reported in our last update, so she may not have to pay a dime.

Congressman Moves To Cut Prez Perks

Rep. Ernest Istook (R-OK), subcommittee appropriations chair, is seeking to enact legislation to limit post-presidential perks estimated to cost taxpayers $43 million each year. Rep. Istook could save taxpayers over $7.49 million by stripping Bill Clinton of his estimated lifetime pension, as has demanded previously, and amend the Former Presidents Act. CIC's update has been widely quoted. CIC supporters are encouraged to call, fax, and e-mail Rep. Istook at 202-225-2132 , (202) 226-1463 (Fax),

Congress Got Pardonee Cash; Cover-Up Continues

Congressional leaders on Capitol Hill have suspended their investigations into Clinton’s pardons, and one reason for this may be the fact that some have close ties to the infamous Denise Rich. Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), who is tasked to lead the Senate Judiciary Committee’s investigation into the Clinton pardons, happened to receive $2,000 from Rich during his 1992 campaign.

Judiciary Committee member Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-MA) took in $3,000 from Rich in his 1994 campaign. And Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), member of the House Government Reform Committee, received $5,000 in the last election cycle. CIC recently distributed "pardon cards" to over 300 Representatives and plan to deliver them to the rest of Congress, including the Senate, to keep up pressure to hold both Clintons accountable for their Pardongate crimes.

Rabbi Confesses About Hillary’s "Pardon-For-Votes" Crime

New evidence has further implicated Sen. Hillary Clinton for her role in the pardon-for-votes scam in New Square, NY. In a recent NY Post interview, Rabbi Ronnie Greenwald, who has done business with Marc Rich, confessed that the pardons of four Hasidic Jews convicted of embezzlement were, in fact, a "quid pro quo" deal for votes. In addition, other reports reveal that Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham has failed to return $100,000 of the $400,000 he received for the pardons of Glenn Braswell and Carlos Vignali, claiming that he "spent it" On a related matter, Hillary’s feminist colleague Democratic Sen. Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas has been linked to the pardon of James Maness who was convicted in 1985 for possession of over $200,000 in narcotics. It should be recalled that Sen. Lincoln was a staunch defender of Clinton during impeachment and she now serves on the Senate Ethics Committee. And Attorney General John Ashcroft has continued refusing to appoint a special prosecutor, instead passing the buck to Clinton appointee Mary Jo White in New York, who supposedly "expanded" her probe into the matter.

Taxes, Free Speech Dominate Congress

To help stimulate the economy beyond Bush’s tiny tax cuts, conservative House Republicans are sponsoring sound legislation to provide deeper tax relief for all Americans. The Economic Recovery & Growth Act (H.R. 1018) slashes income tax rates nearly twice as much as Bush’s plan, and H.R. 6 and H.R. 8 repeal the marriage tax penalty and the death tax, respectively. CIC urges supporters to contact their Congressman at and demand they support these bills. On the Senate side, tax cuts have taken a back seat as members are now mired in debate over campaign-finance reform legislation. CIC strongly opposes McCain-Feingold because it completely bans the free speech of groups and individuals 60 days before an election. CIC also currently opposes all alternative bills and amendments now being proposed. CIC urges supporters to contact their Senators at . Tell them to oppose McCain-Feingold (S. 27) and any related amendments.

The Love-Hate World Of (Mayor) Bill Clinton

Liberals in New York want to crown Bill Clinton their King. After returning from a trip to the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, Clinton was elated to learn that he was bestowed with the "International Advocate for Peace Award" from Benjamin Cardozo Law School at Yeshiva University in New York. To these "intellectuals" it doesn’t matter that Clinton killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians bombing Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Sudan during his reign; they actually consider him a peacemaker, and, a potential mayor. The most recent NY Daily News/CBS poll found that Clinton would win the New York City mayoral democratic primary with 40% of the vote, compared to the runner-ups Mark Green at 15%, Fernando Ferrer at 10%, and all other candidates in single digits.

In NYC, even he often-rumored "Republican" candidate, billionaire Bill Bloomberg, would have no chance against Clinton. On another note, real America is still repulsed by Clinton as he continues to crisscross the country giving $100,000+ speeches. At the Jubilee Christian Center in San Jose, CA, for example, where Clinton only spoke for four minutes, the reaction was so negative that the Rev. Dick Bernal sent out special apologies to his 5,000-member congregation and asked for forgiveness. Next up on the Clinton speaking tour is taxpayer-financed Salem State College in Massachusetts where Clinton will speak on March 26, at a reputed fee in excess of $100,000. All Americans should send their protest messages to Eastern Bank, which is sponsoring the speech, (#1-800-EASTERN ,

Hillary The Enviro-Radical

While biding time, raising money and plotting strategy for her presidential run in 2004, Sen. Hillary Clinton has staked out her position on the environment, and, not surprisingly, she has embraced the radical agenda of the environmental lobby. In several recent public statements, Hillary has denounced President Bush’s rollback of her husband’s onerous environmental regulations on drinking water, saying he "threatens the health of America’s children," and she has fully embraced the Clean Power Act of 2001, which is a federal regulatory boondoggle as bad as the Clean Air & Water Act of 1990. On an unrelated note, Hillary placated the radical homosexual lobby by avoiding the traditional St. Patrick’s Day parade in New York City and instead opted to join the festivities in upstate Syracuse.

