News Updates June 12, 2001

How To Get A Jeffords’ Refund

CIC Calls for RINO Rollback in 2002 & 2004

Thousands of Republican donors across America are enraged that their contributions to the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the Republican National Committee (RNC) were squandered on a liberal “Republican” traitor like Jim Jeffords in his 2000 re-election. Like many fellow Americans, these grass-roots conservative supporters are rightfully upset that the Jeffords’ coup d’etat has handed Senate power over to ruthless Democrats like Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Joe Lieberman and Robert Byrd, who will likely stall House GOP legislation and President Bush’s conservative judicial nominees. Sadly, and in a cowardly fashion, Sen. Jeffords has stated that he will only refund donations from Vermont residents. This is unacceptable! If you, or anyone you know, has given money directly to Sen. Jeffords, the RNC, or the NRSC, CIC strongly urges you to contact the following individuals and demand a full refund.

(Dis)Honorable James Jeffords (?-VT)
58 State Street
Montpelier, VT 05602
(802) 223-5273
(202) 228-0776 (Fax)

>>> Help run the RINOs (Republicans In Name Only) out the party! When you ask for your Jeffords’ refund, also tell them not to give money to the next likely traitors like John “McPhony” McCain, Lincoln Chafee and Olympia Snowe.

Honorable Bill Frist (R-TN) , Chairman
National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC)
425 2nd St. NE
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 675-6000
(202) 224-3344
(202) 228-1264 (Fax)

Honorable Jim Gilmore (R-VA) , Chairman
Republican National Committee (RNC)
444 N. Capitol St. NW #214
Washington, DC 20001
(202) 783-1769
(202) 683-8500
(202) 863-8820 (Fax)

>>> P.S. -- If you are rejected for a refund, (or given a ridiculous response), please e-mail CIC at or call (703) 379-9188.

>>> If you are Vermont resident, CIC encourages you to join the folks at and help put this traitor out of office.

Jim Jeffords Toilet Paper Going Fast!

CIC Distributes Hundreds of Sample Rolls on Capitol Hill!

Get your own authentic roll of “Jim Jeffords Toilet Paper” only at , as recently mentioned in the Washington Times (6/6/01) and Fox TV News. Supplies are going fast, so place your order now! CIC has been visiting congressional offices on Capitol Hill and distributing samples of the Jeffords toilet tissue to all the Senators, including the liberal GOPers (and possible future defectors) like McCain, Specter, Chafee and Snowe. Naturally, Jim Jeffords’ office was given several rolls as well as new Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle.

Is Your Congressman Attempting Another ‘Pay Raise’ Theft?

After only a few months into a new congressional session, it appears that Congressmen are trying to emulate the "check-kiting" days of Democrat Tom Foley. According to the The Hill newspaper (5/30/01), numerous House lawmakers have already overspent their office budgets and are begging the Appropriations Committee for "emergency funds." If the committee approves money transfers into the "Members’ Representational Allowance (MRAs)," it is likely that some Congressmen will not use this money on staff and office expenses, but instead will try to steal the money for themselves. There are strong indications on Capitol Hill that new attempts are being made for a pay raise of $25,000, which comes out of these "MRAs". Stay tuned with CIC at for updates. In the meantime, CIC recommends that supporters contact Rep. Bob Ney (R-OH), chair of the House Administration Committee, and urge him to oppose these pay raise schemes. Call (202) 225-6265 , Fax (202) 225-3394 , E-Mail:

Support New Bill To Punish China

President Bush is continuing to appease communist China with his recent announcement to extend PNTR for another year. Patriotic Congressman Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) has just introduced the “NTR Disapproval Resolution” (H.J.R. 50) which repeals this extension. An expedited House floor vote on this measure is expected within 60 days. CIC strongly supports this legislation and urges all supporters to Call, Fax and Write your Representative and ask him or her to support this bill. Go to for contact information.

