News Updates April 9, 2001

Hillary Sponsors ‘Big Brother’ Bills

Sen. Hillary Clinton seems to want to make America like Cuba or Iraq where publicly stating your personal convictions and religious beliefs will land you in jail. Mrs. Clinton has joined radical liberal Ted Kennedy as an original co-sponsor of a dangerous thought-control bill, deceptively titled "The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act" (S. 625), which allows the federal government to force state and local jurisdictions to punish individuals who commit so-called "hate crimes" against homosexuals. Hillary is also co-sponsoring the laughably titled "Protecting Civil Rights for All Americans Act" (S. 19) along with Sen. Tom Daschle. This bill is ominous because it includes special rights for homosexuals, in addition to targeting "hate crimes" and "racial profiling."

>>Both of these Orwellian dictates have been referred to the Senate Judiciary Committee. CIC's Jack Clayton urges supporters to contact Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT), committee chairman, and urge him to bury this legislation permanently for this session. Call (202) 224-5251 , Fax (202) 224-6331, E-Mail at FAXes are preferred.

McCain Bill Targets CIC, Free Speech

After passing the Senate by a 59-41 vote, the draconian McCain-Feingold bill (S. 27) has now moved on to the House where its companion bill Shays-Meehan (H.R. 380) may likely pass by the end of this month. "This legislation is grossly unconstitutional because it still contains provisions banning free speech 60 days before elections by organized groups like CIC," says CIC’s Steve Miroy.

Sen. McCain’s ban against independent expenditures and advertisements by "advocacy groups" would effectively shut down CIC’s website, e-mail updates, petition drives, leafleting, and street-theatre activities during election time. If CIC dared to criticize any politician campaigning for office during this 60-day period (as we did with Al Gore), then CIC risks an investigation by the FEC, an audit by the IRS, and/or even indictment and arrest by the Department of Justice. "McCain-Feingold is poison and it must be defeated," adds Miroy.

>>Supporters should tell their House Representative to oppose H.R. 380. Tell them instead to support H.R. 355, the "Non-Profit Political Speech Protection Act." Please visit for contact information.

>>CIC supporters should also contact Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) who has vowed to scrap any anti-first amendment provisions in a House-Senate conference committee. He will likely chair these joint proceedings should the House pass a significantly different version of McCain-Feingold than the Senate. Call Sen. McConnell at (202) 224-2541 , Fax (202) 224-2499 , E-mail at .

>>Please also contact President Bush, who has indicated he may sign McCain-Feingold in an expedient attempt to get this issue off the table. Call (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461 , and E-mail at . Tell President Bush to veto any "campaign-finance reform" bill that comes to his desk.

Join The Tax-Cut Train!

As the country falls closer into the Clinton recession, CIC is helping build momentum on Capitol Hill for deeper tax cuts that will stimulate the economy. CIC supports S. 35, the Tax Cuts with a Purpose Act sponsored by Sen. Phil Gramm (R-TX), which provides far greater tax relief to all Americans than the Bush plan.

>>Please contact your Representative at . Tell him to support H.R. 1018.

>>Please contact your Senators immediately at and tell them to support S. 35.

Other Upcoming CIC Events…..

CIC recently visited Capitol Hill to deliver letters and lollipops to denounce the secret pay raise attempt by some Congressmen. Thanks to your help and our efforts, Rep. Bob Ney, chairman of the House Administration Committee, has announced for now that the per diem pay raise proposal is "delayed". Phone calls, faxes, letters and visits should continue. During the Easter recess, CIC will return to Capitol Hill. CIC will also hold a small demonstration outside Hillary Clinton’s mansion on April 25 when she hosts a major Democratic fundraiser. Please visit our home page at as we announce more.

Congress Demands Huber Cartoon "Book"

Government Printing Office may produce Huber Comics?

On countless occassions, CIC's cartoonist Jim Huber has assisted the national debate by drawing and writing timely cartoons. Now members of Congress and the White House are demanding "full access" to the cartoons of Huber and are bookmarking his cartoon on the CIC website. It is only a matter of time before Huber's work is inserted into the Congressional Record as a part of some current battle to make a point. Congratulations to Mssr. Huber who refuses to take a long vacation or even allow talk of retirement from his work.

Sen. Ethics Panel Corrupted By Hillary

The Senate Ethics Committee has ruled that despite the official gift ban on Senators, Bill & Hillary’s Legal Expense Fund does not violate ethics rules and it can continue to solicit donations. Contributors can still give up to $10,000 to the Clinton legal fund. Ironically, however, it is still illegal for an individual to spend over $100 on a meal for a Senator. “This ruling clearly shows that the Senate Ethics Committee has been thoroughly corrupted by the power of Sen. Hillary Clinton. Members of the committee must have been bribed in some fashion by the Clinton war-room machine which is still active,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. On a related matter, Rep. James Sensenbrenner, former impeachment manager and current chair of the House Judiciary Committee, has introduced the “Hillary Ban” bill. Officially it is titled the Members-elect Gift Ban Application Act” (H.R. 787) and seeks to prevent future Hillary Clintons from cashing in between election day and their swearing-in ceremony. CIC supports this legislation. Contact your Congressman at and tell him to sponsor H.R. 787.

