News Updates April 23, 2001

Punish Red China By Revoking PNTR!

CIC hands out crushed fortune cookies......

Communist China's belligerent actions against the United States must not go unpunished. CIC recently visited the congressional offices of pro-Beijing Reps. Bill Thomas (R-CA), E. Clay Shaw (R-CA), Charlie Rangel (D-CA), and Robert Matsui (D-CA) to deliver crushed fortune cookies stapled to a scathing letter demanding revocation of Permanent Normal Trade Relations (PNTR) with Red China. These Congressmen are top members of the House Ways & Means Committee and may decide the fate of all current trade legislation dealing with China. CIC also gave notice with crushed fortune cookies and letters to Bush's U.S. Trade Representative's office and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “Red China is a hostile power and an enemy of America, and they deserve retribution,” says CIC's Scott Lauf. “They still have at least 18 nuclear missiles targeted at the U.S.; they are increasing their war-like rhetoric to take over Taiwan; and they are still repressing dissidents and Christians, and maintaining over 3,000 slave labor camps under horrid conditions.”

*** Congress returns from Easter recess on Monday. CIC is calling on all supporters to contact their members of Congress at (202) 224-3121 or and demand they support H.R. 1467 and H.R. 1497, both of which revoke PNTR (Permanent Normal Trade Relations) with China. CIC supporters should also contact the following Congressional leaders and demand they push for revocation of PNTR: Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC), chair of the Sen. Foreign Relations Committee, at (202) 224-6342 , Fax (202) 228-1339 , E-mail and Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), chair of the House International Relations Committee, at (202) 225-4061 , Fax (202) 225-1166 ,

Bush Must Dump Chao

Bush Labor Secretary Elaine Chao is under fire again, this time for failing to disclose her board membership with Multa Communications Corp., a mega-million dollar hi-tech company that does business in Red China. In previous updates, CIC reported on Chao’s and her father’s intimate relationships with Chinese tyrant Jiang Zemin, and her other shady business dealings with the Chinese communists. “Elaine Chao is a serious ethical liability to the Bush White House,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “She is another Chinagate scandal just waiting to explode. If President Bush does not want to look like Bill Clinton, then he must fire Chao immediately.”

*** CIC is asking supporters to write, call, fax and e-mail President Bush and demand he give a pink slip to Elaine Chao. Call (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461 , and E-mail at .

Hillary Wants To Be New Erin Brockovich

Sen. Hillary Clinton was busy over Easter recess pushing her radical environmental agenda. On April 12th Hillary visited Fallon, Nevada (hometown to CIC’s Scott Lauf) to steal the spotlight at a public hearing on a possible link between leukemia and high arsenic levels in the town’s water supply (NOTE: this “link” has never been scientifically proven). In a letter published in the local Lahontan Valley News, Lauf described Hillary’s trip to rural Nevada as being “motivated in part by her ambition to be president in 2004,” and denounced her for using Fallon as a stomping ground to become the new Erin Brockovich of the environmental movement.”

According to local CIC sources, Hillary flew straight into Fallon’s military air base (NAS-Fallon) on a “private” jet, but since the public is banned from entering the base it was difficult to discern whether she flew in on military aircraft paid for by the U.S. taxpayer. She was accompanied with an entourage of Secret Service agents and Capitol Hill Police, and the local sheriff and police department escorted her to the Fallon Convention Center where the hearing was held. Exuding her high-class persona, Hillary informed local officials that she refused to use any of the public restrooms, so special accommodations had to be made just for her. Likewise, public citizens who attended were screened by heavy security, forced to show I.D., and were banned from approaching Queen Hillary to ask questions.

Bush Bends Over To Homosexual Lobby

In another slapping insult to Christians across America, President Bush has appeased the radical homosexual lobby again by appointing two sodomites to top positions in his administration. Scott Evertz, a homosexual of the liberal gay organization “Log Cabin Republicans,” was named director of the White House Office on National AIDS Policy. Bush has also named another open homosexual, Stephen Herbits, as a special assistant to Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and will be in charge of screening top-level civilian Pentagon posts. “These moves are insane and offensive to millions of Americans who voted for President Bush,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy.