Bill Clinton Linked To OKC Bombing Cover-Up?

Terrorist Timothy McVeigh was executed Monday, yet the volumes of information that prove the existence of several John Doe accomplices, possible links to Arab terrorists and White supremacists, the government’s foreknowledge of the bombing, and a second explosion inside the building are being ignored by federal prosecutors and the “mainstream” press. In his book the “Secret Life of Bill Clinton,” Ambrose Evans-Pritchard details Clinton’s exploitation of this horrible tragedy to help his re-election in 1996 and the shocking possibility that Clinton himself may have known of the bomb plot and orchestrated the cover-up. This bombshell of a book is available at CIC’s On-Line Bookstore for a great discount. Go to

Hillary Linked To Embezzler, Savors Her New Power

One of Hillary’s top campaign contributors, Sant Singh Chatwal, is a fugitive from India who is still on the lam in New York City. Chatwal is accused of embezzling more than $9 million from the NYC branch of the Bank of India. INS officials and the liberal federal prosecutors in New York are likely getting heat from Hillary and being asked not to arrest and extradite Mr. Chatwal. Speaking about money, Hillary recently filed financial disclosure forms listing $3.9 million in legal debt, but she did not account for her $8 million dollar book deal on her “autobiography,” which, interestingly, she has not even started writing. In her Senatorial duties, she has taken to her usual extreme posturing by not only opposing the nomination of Ted Olson for Solicitor General but also being the only Senator to vote against the Justice Department nominations of Michael Chertoff and Viet Dinh, both of whom are former Whitewater investigators. On Memorial Day, Hillary refused to attend any events honoring America’s veterans and war dead, instead opting to join Al Sharpton and other race-baiters in denouncing the U.S. Navy’s bombing exercises on the island of Vieques near Puerto Rico. Her contempt for the armed forces is nothing new, considering that she is also the only statewide New York politician who has refused to meet with the Gold Star Mothers, a group of mothers whose sons have died in war. And now, with Ted Kennedy in charge of the Health, Education, Labor & Pensions Committee and turncoat Benedict Jeffords chairing the Environment and Public Works Committee, two panels of which she is a member, Sen. Hillary Clinton is salivating at the prospect of pushing through her radical and socialist schemes to “improve” health care, “protect” the environment and “save” the children. America, watch out. It’s all part of Hillary’s 2004 presidential plans.

Hillary’s Oklahoma Scandal Exposed

Readers of CIC’s regular updates are well-informed of the never-ending crime and corruption of Bill and Hillary Clinton, whose many scandals are often underreported, or never reported, by the liberal media. In Oklahoma, a new scandal is brewing that could potentially hurt Hillary’s 2004 presidential chances. Earlier this year, former Ron Brown mistress and business partner Nolanda Hill testified at a regulatory hearing of the Oklahoma Corporation Commission that Hillary, Brown, and former White House Chief of Staff Mack McLarty were deeply involved in a scam to steal $35 to $65 million by overcharging customers for natural gas. The commission has focused attention on one natural gas supplier in Oklahoma, Dynamic Energy Resources, which was operated by Nora and Gene Lum, associates of John Huang and James Riady. Both were later sentenced to prison and fined for illegal campaign contributions to Bill Clinton and for tax evasion. Another natural gas utility, GAGE Corp., is implicated in the scandal. It should be recalled that both Ron Brown and GAGE Corp. director Ron Miller died from untimely deaths under mysterious circumstances. Brown perished in a 1996 plane crash in Croatia and it was later confirmed by four pathologists that he was shot in the head. Miller’s cause of death is officially unknown, but medical examiners say he suffered a rare case of “Adult Respiratory Distress Syndrome,” which, coincidentally, the only other reported death by this case is that of Maxwell Dennis Hames. Mr. Hames happened to be a special investigator for the OKC Police Department and was working on the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building when he passed away.

