News Updates May 5, 2001

Is Bush Kowtowing To The Chinese?

CIC Visits Senate to Demand Revocation of PNTR

CIC returned to Capitol Hill recently to lobby the Senate into taking a tougher line with communist China. CIC visited the offices of eight top members of the Senate Finance Subcommittee on International Trade and delivered letters demanding revocation of PNTR (Permanent Normal Trading Relations) with Red China. Each letter had crushed fortune cookies stapled to it to serve as symbolic reminders of China's anti-American behavior. "If President Bush is serious with his warnings to China over its threat to Taiwan and its belligerent downing of our EP-3 plane, then this must be backed up with real punitive action," says CIC's Scott Lauf. "That action is revoking PNTR and Congress must hold Bush to his words." Since China is rushing to meet the criteria to enter the WTO by June 3rd, it imperative that Congress act now to suspend its privileged trading status. Virtually all factories and businesses in China are owned and operated by the PLA (People's Liberation Army) and they devote their $84 billion trade surplus with the U.S. towards building up its missiles and other weapons programs.

• CIC supporters are encouraged to contact the chair and ranking member of the Subcommittee on International Trade and ask them to sponsor legislation that revokes or suspends PNTR. Please call, fax and write Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) at (202) 224-5251 , Fax (202) 224-6331 and E-mail For Sen. Max Baucus (D-UT), call (202) 224-2651 , Fax (202) 228-3687 and E-mail

• As CIC urged in our last update, supporters should also continue to contact their Representatives in the House at and demand they support H.R. 1467 & H.R. 149, both of which revoke PNTR. You can also contact President Bush by calling toll free (800) 303-8332 or (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461 ,and E-mail at . Tell him to unilaterally suspend trade with China, or impose immediate sanctions.

• CIC is also urging passage of H.Con.Res. 73 & S.Con.Res. 27 , two sense of Congress resolutions which oppose Beijing's bid to host the 2008 Olympics. Tell your members of Congress to sponsor these as well. Call (202) 224-3121

Upcoming CIC Activities: July 4th Chinese Barbecue!

CIC applauds the recent decision by the Pentagon to rescind the contracts with Red China factories that were manufacturing the Army’s black berets. To keep highlighting the weakness of Bush’s policy towards China, CIC will return to Capitol Hill next week to deliver shredded black berets marked "Made in China" to selected Congressmen.

CIC is planning "Made in China Barbecues" on July 4th, 2001 at dusk in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. And CIC is asking members and supporters to host their own "Made In China Barbecue (or BONFIRE).

CIC asks you start with a Communist Chinese Flag or Picture of a Chinese Official and add cheap clothing, pirated cds and products that are exclusively "Made in China." CIC will post the location and time if you wish. CIC asks permits be obtained if necessary, but simply adding to your 4th of July barbecue should not require a permit in most cases.

Stay tuned with CIC at as more details become available.

Is Traficant Target Of A Clinton/Reno Vendetta?

About three years ago maverick Congressman James Traficant (D-OH) began exposing numerous crimes and cover-ups by the FBI and the Clinton-Reno Justice Department, and he would often use his daily one-minute House floor speeches to denounce the FBI for being in bed with the mob and accusing Janet Reno of treason over her cover-up of the Chinagate campaign finance scandal. As CIC has reported in previous updates, Mr. Traficant has an entire dossier on Janet Reno dating back to her alleged links in Florida to drug dealers, organized crime, and a lesbian prostitution ring. Now, as Mr. Traficant has predicted for more than three years, he has been indicted on alleged charges of granting favors to contractors who performed work on his boat and farm. Is Traficant a victim of a vendetta by Clinton holdovers in the Justice Department and FBI? Is the Bush Administration actively covering-up a Clinton-Reno crime spree? Indeed, the charges against Traficant are petty and laughable when compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton and their cronies. CIC is asking supporters to contact Attorney General John Ashcroft and demand that he investigate any abuses of the law by Clinton holdovers at Justice and the FBI who CIC believes are unfairly targeting Rep. Traficant. Please call (202) 514-2001 , send letters to 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20530 , and e-mail