Ragin’ Cajun Says Hillary To Run For Prez.

In a recent interview with Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly, attack-dog James Carville says that Hillary will run for president in 2008, but not in 2004. Carville also believes that Hillary has a good shot at winning the White House. “Carville is a snake, a renowned partner-in-crime with the Clintons, and has something sinister up his sleeves,” comments CIC’s Mike Davis. CIC believes that Carville’s comments are to meant detract attention away from Hillary’s most likely presidential campaign in 2004 -- not 2008.

Hillary’s Hypocrisy Over Pardon Bill

In an announcement that would make the blood boil of any decent American, Sen. Hillary Clinton had the incredible gall to co-sponsor recently S. 645, a Senate resolution proposed by Sen. Arlen Specter (R-PA), which seeks to restrict those who lobby the president for pardons and to require disclosure on individuals giving large donations to presidential libraries. Clearly, the legislation is directly aimed at exactly the type of crimes Bill and Hillary Clinton committed shortly before exiting the White House. Obviously, she believes her sponsorship of this bill will provides her adequate political cover if she’s criticized again for Pardongate during her presidential run in 2004. On an unrelated note, Hillary’s official explanation for such a large NYC office is that she needs to house 60 interns to handle constituent casework. It doesn’t matter that her actions are another clear violation of Senate Ethics rules, which forbid interns from handling official” activities of a Senate office. She is Queen Hillary and 'ethics rules' don't apply to her. And speaking of hypocrisy, Hillary is exhibiting her newfound appreciation for religion by attending the informal, once-a-week prayer breakfasts with some of the Senate’s most conservative members.

Ashcroft Says Clinton Sold Pardons, But Does Nothing

At a recent news conference, Attorney General John Ashcroft said that the “authority of the president is to sell pardons,” essentially confirming that Clinton indeed sold pardons. However, Ashcroft quickly backtracked from his statement, dismissing it as a slip of the tongue. To date, he has failed to show any tenacity in holding Clinton accountable on bribery charges with his pardons. Recent reports indicate that Clinton-appointee Mary Jo White may submit her resignation, but has yet to do so. Ms. White is infamous for protecting Terry McAuliffe and Richard Sullivan in the DNC-Teamsters corruption and money-laundering scheme. “This Clintonite woman should be immediately fired and replaced with a tough and ethical prosecutor,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. Please contact Attorney General Ashcroft -- call (202) 514-2001, write 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20530 , e-mail

Burton Hits Milestone W/ 1,000th Subpoena

Rep. Dan Burton, chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, is about to reach a milestone in Capitol Hill records by issuing his 1,000th subpoena. Since 1997 Burton has issued multiple subpoenas on hundreds of Clinton criminals who have plead the fifth or perjured themselves before his committee, or have become fugitives and fled the country. Sadly, despite Burton’s efforts to get at the truth from everything from Filegate and Vince Foster to the ongoing Pardongate scandal, the Clinton gangsters continue to show their contempt for Congress and the rule of law.

GOP Moves To Undo Clinton Land-Grabs, E.O.s

CIC applauds recent moves by the Bush administration and congressional Republicans to review and reverse the 18 illegal federal land-grabs that Bill Clinton enacted by executive order. Interior Secretary Gale Norton, Rep. James Hansen (R-UT) and Sen. Larry Craig (R-ID) are soliciting public comments on Clinton’s “monument” designations, which have trampled upon state and private property rights. Due to the power of the radical environmental lobby, CIC supporters, especially those from Western states, are strongly encouraged to counter this by sending in your own comments. To Secretary Norton, call (202) 208-7351 , write to 1849 C St. NW, Washington, DC 20240 , e-mail to . To Rep. Hansen, call (202) 225-0453 , fax (202) 225-5857. For Sen. Craig, call (202) 224-2752 , fax (202) 228-1067 , e-mail to Demand that they reverse all of Clinton’s land monuments immediately (click to to see complete listing of Clinton’s land-grab E.O.s) On an unrelated issue, Rep. Bob Stump (R-AZ) has introduced H.R. 969 which seeks to repeal Clinton’s E.O. #13166 (that mandated federal agencies to implement services in foreign languages). CIC strongly supports this measure and encourages supporters to contact their Representative at and ask him to sign on.

Are Bill & Hillary Cashing In From Tobacco Lawsuits?

Liberal attorneys, including Hillary’s brother Hugh Rodham, are using a personally taped video by Bill Clinton to try to convince a California arbitration panel to award them $3.4 billion dollars from lawsuits against the tobacco companies. In the video, Clinton credits Hugh Rodham and his shyster colleagues for taking on “big tobacco.” Most of these lawyers are big-time Democratic donors, but the question beckons: Will they funnel some of this cash to Hillary and Bill Clinton? “This is another typical Clinton scam, but this time they’re in partnership with one of the biggest extortion rackets in the country,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy. “Congress and the DOJ must investigate.” Stay tuned with CIC as more information about the Clintons’ ties to these lawsuits becomes available…..