Hillary, Gore Top Dem. Choices For President

In a recent TIME/CNN poll of a cross section of voters, 28% chose Al Gore for President in 2004 and 14% preferred Hillary. However, when just Democratic primary voters were polled, a whopping 44% chose Hillary for their nominee, 21% wanted Gore, and the rest of more than half a dozen candidates were in the single digits. Despite Gore’s quietude on politics in the last five months, don’t expect this to last. Gore has just formed his own PAC to start raising money for a 2004 presidential bid. And with the Democrats now in control of the Senate, Gore is likely to start jockeying for the spotlight on liberal pet peeve issues in competition with fellow Dems like Hillary, Biden, Lieberman, Daschle, Edwards, and John Kerry, all of whom are possible 2004 contenders.

Bill Clinton Crime Update: New Felonies

The Pardongate probe continues as new evidence has come to light linking Roger Clinton’s sham $30 million company to crooked interests in communist China. It is highly unlikely that Roger could have set up business ties in China without brother Bill’s complicity. In Los Angeles, a new mayor was elected, but not candidate Antonio Villabraigosa, who had personally urged Clinton to pardon cocaine dealer Carlos Vignali. Clinton, naturally, granted the pardon. In the Philippines, the Justice Minster has filed a court petition seeking to extradite fugitive Mark Jimenez back to the U.S. to face federal charges for illegal contributions to Clinton’s 1996 campaign. On Capitol Hill a new report released by Sen. Fred Thompson (R-TN) on his last day as chairman of the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee details the massive “waste, fraud and mismanagement” in the federal government committed by incompetent and corrupt Clinton staffers over the last eight years. Clearly, Bill Clinton should be held responsible for this abuse of power, in particular, the more than $450 million embezzled at the Education Department, where 11 Clintonites were recently indicted.

Clinton’s Latest Jet-Set Jaunts

Impeached ex-president BillClinton has been jaunting around Europe giving $100,000+ speeches to small events hosted by wealthy socialists. In Ireland, he was greeted with jeers and called a “baby killer,” yet was still awarded an honorary law degree from Queen’s University for his supposed contributions to world peace! In Oslo, Norway, Clinton grabbed a teenage girl in a restaurant, hugging her and saying, “You’re too beautiful to only get a hug,” according to quotes in the London Sunday Times. In Britian, in a published report in the Guardian newspaper, Clinton’s entourage attempted to shake down a local Welsh distillery for $70,000 in exchange for Clinton’s endorsement of its Danzy Jones Wysgi Licor. Being insulted and fearing a loss of sales, the company rejected Clinton’s offer. In France, Clinton attended the French Open and told reporters that he’s leaving his options open for a NYC mayoral run later this year. And in Tokyo Clinton was scheduled to receive an honorary law degree from Nihon University, but this was rescinded. Back home, Clinton is trying to fill his spare time playing golf, but he is a black sheep in Westchester County, where many of the exclusive country clubs are politely turning down his requests for membership.

Corrupt Torricelli Could Swing Senate Back To Gop

In a matter of weeks, corrupt liberal Sen. Robert Torricelli (D-NJ) may be indicted by federal prosecutors on bribery and racketeering charges. This could force an early exit from the Senate for Torricelli, who is up for re-election next year. In that scenario, New Jersey’s Republican governor would appoint a Republican to his seat. Though the Democrats have formally taken leadership of the Senate and chairmanships of the committees, the Senate still needs to approve a resolution that officially reorganizes the chamber under the new Democratic majority. Capitol Hill sources indicate that the delay in approving this resolution is the Republicans’ concerns over a Torricelli indictment. But while Torricelli is in clear legal trouble, it should also be recalled that his liberal colleagues are embroiled in the Chinagate scandal. Tom Daschle, Ted Kennedy, John Kerry, Carl Levin, and Chris Dodd all took illegal donations from the infamous Chinese crook John Huang. And Patrick Leahy, new chairman of the Judiciary Committee, was responsible for leaking classified intelligence information back in 1985 and 1987.