Marc Rich Exposed As A Communist

According to several published reports, criminal tycoon Rich was a long-time communist party member in the USSR and helped the KGB create an underground government to take over the country after the fall of communism in 1990. In the early 1980s Rich took advantage of the U.S. grain embargo on Russia and won over communist friends in Moscow. In the 1990s he profited immensely from the plundering and looting of Russia in partnership with its organized crime groups. These shocking revelations add credence to “conspiracy” theories from ten years ago, which argued that “glasnost” and the “fall of communism” in Russia and Eastern Europe was not a spontaneous democratic revolution of the people, but rather a concerted effort by the KGB and communist apparatchiks in Moscow to maintain their power – but under a new face. By all current accounts, they may have achieved their objective.

Earth Day Scares Bush

Earth Day,” that infamous annual holiday where radical environmentalists worship trees and dirt, has arrived and has scared President Bush into caving in to the environmentalists’ demands. The earlier Bush rollback of Clinton regulations and E.O.s has come to a screeching halt. Bush has enacted last-minute Clinton rules on lead emissions, efficiency standards on appliances, and onerous rules on wetlands, and is considering conforming to Clinton’s arsenic standards, perhaps in response to Hillary’s recent trip to Fallon, NV. All these moves contradict Bush’s previous indications that he would rescind these measures. And in a disappointment to conservatives and privacy advocates, Clinton overruled his own HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson and enacted all 1,500 pages of Clinton’s regulations regarding medical privacy. Nonetheless, despite these developments, House Chief Deputy Whip Roy Blunt (R-MO) is moving forward to overturn 45 other Clinton regulations and may use the 1996 Congressional Review Act to do so. CIC supports Rep. Blunt’s efforts and encourages supporters to contact him at: (202) 225-6536 , (202) 225-5604 (Fax) ,

GOP, Bush To Open ANWR?

As America falls closer into a deep energy crisis, the debate over opening up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) has become ever more important. Both GOP leaders in Congress and President Bush have expressed their support for opening ANWR to oil and natural gas exploration, but out of fear of the environmentalists they have yet to expedite any legislative action on the matter. The facts are clear, though, and squash any arguments the eco-freaks are making. Only 1.5 million acres out of a total of 19 million acres of ANWR would be tapped for oil and gas, thus posing almost zero danger to the refuge or wildlife. The official estimates of these reserves are greater than Saudi Arabia’s and could supply all our energy needs for 30 years, hence reducing our dependency on OPEC. Unless action is taken soon, American consumers could be enduring another 1970s oil crisis this summer, coupled with even higher electricity costs and possible blackouts. Contact your members of Congress at and and tell them to support drilling ANWR.

Clinton AFB Order Was Retaliation Against Fl. Bush Victory

Rep. Don Young (R-AK), chairman of the House Transportation Committee, has asked the Bush administration to investigate Bill Clinton’s last-minute controversial order, which banned construction of a commercial airstrip at Homestead Air Force Base in Miami-Dade County. While Clinton cited environmental risk to the nearby Everglades, Florida Republicans strongly believe that the real reason for the order was political retribution for Bush’s victory in the sunshine state. Due to the destruction of Hurricane Andrew in 1992, residents have been attempting for years to rebuild and expand much-needed infrastructure at the air base.

Reno In Conspiracy To Destroy Fla. Opponent

An investigative report by Congressman Dan Burton’s House Government Reform Committee has concluded that Joseph Gerten, a prominent Florida politician and lawyer, was the victim of an illegal conspiracy by former Attorney General Janet Reno to destroy his reputation and career more than eight years ago. Rep. Burton is calling on the Bush Justice Department to formally investigate his findings. These charges stem from Ms. Reno’s tenure as District Attorney of South Florida before she became Bill Clinton’s most stalwart and corrupt Cabinet member. Fearing for his life after Reno was appointed U.S. Attorney General, Mr. Gersten fled to Australia and has lived there ever since. On an unrelated note, Ms. Reno is now on the lecture circuit and plans to give the commencement address to the law school at George Washington University on May 27th. CIC’s plans to peacefully oppose in a creative way if GWU keeps Ms. Reno as their scheduled speaker. Stay tuned with CIC at for more information….

Probe Of Dem. Vote Fraud In St. Louis Moves Forward

Democrats Campaign For More Criminal Votes!