Congress To Build $265 Million Shrine

While leaders of Congress squabble over their usual tax-and-spend habits, they are secretly planning to begin construction in early 2002 on a $265 million taxpayer-funded "tourist center" underneath Capitol Hill. This monstrous boondoggle will take up nearly 600,000 square feet on three underground levels and has been described by some as a cross between an airport terminal and indoor shopping mall. "This is nothing but a mammoth shrine of self-aggrandizement by greedy politicians. All taxpayers should oppose this," says CIC’s Jack Clayton. CIC encourages all citizens to immediately contact your members of Congress at and and tell them to stop fleecing taxpayers with this outrageous pork-barrel scheme. CIC supporters should also flood the office of Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the brainchild of this monument, with messages of opposition. Please call Sen. Reid at (202) 224-3542 , Fax (202) 224-7327 , and E-mail at

Help stop taxes on the Internet!

Liberal Sen. Byron Dorgan (D-ND) is sponsoring S. 512 which would end the current moratorium on internet taxation within 3 years and allow states to impose sales and use taxes on internet commerce and communications (its companion bill is H.R. 1410 in the House). CIC supporters should contact both their Senators at (202) 224-3121 or visit Tell them to them to oppose S. 512 and to support S. 288, sponsored by their colleague Sen. Ron Wyden (R-OR), which extends the current tax moratorium through 2006.

CIC Assesses Bush’s First 100 Days

Some "conservative" groups and pundits are so ecstatic that George W. Bush is not Bill Clinton you’d think he was the greatest thing since sliced bread. A few conservatives on radio and print have gone so far as to say Bush is acting more conservative than Ronald Reagan. CIC, however, is one national organization that has given President Bush a more realistic assessment. While it is still too early to truly grade his leadership and policies, Bush’s overall performance of his first 100 days should be given mixed reviews. On the one hand, President Bush should be lauded for his tax cut proposals (albeit too small), his partial rollback of some Clinton E.O.’s and regulations, his support for drilling in the ANWR, his advocacy of a missile defense system, his establishment of a commission for partial privatization of Social Security, and his ending of taxpayer funding of international abortion groups. These initiatives are all positive steps in the right direction. Most importantly, though, President Bush should be commended for bringing into the Executive branch a team of experienced individuals with high integrity. His hirings are a huge contrast to the dark days of Bill Clinton where criminals, drug addicts, homosexuals and radical extremists infested the West Wing and the Old Executive Office Building. On the other hand, however, there is much to be critical of President Bush. His FY 2002 budget is a bloated boondoggle. Despite "slowing" the growth of the budget, his federal spending is still larger than Bill Clinton’s previous budgets! Bush’s budget even calls for more tax dollars to the bureaucrats at the Dept. of Education, which was targeted for elimination in the 1992 and 1996 GOP platforms. Bush has also failed to take a tougher line with China by revoking PNTR, and he has yet to withdraw U.S. troops (as he promised) from Clinton’s nightmare hotspots in Kosovo and Bosnia. But probably the biggest disappointment of Bush’s tenure thus far is the total lack of investigation and prosecution of the Clintons and their cronies for the numerous crimes they have committed. "Bush has clearly brought in more ethical people into the government, but when is he going to let them do their jobs and enforce the rule of law?" asks CIC’s Scott Lauf. "Continuing to cover-up these Clinton crimes will only bring wrath from the voters in the 2002 and 2004 elections. The American people still want justice."

China Launches Cyber-Attack Against The U.S.

After downing one of our planes and holding 24 Americans hostage, Communist China has decided to add insult to injury by launching a full-scale a cyber-attack against U.S. government websites and businesses. Chinese hackers have already sabotaged the websites of the HHS, Labor, and Energy Departments as well as the U.S. Navy and the United Press International (UPI). Such hack-attacks can be costly in time and money to repair. The cyber-warfare is expected to increase in the coming days to a final assault on May 7th.

