News Updates May 22, 2001

China Builds Nuke Plants w/ U.S. Tax Dollars

While Americans face an energy crisis this summer, their tax dollars are being spent by Red China to build a nuclear power plant! During the Clinton administration, $360 million in loans from the Export-Import Bank, which is largely funded by U.S. tax dollars, was approved to help China build the Quinshan nuclear power plant near Shanghai. Congress, which has authority to stop such loans by de-funding the Ex-Im Bank, did nothing. The loans were unanimously approved by the Ex-Im board of directors, one of whom was Martin Kamarck, the husband of former Gore aide Elaine Kamarck. Another board member was Maria Haley, whose first job in Washington was in Clinton's White House personnel office where she helped land John Huang's job at the Commerce Department. CIC is calling for a thorough investigation of this latest uncovering of Clinton corruption. CIC supporters should contact Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), chairman of the House Government Reform Committee, at

Chinese Embassy Hit With Eggs

Vandals visit the Chinese Embassy in Washington and pelt the embassy with fresh eggs. Photos have been posted at

Shred Red China, Give Ammo To U.S. Troops

CIC Delivers Shredded Berets to House Armed Services Ctee.

President Bush’s China policy is in trouble or on track? Traitor ex-President Bill Clinton boasts, "They actually encouraged me to go," referring to the White House’s tacit blessing for him to speak in Red China-controlled Hong Kong recently and to converse with Chinese Communist leaders. This looks so bad that maybe Bush "used" Clinton to illustrate Clinton's duplicity. CIC returns to Capitol Hill to deliver shredded black berets to top members of the House Armed Services Committee to ask Congress to strengthen U.S. policy towards communist China, and to demand legislative action.

CIC told Congress the absurdity of the U.S. Army spending over $35 million on berets manufactured in Third World countries, including Red China, while ordering American soldiers troops to skip target practice training because of a massive shortage in 9 mm ammunition!

Here is a legislative action for CIC supporters:

  • Tell your Congressman to support H.R. 1770, which forces the Army to certify to Congress that our troops are adequately provided with ammunition before any further berets are manufactured and issued.
  • Keep telling your Congressman to support H.R. 1497 and H.R. 1467, both of which revoke PNTR. China is continuing to use its trading privileges and subsequent surplus to build up its nuclear weapons programs and other weapons systems, which threaten our national security and that of Taiwan’s.
  • You can contact Congress by calling Toll-Free (877) 762-8762 and (800) 648-3516 or (202) 224-3121. You can also Write, E-Mail or Fax by clicking to . CIC recommends that Phone Calls are the best lobbying method at this crucial time.

Craig Livingstone Fingers Hillary On Filegate

After more than five years of denial, Craig Livingstone has finally admitted that then-First Lady Hillary Clinton had hired him for his White House job. It should be recalled Mr. Livingstone, a former bar bouncer, was tasked to compile an "enemies list" and he illegally obtained over 1,100 confidential FBI files on mostly Republican political opponents. In an exclusive interview with Fox News’ Rita Cosby, Livingstone also admitted that he and Hillary knew each other personally before Bill Clinton ran for president in 1992. "This candid admission is solid proof of Hillary’s culpability in the Filegate felonies," says CIC’s Jack Clayton.

It is now the duty of the Justice Department and Congress to investigate this matter and hand down indictments:

  • Please contact Attorney General John Ashcroft. Demand justice! Call (202) 514-2001 or (202) 616-2777; Write: Department of Justice, 950 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20530. E-Mail:
  • Contact Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN), chairman of the House Government Reform Committee. Demand a formal investigation. Call (202) 225-5074; Fax (202) 225-3974; Write: Honorable Dan Burton
  • Please sign our petition to prosecute the Clintons click here

Support The Liberty Amendment!

Rep. Ron Paul (R-TX), renowned as Congress’ most principled conservative and free-market lawmaker, has re-introduced the "Liberty Amendment." H.J.R. 45 is a proposed amendment to the constitution, which would abolish the income tax.

Get The U.S. Out Of U.N.!