Help Honor The Gipper

Three years ago Congress sought to honor former President Ronald Reagan by passing a bill renaming Washington, DC’s National Airport after him. Sadly, the liberal bureaucrats of the Washington Metropolitan Transit Authority have disobeyed the law and are refusing to change the signs on the metro system. CIC is urging all supporters to write, call and e-mail Mr. Richard White, general manager of the transit authority, and demand he honor the law and the will of the people. Remind him that the federal funds for the metro system, and his salary, are at stake: 600 Fifth Street N.W, Washington, D.C. 20001, 202-962-1234 ,

Open Penn. Ave. To The American People

In 1995, citing bogus security threats, President Clinton shut down Pennsylvania Avenue in front of the White House, causing massive gridlock in the nation’s capital and restricting public access. Now Congress is wading into the issue and holding hearings to open the avenue again. “The White House is the people’s house, and the American people should be allowed to have free and unfettered access in front of it,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. President Bush has the authority to reopen the street and CIC is encouraging supporters to contact him at (202) 456-1414, (202) 456-2461 (Fax), and e-mail at

Clinton Crony Cops Plea

Indonesian criminal tycoon James Riady got off easy when he recently pled guilty for violating campaign finance laws and paid only a petty $8.6 million fine. Prosecutors at the Federal District Court spun this cop-out as justice served by insisting that this fine was nearly half of Riady’s net worth. Of course, this was a bald-faced lie as Riady and his Lippo group have billions of dollars in assets all over the world through his family’s illicit enterprises. It should be recalled that Riady is close friends with Clinton and was responsible for funneling tens of millions of illegal foreign donations into the Clinton-Gore campaigns of 1992 and 1996. “And now, it’s official: instead of serving a life sentence in prison, Riady is free to commit more crimes, comments CIC’s Steve Miroy. “Riady essentially purchased a pardon from the Bush Justice Department.” Not surprisingly, recent reports allege that the DNC still has millions in foreign donations from Riady and Lippo, and has yet to return them.

Bush Rolling Back Some Clinton Regs., E.O.’s

Thanks in part to CIC and your help, President Bush signed a joint congressional resolution banning implementation of Clinton’s ergonomics rules that could have cost businesses $100 billion to comply with. Bush has lifted some Clinton EPA restrictions out West in order to ease the current energy crisis, overturned rules on hard-rock mining, and lifted onerous Clinton regulations on water management in 3,000 communities. And Interior Secretary Gale Norton has indicated that she may roll back some of Clinton’s 21“land-grab” monuments. While all these moves are steps in the right direction, President Bush still needs to overturn Clinton’s worst executive orders listed and protect pending Clinton rules that invade medical privacy of Americans. Please contact Bush at (202) 456-1414, (202) 456-2461 (Fax), and e-mail at .

It’s True, Dem. Voters Are Stupid

A recent report in the Chicago-Tribune about invalid ballots has embarrassed the Democratic party – yet again. Apparently, 20 precincts in predominantly minority areas of Chicago had ballot error rates at an astonishingly high rate of 20%. In one precinct, it was over 36%. But, according to the liberal voting officials in Chicago, the problem was NOT punch-card ballots or machine error. And it was NOT "racism," as so many black Democrats have charged. Rather, the real culprit, according to the officials, was lack of voter education. Ironically, recent records reveal that the liberal National Education Association invested over $5.2 million in 1999 to increase voter turnout for the Democrats. Looks like they clearly failed in their endeavors.

Drug Dealer Says Clinton Was A Cokehead

A former Little Rock drug dealer has come forward on the Jane Chastain radio program to recount witnessing Bill Clinton snorting cocaine dozens of times while he was governor of Arkansas in the 1980s. Sharline Wilson, who served time for drug possession, lended Clinton her "tooter" numerous times. In the interview, she said: "The coolest thing I thought was that the president of the United States would get high." She also recounted her drug dealing with Roger Clinton and in one instance when Clinton was "so messed up that night, he slid down the wall into a garbage can."

Remember to check out Jim Huber’s latest cartoon. This week Jim takes a hilarious swipe at campaign-finance reform legislation ..


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