Hillary Sparks Outrage For Yale Speech

Sen. Hillary Clinton is scheduled to give the annual "Class Day" speech, a day before commencement, at Yale University on May 20th and the student body is not very pleased. A boycott campaign has begun and many students are expected to avoid the event because of Hillary’s presence on campus. Other upset students are circulating petitions and gathering signatures urging university officials to find a new speaker. No word yet on any official protests during the event. The Yale Law School is both Bill and Hillary’s alma mater and that is where they forged their first partner-in-crime alliance. On a related note, Bill Clinton was scheduled to give the commencement address at Columbia University but was canceled, apparently due to jealous complaints by Al Gore, who teaches a journalism course there.

Has John Ashcroft Gone Native?

Back in 1990 Pat Buchanan derided Jack Kemp as being a "big government conservative" who had "gone native." In the 1980s, Kemp may have been a stalwart Reaganite conservative, but by the time he was appointed Secretary of HUD in 1989 under the elder Bush, Kemp immediately traded in his conservative credentials for the trappings of the federal bureaucracy in DC. Today, when looking at Attorney General John Ashcroft, conservatives should be concerned whether our new Attorney General has also "gone native." In his first 100 days, Mr. Ashcroft has gone out of his way to join hands with the pro-criminal NAACP and the homosexual Log Cabin group and vowing to eliminate racial-profiling and hate-crimes – all the while snubbing the very people who lobbied hard for his nomination (CIC included). Most recently, Mr. Ashcroft spoke before the anti-American ADL (Anti-Defamation League), which is notorious for squashing free speech and smearing all religious faiths, promising his support for their so-called "anti-discrimination policies."

"Mr. Ashcroft is spending so much time with the enemy that he has forgotten his deep-rooted principles and beliefs," says CIC’s Mike Neal. On a positive note, there is one good thing Mr. Ashcroft has done. He recently pledged to review the FBI’s "Carnivore" program (DCS1000), which is a big brother invasion of e-privacy on the internet, and has created a "privacy czar" post within the Justice Department. Ashcroft has the authority to either modify or kill this program entirely. In addition to the FBI, dozens of other government agenices regularly snoop on and track visitors to their websites, according to a recent report. Currently, there are over 30 bills on Capitol Hill that deal with privacy concerns on the internet. CIC is studying and monitoring this legislation, and we’ll keep you posted on their developments.

Democrat Duo In Senate Under Cloud Of Corruption

While Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) leads the pack as probably the most unethical and corrupt public official in the country, two of her liberal colleagues appear to be right on her heels. Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) may be on the verge of resigning from the Senate, or facing a very tough re-election battle next year, as he faces serious allegations of criminal wrongdoing and bribery. Recent reports have revealed that corrupt Chinese businessmen and New Jersey resident David Chang gave $53,700 to Torricelli’s campaigns and also gave tens of thousands of dollars in cash and luxury items, including Rolex watches, a Mercedes-Benz and 10 Italian suits. According to one of Chang’s assistant’s Audrey Yu, on at least two occasions Chang gave Torricelli a total of $35,000 in cash stuffed in envelopes. It should be recalled that David Chang pleaded guilty to past campaign violations and was also a big contributor to Hillary’s Senate campaign last year. And New York liberal Senator Chuck Schumer is also embroiled in a scandal of his own. The FEC has launched an investigation into his 1998 Senate campaign where he allegedly took in "excessive contributions totaling nearly $1 million," according to Roll Call newspaper. This is a polite way of describing illegal contributions and possible money laundering. "It is clear that both of these Senators are corrupt, just like Hillary, and have taken bribes," comments CIC’s Steve Miroy. "Sadly, there’s barely a peep from the liberal media and from the supposed ‘tough’ prosecutors in the Bush Justice Department."

Pardongate Update: Roger Clinton & $30 Million

Bill Clinton’s brother Roger appears to be in deep legal trouble that could eventually lead to exposing more criminal activity by former President Clinton and Hillary. Federal investigators have discovered a bank account plush with over $30 million controlled by a company, CLM LLC, that Roger Clinton operates. The company has no assets or any real business, but it has been confirmed that at least one check for $200,000 was made to the company on the promise that Bill Clinton would grant a pardon to Garland Lincecum, who is still in prison. The pardon never materialized, so Lincecum and his family who cut the check have been whistling Dixie ever since. Lawyers with the House Government Reform Committee have already interviewed Lincecum, who recently suffered a heart attack and nearly died (it should be recalled that James McDougal died of a heart attack while imprisoned). The cover-up by Clinton stooge Mary Jo White continues as Roger Clinton’s scheduled grand jury appearance in New York on April 27th was cancelled indefinitely.