The United Nations has removed the United States’ memberships on the U.N. Human Rights Commission and its anti-drug commission. Now it is moving to banish conservative and religious NGO’s (non-governmental organizations) from participating in U.N. activities, while at the same time welcoming homosexual and pro-pedophilia organizations to its rosters! "The United Nations is a worthless institution that harms our sovereignty, assaults our heritage and values, and bleeds our taxpayers," says CIC’s Mike Davis. The House voted recently to withhold $242 million in back dues to the U.N. for next year- a good start. Congress should do more.

>> Support H.R. 1146 " the American Sovereign Restoration Act" which ends U.S. membership in the U.N. CIC supporters should call their Congressman at (202) 224-3121 or visit. Tell your Representative to sponsor this legislation.

Janet Reno May Run For Fla. Governor

After eight years of destroying the civil liberties and constitutional rights of America's citizens as U.S. Attorney General, Janet Reno now wants to wreak havoc on the citizens of Florida. Mr. Reno has indicated her possible intentions of running for Governor of Florida against Jeb Bush. It's hard to imagine she will get much support from Cuban-Americans and other consitutencies, especially with her violent seizure of young Elian Gonzalez still lingering in the minds of many Florida voters. Unless, of course, Florida is still using punch-cards and "hanging" chads in 2002 and has not implemented its newly-proposed electronic voting system.

Prayer, First Amendment Under Assault

Usually when prayer and religious speech is censored or banned, it comes from the dictates of liberal judicial activists or anti-Christian lawmakers. Last month, for example, Chief District Federal Judge Joe McDade barred a student-led prayer at graduation in a high school in Peoria, IL. Nonetheless, some degree of free speech was allowed, as the entire student body loudly booed the valedictorian, who was responsble for filing the lawsuit that banned the 80-year traditional prayer. One another front, prayer has also been banned in the most unlikely quarters: the White House. A group of students from Merrimon Christian School in Asheville, NC were touring the White House recently, but were promptly escorted out of the building when they began praying for President Bush. The Secret Service oversees visitors and tourists at the White House, and has not yet given an explanation for this action. And in a related story, Attorney General John Ashcroft has been hit with the wrath of liberal, anti-Christian critics in the media and by Clinton “holdovers” inside the Justice Department for conducting morning Bible study and prayer sessions in his office. Sadly, the “offended” parties in question found an outlet to vent their religious bigotry in the liberal Washington Post, which actually published a front page story. No word yet on when the liberal media will excoriate Sen. Joseph Lieberman (D-CT), an Orthodox Jew and fellow Democrat, who also holds prayer sessions in his office.

Dems.’ Propaganda Exacerbates Energy Crisis

The Democrats’ nationwide public relations campaign against President Bush and the Republicans over the nation’s current energy crisis is serving to widen the problem and sow discord between Americans. Even California Gov. Gray Davis is so desperate to blame Bush and the GOP for his own disastrous policies that he has hired former Clinton attack-dogs Mark Fabiani and Chris Lehane to formulate his PR strategy. The Democrats, held hostage by radical environmentalists and a fear of being tarnished like Jimmy Carter in the 1970s, are the real culprits if massive blackouts hit western states this summer and gasoline prices soar towards $3 per gallon. “These eco-liberals have no plan to relieve this crisis,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy. “Their only goal is to stall Bush’s proposals and make all Americans suffer, hoping that citizens will blame Bush.” President Bush’s comprehensive energy plan, which actually placates environmentalists with numerous pork-barrel and regulatory goodies, does include sound proposals, like opening up ANWR and off-shore sites for drilling of oil and natural gas; easing federal regulations on utilities in order to lower household electric bills; and providing tax credits and incentives to the nuclear and coal-powered industries in order to increase energy supplies.

Al Sharpton To Run For Prez. In 2004

Radical black activist and racist Al Sharpton is planning to run for the Democratic presidential nomination in 2004, according to TIME magazine. Sharpton will join the ranks of Senators Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman, John Kerry, John Edwards, Tom Daschle, Evan Bayh, Joe Biden and House Democratic leader Dick Gephardt, all of who are expected to run as well. Sharpton’s campaign will likely serve as a catalyst to whip up racial tensions in the country much like Al Gore and Jesse Jackson did in last year’s elections. “During the Democratic primaries, it will be amusing to see these white, elitist egomaniacs in the Senate have to respond to the black egomaniac from Harlem,” comments CIC’s Scott Lauf.