The FBI recently subpoenaed election officials in St. Louis to turn over voter registration records and other related documents, which will assist a federal and state investigation into massive Democratic voter fraud in the 2000 elections. In particular, the FBI is focusing on 143 non-registered voters who cast ballots and over 3,000 invalid voter cards. It should be remembered that Missouri was a crucial swing state where John Ashcroft narrowly lost his Senate seat and Al Gore almost triumphed. All allegations, and proven evidence to date, of voter fraud have taken place in predominantly Democratic St. Louis. However, despite this new probe into liberal voter fraud, this still has not stopped the Democrats from courting illegal votes. A hodgepodge coalition of Democratic extremists like the NAACP and the American Jewish Congress are calling for national and state legislation to allow felons to vote. “What arrogance these liberals have!” exclaims CIC’s Scott Lauf. “In past elections, these Dems have used every illegal method to get felons to vote for them. Now they are openly expanding their illegal voter base and expect the American public to accept it. Unbelievable!”

Gunsmoke Gore Incinerates Smoking Gun?

A recently filed affidavit in the U.S. District Court in Washington exposes former Vice President Al Gore’s role in nearly all aspects of the E-MailGate scandal. Of the 189 subpoenaed White House back-up tapes, 63 were of Al Gore’s communications, which could not be retrieved. This is according to technicians of Vistronix Corp., who were hired to retrieve missing e-mails within the White House computer system. There is no doubt that Gore has something to hide. Nonetheless, while the cover-up of Clinton-Gore crimes continues, Mr. Gore is still “lecturing” his college students at Columbia and UCLA on how to be a good liberal and serve society.

New Lovey-Dovey Image For Bill & Hillary

Despite spending the last four months apart, Bill & Hillary Clinton took a “romantic” spring break vacation together to the beach resort town of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic. Naturally, various press reports said the two were having a “second honeymoon” and were “in love all over again.” This is exactly the image the Clintons wish to portray most likely because of the recent stories about an impending divorce. Another likely reason for this phony romantic reunion is that both Clintons realize that their crimes and careers are inextricably linked.

Black Panthers Protest Clinton’s Harlem Office

Not all black Americans are happy with “America’s first black president.” The radical New Black Panther Party protested outside Bill Clinton’s new office digs in Harlem recently, expressing anger over Clinton’s white presence in black Harlem. But this was enough to stop Clinton from finalizing his lease and moving into his new 8,300 square foot office at 55 W. 125th St. Of course, the taxpayers are picking up the tab to the tune of $261,450 per year, according to the latest estimates of the General Service Administration (GSA).

Clinton’s Sex Trysts W/ Barbra Streisdand Confirmed

Former FBI agent Gary Aldrich first exposed Bill Clinton’s late night trysts in his 1996 book “Unlimited Access,” where he describes how Clinton snuck out of the White House after midnight in the back seat of Bruce Lindsey’s car to meet women at the JW Marriott Hotel. CIC sources confirmed Aldrich’s story with inside hotel sources who had spotted Clinton several times in the service elevator of the hotel. Now, according to reliable sources at, they have confirmed the identity of one of the suspected women Clinton was meeting: ultra-liberal celebrity star Barbra Streisdand. The arrogant actress and songstress is so extreme in her left-wing that she is now trying put together a consortium of wealthy liberals to buy their own cable TV network because she believes today’s TV news programs are too conservative! Streisdand also shares similar traits with Hillary Clinton. A recent report says that all employees at Sony Records have been ordered to refrain from eye contact and speech with Ms. Streisdand when she walks through their studios to record her new album.

America’s #1 Fool Is Bill Clinton

In an April Fool’s Day survey recently published by the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bill Clinton was voted as America’s “most foolish” person. Over 85% responded that Clinton was America’s number one fool, beating out Jesse Jackson and George W. Bush by a huge margin. “It’s obvious that the overall sentiment against Bill Clinton is still very negative, yet the liberal media just can’t report this,” comments CIC’s Mike Davis. In the meantime, Clinton has tried to maintain a busy schedule by traveling to India and naming a school after Hillary. His next foreign trip is to Hong Kong, now a territory of his favorite country, communist China.


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