Another Recount; Another Gore Defeat

Another recount of Florida’s disputed ballots still hands George W. Bush a victory and Al Gore another embarrassing loss. A fresh tally by the liberal newspaper USA Today reports that Bush would have won by a greater margin of 1,665 votes. On an unrelated note, professor Al Gore is still indoctrinating students in the ways of journalism at Columbia University and welcoming several high-profile guests like David Letterman and Alan Greenspan (who reportedly gave a high-five to Gore after he excoriated Bush’s budget and tax plans). At least the public now knows what the Federal Reserve chairman actually thinks of President Bush.

Foster Gun’s Serial # Searched Before Murder

The National Crime Information Center has released information revealing that serial number (#355055) on Foster’s .38 Colt revolver was searched three times on March 3, March 7, and April 29, 1993 BEFORE Foster’s death on July 20, 1993. It was previously established by testimony from Foster’s entire family that he never owned a handgun, contrary to the lies of the OIC’s “official” report. It is not known who requested these traces, but numerous law enforcement entities and federal agencies have access to this information.

Is Bill Clinton Mentally Ill?

In Bill Clinton, we had for eight years a truly irrational person in the White House, someone who, I think, lived on the edge of mental illness. He was and is a psychologically sick man,” writes leftist Andrew Sullivan in a recent issue of the liberal New Republic. “[But] this is not to absolve him of responsibility for ceaseless lying, perjury, administrative chaos, human bullying, cruelty, lawlessness, self-destruction and on and on.” It’s refreshing to see that these once pro-Clinton liberals are now lashing out at the former President. However, it should be remembered, they were markedly silent during Clinton’s eight year reign of terror.

Clinton Library Penthouse Under Scrutiny

It seems that a house in DC and a mansion in Chappaqua (and possibly another one in LA) is not enough living space for King Clinton. Recent published reports say that Clinton plans to add a 5,000 squre foot luxurious penthouse-style apartment to his $125 million library, but is running into legal trouble. Little Rock resident Eugene Pfeifer owns part of the land where Clinton is seeking to build his library complex and he is suing to stop the city from condemning his parcel (so Clinton could force sale and seizure). He contends that it is illegal for the city to condemn his property to make way for a new residence.

Hollywood Showers Clinton W/ Honors, Ford Joins Dems.

After speaking at Salem State College recently (where unapproved questions were banned and part of his fee was reportedly paid for by taxpayers), Bill Clinton jetted out to California to a more doting crowd. The wealthy liberal celebrities in Hollywood can always be counted on to shower revolting praises and honors on America’s most dishonorable and corrupt president, Bill Clinton. At recent pro-Clinton bashes at the Beverly Hills Wilshire and the Regency Club in California, Clinton was saluted by the likes of Liz Taylor and Whoopi Goldberg as America’s greatest president. Even the Republican geriatric Gerald Ford who attended these events praised Clinton by saying: “You richly deserves this recognition and we treasure our friendship with Bill and Hillary.” Clinton also helped raise $1.5 million for various liberal causes. Clinton is now off to India and South Africa. Part of the costs of these foreign trips will, no doubt, be paid for by taxpayers. On May 12th Clinton is expected to receive the John Dewey award from the United Federation of Teachers. It seems this country’s most liberal educators believe Clinton is a perfect role-model for America’s children.

Dems. Rake In Big Bucks In 2001

For the first quarter of this year the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) is expected to report collecting $7.5 million in donations and will have $6 million in cash on hand. At the DCCC’s annual dinner last month they raked in $5 million in cash – nearly twice as much two years ago. The fundraising arm of the DCCC is now headed by feminist Rep. Nita Lowey (D-NY), a close friend of Hillary, and by Susan and Alan Patricof, the former finance chairmen of Hillary’s Senate campaign. The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) has also pulled in big bucks to the tune of $9 million. In related developments, Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-MO) has formed his own PAC, an indication of a possible presidential bid in 2004. Likewise, Sen. Lieberman met privately with Al Gore’s top campaign managers to plot his possible run, and Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) reportedly told several celebrities at Oscar parties in Hollywood of his intentions to run in 2004.

Clinton Education Dept. Defrauded Millions $$$

Recent disclosures and hearings on Capitol Hill have exposed over $450 million in fraud at the Education Department during the last three years of the Clinton administration! The monstrosity of this corruption permeated all levels of this Clinton-run bureaucracy. Some Republican Congressmen have described this theft of public dollars akin to a Third World republic and have renewed calls for abolishing the department. This was a plank of the Republican Party platform in 1992 and 1996. Unfortunately, Bush’s new budget seeks to actually increase the Department of Education’s already bloated budget of $44.5 billion.

GOP Abandons Contract W/ America

One of the key planks of the “Contract with America,” which helped propel the Republican party to win control of Congress in 1994, was to cut back spending on its own bureaucracies on Capitol Hill. In 1995 GOP leaders did just that by slashing committee budgets and staff by one-third. However, since then committee funding has grown by an overall $46.3 million, and jumped by an 11% increase this year. All of this increased spending, of course, is paid for by the taxpayers.


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