New Bill Targets Clinton Prez. Library Scam

The House Government Reform Committee, which is still investigating Pardongate and other Clinton crimes, unanimously approved a bill recently, which forces disclosure of financial donors to presidential libraries. The legislation clearly targets President Clinton, who accepted over $450,000 to his library fund from Denise Rich as a pay-off for his pardon of her ex-husband and fugitive tax-cheat Marc Rich. It is also suspected that Clinton accepted millions of additional donations from other criminal, and foreign, sources. CIC supports this bill -- H.R. 577 -- and urges all supporters to contact their Congressman and ask for his/her sponsorship. Go to for contact information.

Bush Disappoints Again Over Environment

President Bush’s approach towards the environment has been a mixed bag from week to week. Though the radical environmentalists have been slamming him on everything from arsenic in drinking water to drilling proposals in Alaska, they should be elated over his most recent decision to maintain President Clinton’s controversial and stringent orders on clean-air standards. Bush’s pro-Clinton position will cost industry billions of dollars to conform with – ultimately leading to higher transportation and realted costs for American consumers.

GSA Report Covers-Up Clinton Vandalism

The General Services Administration (GSA), laden with career bureaucrats and Clinton “holdovers,” has issued a report saying that no vandalism or theft took place by departing Clinton White House staffers. This is clearly a cover-up to protect Clinton and his embittered aides from criminal liability for their half-million dollar destruction of government property and their theft of valuable items from Air Force One. It should be recalled that back in January, numerous and credible sources from Bush White House staffers described in detail dozens of acts of vandalism as well as the specific items that were looted from the president’s plane. “This is not a closed matter,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “The non-partisan General Accounting Office (GAO) and members of Congress like Reps. Bob Barr and Ernest Istook are still conducting inquiries of their own.”

Was Mcveigh Delay Due To Major Terrorist Threat?

The recent delay in the federal execution of the cold-blooded killer Timothy McVeigh is more than just a shocking disappointment to the victims’ families of the 1995 Oklahoma City Bombing. America’s top law enforcement agency, the FBI, under the direction of Janet Reno and Bill Clinton, deliberately covered-up over 3,100 pages of evidence, including interviews with 22 eyewitnesses that pointed to additional “John Does,” a possible Middle East connection and a second explosion. While McVeigh claims there is no “John Does” that assisted him, one has to wonder whether he saying this because he wants to glorify himself in his deluded mind, or that the lives of his family and friends were threatened if he spoke out about other culprits. The big question that every American should ask: Why would “government” agents incriminate themselves by releasing these documents when McVeigh’s execution was only days away? “This case is more perplexing by the day,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf. “If justice was swift in America, McVeigh would have been executed back in 1995 and his accomplices would have been arrested by now. Sadly, the Bush White House is left to clean up this mess, and now the American public doesn’t know who to trust.” Members of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees have called for an official investigation into the matter, and CIC urges all supporters to contact their Senators and Representative and demand they push for immediate hearings. Go to and

Clinton’s Presidency-In-Exile Continues

Bill Clinton is still pretending he’s president with his meddling in U.S. foreign and domestic policy. Mr. Clinton recently met with his Chinese Communist buddies and gave a business speech in Beijing-controlled Hong Kong. Back in the U.S., Clinton accepted a humanitarian award from the liberal United Federation of Teachers, telling the crowd of radical educators how evil Bush’s education proposals. He also left open the possibility of future political office by saying “someday I’ll run for something again.” Now, the ex-president is jaunting around Europe giving $100,000+ speeches to help pay of his legal debts. In Poland he was appropriately pelted with eggs by angry protesters. On June 19th Clinton is scheduled to give a speech in San Francisco at the “Success Seminar” sponsored by Success magazine. Since Clinton’s only real successes were committing crimes and getting away with them, CIC is encouraging all Americans to express their outrage and call the magazine at 1-800-436-1980. Tell them to cancel Clinton’s speech. On an unrelated note, the New York Post reports that Clinton has been approached by CNN’s chief operating officer Bob Pittman about hosting his own talk show.