Is Bush Covering-Up Filegate Crimes?

About 3 million internal Clinton White House e-mails on 4,500 computer back-up tapes have been turned over in the pending $90 million Filegate lawsuit. Unfortunately, the Bush White House has not allowed the plaintiffs to have access to these e-mails. Moreover, the Bush Justice Department is having trouble finding and turning over e-mails from Janet Reno’s reign of terror. Apparently word has it they their internal e-mails were not properly archived until late 2000! Of course, paper records of the e-mails are missing, or have been destroyed. On a related matter, the Bush Justice Department is also blocking requests to have witnesses deposed in the ongoing case of vandalism and theft of White House property by Clinton staffers.

Will Vietnam Revelations Stop Kerrey’s ’04 Campaign?

Allegations by only one of six former SEAL members who were with Kerrey at the time, Gerhard Klann, that former Sen. Bob Kerrey (D-NE) may have slaughtered more than a dozen innocent men, women and children in a 1969 Vietnam raid is causing Kerrey to reconsider his possible presidential run in 2004. Kerrey’s acknowledgement that innocent civilians may have died, but was not deliberate, will most certainly not sit well with some voters, particularly those casting ballots in the Democratic primaries. Most Vietnam War-era veterans and commentators say this war time travesty being reported by media jackels not even born yet is a real injustice. One commentator says "there's plenty of cowards who hid but this BoB Kerrey was right in the middle of it all-- a real hero." The liberal magazine Newsweek, owned by the Washington Post company, reportedly had the scoop on these revelations back in 1998 while Kerrey was still in the Senate and presiding over Clinton’s impeachment trial. However, Newsweek sat on the story much like it did with Monica Lewinsky, so as not to embarrass the Senator. But today, the timing and leak of these revelations can only be viewed as an effort by some liberals in the Democratic party who want to squash Kerrey’s presidential ambitions. Could it be Hillary’s minions at work?

2 Dead Clinton Lovers In AR? Is Hillary A Lesbian? Divorce Pending?

The major supermarket tabloids are infamous for their brash and outrageous headlines that most often skewer Hollywood celebrities, and also raise some questions to their embellished stories. However, in the last few months, these papers have taken on the Clintons and surprised most "mainstream" journalists with their recent breaking stories. In January when the Pardongate scandal was just heating up, it was the National Enquirer that first exposed the Hugh Rodham money trail behind Clinton’s pardons of tax cheat and embezzler Glen Braswell and cocaine dealer Carlos Vignali, which was later confirmed by other media outlets and the House Government Reform Committee. Then in March, the Globe published a 26-page "special investigation" report that linked Clinton to numerous high-profile murders like Vince Foster, Ron Brown and James McDougal. Though their ‘Clinton Body Bag’ was primarily a rehash of already known information that CIC and other groups exposed years ago, this report did mention two interesting murders tied to Clinton not previously discovered. Now, in the latest issue of the Examiner, it reports that the Clinton’s "second honeymoon" to the Caribbean over Easter was really a meeting to work out a final divorce deal. According to its sources, the reason why the Clintons are waiting to file for divorce is because both are seeking special legal advice to ensure silence from each other about their crimes and to prevent future criminal prosecution. Naturally, this extraordinary divorce arrangement makes perfect sense for two partners-in-crime who don’t want to "rat" on each other.

Citizen v. Clinton Library Battle In AR Supreme Court

In a long-standing legal battle over property rights, Little Rock resident Eugene Pfeifer has filed a 148-page brief with the Arkansas Supreme Court asking that he should not be forced to surrender his land for the Clinton Presidential Library. On criminal cue, Clinton’s legal eagles in Arkansas are still attempting to seize his property by forcing sale. They are arguing that Clinton’s library is a "public park" which can override the rights of individual property owners. Sadly, Mr. Pfiefer’s land is only roughly 2 acres of the total 27.7 acres of Clinton’s planned library estate, which perfectly illustrates the greed of Bill Clinton and his cronies. "Mr. Pfeifer is a hero," says CIC’s Scott Lauf. "Not only is he fighting for the constitution, but he is steadfastly trying to prevent a national urinal from being built on his land."