Mysterious Explosion In AR Covered Up By Clintonites?

On April 29 a massive explosion took place at a munitions dump in Calhoun County, Arkansas, where 60 tons of gunpowder detonated, leaving a massive crater and shattering windows in homes up to 50 miles away. The “mainstream” press has barely mentioned this incident, and former Rep. Jay Dickey (R-AR) has charged that there is a “cover-up” by Clinton cronies. The munitions depot is owned by Roy Ledbetter, a close friend of Bill Clinton. During the Clinton reign of terror, Ledbetter and his associates received lucrative contracts from domestic and foreign armament companies.

Bush White House Confirms Clinton Vandalism

Incensed that the ultra-liberal pro-Clinton Rep. Andrew Wiener (D-NY) had the gall to demand an apology from Bush for crimes committed by Clinton’s staffers, Bush Spokesman Ari Fleischer has stated that the White House will provide a written account of the Clintonite vandalism. The liberal media falsely reported that the General Services Administration (GSA) concluded that there was no vandalism. In fact, the GSA never even investigated the incidents! However, the General Accounting Office (GAO), a bipartisan investigative arm of Congress, is likely to initiate its own inquiry, according to Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA). Previous published reports, citing White House sources, confirmed the extensive damage caused by Clinton and Gore staffers. Even photos of one destroyed office was posted recently on the Drudge Report. CIC is urging all supporters to contact the GAO at and demand an immediate and thorough investigation.

Is Rep. Condit Hiding Info On Missing Woman?

The Washington Post has confirmed that 24-year-old intern and graduate student Chandra Levy spent the night at liberal Democratic Rep. Gary Condit’s condo in Washington, DC. Rep. Condit has finally admitted to the sleepovers after initially lying. However, he’s still insisting that they had no relationship despite the fact that her friends have confirmed one. According to several sources, Condit has a wild reputation as a partygoer with a Clintonite lifestyle. His wife is almost always at home in his California district while Congress is in session. Ms. Levy was an intern at the U.S. Bureau of Prisons and has been missing since May 1.

What Is A “Moderate” In American Politics?

Sen. James Jeffords sell-out should not be surprising. He was a well-known RINO (Republican In Name Only), of which there are many on Capitol Hill. These RINOs pretend to be “moderates,” as the liberal media loves to describe them, but they are really closet liberals who have zero principles. These selfish opportunists re-position themselves according to their never-ending lust for political power. In the case of Jeffords, numerous Hill sources have confirmed that his defection was based solely upon raw political ambition. He will now assume the powerful chairmanship of the Environment and Public Works Committee. Then, in 2003, he plans to run for Governor of Vermont as an “independent.” If he stayed a Republican, he would have likely lost a primary battle with popular GOP gubernatorial candidate Jim Douglas, the current state treasurer. Other RINO “moderates” that are still being approached by the Democrats with bribes and power deals include liberal Senators John ‘McPhony’ McCain, Arlen ‘Defector’ Specter, Lincoln Chafee, Susan Collins, Judd Gregg, Gordon Smith and Olympia Snowe. While many conservative activists and party stalwarts are preaching moderation and want to hold onto these country-club Republicans, CIC says good riddance to them all. “These liberal ‘GOP’ elitists only serve to weaken the party,” say CIC’s Jack Clayton. “The true colors of the Senate can be seen in the ‘not-guilty’ impeachment votes of those members who turned a blind eye to President Bill Clinton’s crimes.” In related news, it seems that the national liberal media has falsely reported that Vermont residents are happy with Jeffords’ defection. To the contrary, in a Rutland Herald/ WCAX-TV poll of Vermont residents, 53% opposed Jeffords’ decision and wanted a new election, and only 37% approved of the switch. In addition, over 60% said that Jeffords’ move was based solely on personal gain.


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