Powell Is ‘Weakest Link’ In Bush Foreign Policy

Perhaps Colin Powell should be Fidel Castro’s new Foreign Minister. The liberal Secretary of State recently stunned reporters and observers alike when he praised Cuban dictator Fidel Castro by stating that “he’s done good things for his people.” Powell made the remarks in public comments at an event with anti-American/pro-Castro Congressman Jose Serrano (D-NY). Fidel Castro, returning the compliments, publicly praised Powell during a rare foreign trip to Asia. Since January Powell has drawn ire from the NSC and Defense Department for stating his soft-line toward Communist China, Iraq, and North Korea. “Powell is an embarrassment to the Bush Administration and his comments make the White House’s foreign policy appear dysfunctional,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf.

Black Conservatives Get Black-Listed In America

Fifty years ago in Hollywood, white liberal elitists griped that they were being “blacklisted” for being Communist. Yet today, a real-life “blacklisting” is taking place, by these same types in media, against black Americans who have expressed their “conservative” views against the politically-correct agenda of these elites. Take Starr Parker, the Executive Director of the Coalition on Urban Renewal and Education, who rightfully tarnishes the public welfare system from a perspective of someone who has beat this socialist system. Ms. Parker knows from experience and she has endured a lifetime of hardship because of liberal government entrapment. CIC invites all supporters to supporters to visit Ms. Parker’s website at

Bush Appoints Chinagate Scandal Figure

Akin to his selection of Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, President Bush is playing the quota card again with his recent appointment of Matt Fong to serve in the Army’s No. 2 civilian post as an undersecretary at the Pentagon. Mr. Fong ran two failed campaigns in California in 1994 and 1998 as the Republican candidate for state treasurer and U.S. Senator. In 1995 Mr. Fong graciously accepted $100,000 in illegal foreign cash from the corrupt Indonesian businessman Ted Sioeng to help retire his first campaign debt. Mr. Sioeng is infamous for his role in the Chinagate scandal, where he also helped funnel illegal cash to Bill Clinton in 1996. Sioeng’s businesses range from child prostitution to drug smuggling throughout Asia. “This is a terrible choice on Bush’s part and he should withdraw this nomination,” says CIC’s Steve Miroy. CIC supporters should contact the President Bush by calling toll free (800) 303-8332 or (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461 ,and E-mail at . Tell him to dump Mr. Fong.

Missing Woman, Domestic Violence Plague 2 Liberal Reps.

It’s always fun to read about liberal Democrats suffering “ethics” problems, especially those who supported Clinton so vehemently during impeachment. Take Rep. Gary Condit (D-CA), who is being investigated by the DC Metro police about 24-year-old Chandra Levy, who has been missing and presumed dead since May 1. Ms. Levy was a University of Southern California graduate student and was spending a year in Washington, DC as an intern with the U.S. Federal Bureau of Prisons. According to the liberal Washington Post (5/17/01) and local News Channel 4, Ms. Levy allegedly had a relationship with Rep. Condit and had met him privately several times at his office and condominium. To date, Condit has not yet been charged with any crime. Then there is the case of Rep. Jim Moran (D-VA), whose ethically-challenged behavior always manages a tidbit in the local DC papers. At a recent party at his home to celebrate his 56th birthday, two of his girlfriends got into a public spat in the streets of Arlington, VA, a cat-fight which was described by neighbors as “something our of a Jerry Springer episode.” Rep. Moran is currently going through a divorce, but has not been charged yet with disturbing the peace.

F.L.I.R. Report Exposes Danforth’S Waco Lies

Former Sen. John Danforth (R-MO), appointed by Janet Reno in 1999, has turned out to be a stooge for ex-President Bill Clinton and the FBI. In Oscar-nominated Michael McNulty’s second shocking documentary on the 1993 Waco massacre, the “F.L.I.R. Report” slams Danforth and his “official” report that served as a cover-up for the Clinton’s FBI crimes. McNulty confirms, once and for all, that the FBI did indeed fire upon and kill Branch Davidian members who were surrendering and fleeing the burning compound after government agents deliberately set it on fire.