Clinton EPA Officials Destroyed Evidence

Shortly before leaving office, President Clinton ordered his top appointed officials at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to destroy computer records sought in a pending lawsuit against the White House, according to Assistant U.S. Attorney Craig Lawrence. In direct violation of a court subpoena, Clinton’s EPA Administrator Carol Browner and her top three aides erased their computer hard drives. A public-interest law firm has been seeking information on possible illegal influence peddling by radical environmental groups and EPA officials who colluded in drafting numerous regulations handed down as executive orders by Bill Clinton in his waning days.

Supreme Court Ground Zero This Summer?

Following the tumultuous Bush v. Gore election case and the surrounding protests last year, the Supreme Court may again become a focal battle point between radical liberals and mainstream Americans. In an exclusive report by Matt Drudge, President Bush’s senior legal team is planning to appoint two new justices to the Supreme Court should Sandra Day O’Connor, age 71, and John Paul Stevens, age 81, retire as has been predicted.

Bush’s Shake-Up At The Fbi?

The recent decision by FBI Director Louis Freeh to resign in June should come as a relief to all Americans. The liberal press often portrayed Freeh as a man at odds with the Clinton White House and Janet Reno. Nothing could be further from the truth. Whether by deliberate conspiracy or sheer incompetence, Mr. Freeh was responsible for covering-up numerous Clinton related crimes for more than eight years, including the 1993 Waco massacre, the 1,100 "missing" FBI files on Republicans, the Chinagate scandal, and the bungled investigation of treason at the Los Alamos nuclear laboratory. And, of course, the American public should not forget the case of FBI turncoat and traitor Robert Hannsen who operated for years under Freeh’s reign without detection. Despite his words of praise for Bush at his recent press conference announcing his decision to step down, Freeh was most likely forced out by the Bush White House because of his tumultuous tenure. "CIC bids good riddance to Louis Freeh; we know he won’t be missed," says CIC’s Mike Davis. "We certainly hope Bush chooses a new director with the utmost integrity, honor, and adherence to the rule of law." Unfortunately, the top choice on Bush’s list being mentioned around Washington is Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating, whose role in the aftermath of the Okalahoma City bombing is controversial, to say the least. According to several sources, Gov. Keating allegedly had prior knowledge of the bombing (as did the BATF and FBI) and did nothing. In addition, Mr. Keating purportedly was instrumental in squashing independent investigations and a grand jury inquiry into the possibility that other terrorists assisted Timothy McVeigh in the bombing. "If President Bush chooses someone as controversial as Keating as the next FBI Director, I promise he will have an embarrassing nomination battle on his hands," adds Mr. Davis. McVeigh is scheduled to be executed on May 16th. His partners are still at large.

Mark Furham Takes On Foster Case

Mark Furham, the former LAPD homicide detective who probed O.J. Simpson’s murders and reopened the 1975 murder of Martha Moxley in Greenwich, CT, will be investigating the murder of Vince Foster. Furham firmly believes that Foster did not kill himself at Ft. Marcy Park, as the "official" cover-up reports contend, and he sees foul play all over the scene. Please stay tuned with CIC at as we bring you regular updates on Mark Furham’s progress.

Rodents Invade Democratic Offices On Hill

Mice have infested several congressional offices on the 7th floor of the Longworth House Office Building and it seems these little creatures have a partisan preference for Democratic Congressmen. Rep. Bill Pascrell’s (D-NJ) office is one venue that averaged 5 mice in one week. Rep. Lynn Rivers (D-MI) right next door has also been plagued. But Pascrell’s office staff is blaming their pest problem on Rep. Brian Baird (D-WA), another Democrat down the hall, claiming the mice have emigrated from his office suite. Amusingly, one reason the mice have not gone away is that several congressional aides in these offices (we won’t name who) are also animal rights fanatics and refuse to use traps or poison, or to call in the exterminator.


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