Are Feds Scared Of Traficant?

Maverick Congressman James Traficant (D-OH) is fighting back against what he views as trumped up charges against him. Mr. Traficant, who has railed against Bill Clinton and Janet Reno in recent years, was recently indicted on alleged crimes that would make the Clintons look like Boy Scouts. On May 29th , Rep. Traficant plans to expose all his evidence against the Feds when he guest hosts a radio program on WKBN-AM in Youngstown, Ohio. The FBI and the Clinton cronies should be quaking in their boots, that is, if they’ve ever really listened to any of the Congressman’s one-minute speeches on the House floor. Stay tuned with CIC at as more details become available…..

Is Bush Caving To Liberals On Judicial Appts.?

President Bush and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Orrin Hatch are allowing themselves to get browbeaten by the liberal Democrats over judicial appointments and the so-called “blue slip” policy. While Clinton was President, Hatch kowtowed to his demands and approved all but two nominations. Now, Bush is delaying appointment of several conservative nominees, including Rep. Christopher Cox, Peter Keisler, and Carolyn Kuhl, because of threats from their liberal home state Senators that they will use their non-binding “blue slips” to oppose their nominations. “Bush and Hatch need to tell the Democrats to shove it,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “Clinton always got what he wanted, and used recess appointments to get his way. Bush needs to do the same.” Ironically, back in 1991 Republican Senators were in the minority but fought for and won the nomination of Justice Clarence Thomas, a lesson that should be remembered today. As of this writing, one conservative nomination, Ted Olson for Solicitor General, is moving to the Senate floor despite the unanimous opposition of the Democrats in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Party Switches To Change Senate Balance?

Rumors and innuendo abound on Capitol Hill over which party will break the delicate 50/50 balance and take full control of the Senate. One way the tide would shift is if Republican Sen. Strom Thurmond (SC) dies, of which the Democrats, sadly, are praying for everyday, and this may explain their delaying tactics and threats over President Bush’s recent judicial nominees. The more likely scenario has been focused on the so-called “moderates” who may switch sides. According to Roll Call newspaper, one “moderate” Democrat who was ready to bolt to the GOP was Sen. Zell Miller (D-GA), but he quickly snuffed these rumors after privately talking with Sen. Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD). If he switched, this would have given the GOP a clear 51-49 majority. But, it is the Republicans who now are trying to hold onto their own members. Possible Democrat defectors include the original Arlen “Specter the Defector,” as well as Sen. James Jeffords (R-VT), Sen. Lincoln Chafee (R-RI), Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-ME), and Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME). However, the most serious threat to the GOP’s control of the Senate, and to President Bush, comes from a report in Sunday’s “Parade Magazine” in which writer Walter Scott says Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) may join the Democrats with the intention of being their nominee against President Bush in 2004. “This is a logical step for Sen. McCain, especially since he’s a egomaniac and a outright liberal on most issues,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf.

White House ‘Drug-Free’; 1st Time In 8 Years

During eight years of the Clinton White House, drug addicts infested the West Wing and Old Executive Office Building, as documented by former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, former Speaker Newt Gingrich and numerous other sources. Indeed, when it was estimated that 25% of all White House employees were hard-core drug users back in 1995, CIC held a “drug testing” station outside the northwest gate on Pennsylvania Ave. But today, CIC is happy to report that all 650 Bush White House staffers have taken a drug test, and all came up clean. And yes, even President Bush and Vice President Cheney took the test and passed – unlike Bill Clinton and Al Gore who always refused.

Find Out How Clinton And Reno Corrupted Justice Dept.

Did you know that the FBI is not an independent agency, but a division of the U.S. Justice Department. That would explain the FBI’s bungling and cover-up of the OKC bombing: it took place during the reign of Bill Clinton and Janet Reno. Get the inside scoop on the level of corruption that still permeates the Justice Department and the FBI with Clinton "holdovers." The details are in David Limbaugh’s biting expose, "Absolute Power: The Legacy of Corruption in the Clinton-Reno Justice Department." Get this discounted book exclusively from CIC’s On-Line Bookstore. Just click here


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