News Updates June 28, 2001

Henry Hyde Endorses Bill To Withdraw From U.N.

In a surprising announcement recently, Rep Henry Hyde (R-IL), current chairman of the House International Relations Committee and former chief impeachment manager, has stated that he would vote for Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) “American Sovereign Restoration Act” (H.R. 1146), which calls for U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations. This tacit endorsement of the bill will give it momentum for more co-sponsors, possible committee hearings and eventual floor action. CIC strongly supports this legislation as the best way to protect American sovereignty and our tax dollars from greedy and corrupt globalists. In the states of Utah, New Mexico and Washington, several towns and localities are already taking up their own anti-U.N. council measures. CIC urges supporters to keep contacting their Congressman and demand his or her support of H.R. 1146. Please click to

Help "Recall" Traitor John McCain

"War-hero" Shut Down POW/MIA Cmtee. in 1992

If you thought Jim Jeffords was a sell-out, John McCain is a ticking time bomb. Sen. John McCain was one of only two Republican Senators to vote against Bush’s tax cut bill. His draconian companion bill for "campaign finance reform" is weaving its way through the House. He is a key sponsor of Ted Kennedy’s health care takeover and he is a vocal supporter of Joe Lieberman’s anti-second amendment bill. McCain was instrumental in shutting down the one congressional committee that attempted to account for the over 2,200 American MIAs in Vietnam (please read CIC’s long version of this update at

McCain may be running again for President in 2004 as an "independent" or Democrat. CIC supports the grass-roots efforts to recall him. We urge supporters interested to obtain a recall petition or support these efforts at civic activism at (602) 234-5757 or . CIC members can help in this recall effort by visiting

Senate Bathrooms Freshened W/ Jeffords Toilet Tissue

Ever since the Democrats seized control of the U.S. Senate in a coup d’etat, Republican Senators and staffers have been suffering indigestion over the betrayal of one of their own. At the suggestion of severalsupporters, CIC came to the relief, and distributed rolls of "Jim Jeffords’ Toilet Paper" " to selected bathrooms of the Hart, Dirksen, and Russell Senate office buildings. CIC has also continued its distribution of complimentary samples of the Jeffords TP to all Senate offices. Supplies are limited. If you’d like an authentic roll of "Jim Jeffords Toilet Paper" please click to

Dem. Rep. Gary Condit Hires Clinton Criminal Lawyer

Now Washington Interns "Disappear" Forever

Democratic Congressman Gary Condit, who has been linked to missing intern Chandra Levy, has hired shyster Abbe Lowell, a criminal defense attorney and a former close adviser to President Clinton. Relatives and friends of Ms. Levy and anonymous DC Metro police sources have confirmed Condit’s romantic relationship with the intern. Cell phone records have also revealed that Ms. Levy phoned the Congressman over a dozen times in the last days leading up to her disappearance. DC Metro Police have conceded that the lobby videotape in Ms. Levy’s apartment building was erased over covering the time period of her disappearance. One related factor that the major media has ignored is Mr. Condit’s work in Congress. Since January of 1999, Rep. Condit has been a member of the House Intelligence Committee and was required to sign a pledge not to divulge classified information. The Intelligence Committee conducts oversight of intelligence agencies like the CIA and NSA; authorizes funding for specific covert projects; and is privy to top secret information. "Congress and the news media should not ignore this avenue of inquiry," theorizes CIC’s Scott Lauf. "Clearly, his defensive posture shows he has something to hide." CIC supporters are encouraged to contact Mr. Condit. Tell him to come clean about all he knows. Call: (202) 225-6131 ; Fax: (202) 225-0819 ; E-Mail:

Roger Clinton To Probers: " Drop Dead "

Published accounts report Bill Clinton's brother Roger Clinton flatly telling Congressional probers to take a hike and that he won't answer any questions in the pardons-for-sale investigation. Five more convicts have been added to the dozen other convicted criminals who have forked over hundreds of thousands of dollars to Roger, alledgedly for pardons from brother Bill Clinton.

Help Stop Daschle Dems. From Destroying Health Care

Ultra-liberal Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) is hell-bent on passing the so-called Patients’ Bill of Rights (S. 1052), which is better known as the Lawyers’ Bill of Delights for the lawsuits it will create. Now that Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, and John McCain have had their way, health insurance premiums will skyrocket and overall coverage and quality of care for all Americans will dramatically decline. The Senate passed the bill Friday.

Illegal Scheme To Fund Hillary’S Campaign Exposed

Another lawsuit has been filed against the Clintons claiming that they fraudulently took an in-kind $2 million contribution from a Mr. Peter Paul to illegally fund Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign. Mr. Paul, who himself is under indictment for securities violations, is eagerly cooperating with federal authorities. His lawsuit details his role in financing the "Hollywood Tribute" to Bill Clinton, which brought in additional illegal donations from foreign nationals, as well as his financial attempts to pressure Clinton for a presidential pardon. All the illegal donations via third party entities and high-profile events went into Hillary’s coffers and were never reported to the FEC. An immediate indictment by Attorney General John Ashcroft should be initiated. To contact him, CIC supporters are recommended to call (202) 616-2777 or write to: Department of Justice, honorable John Ashcroft, 950 Pennsyvlania Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20530. Supporters can also sign and circulate our petition to prosecute both Bill and Hillary Clinton posted at:

McCain Shut Down Pow/Mia Committee In 1992

More than ten years ago when fresh evidence surfaced about missing American soldiers in Vietnam, Sen. Jesse Helms (R-NC), as minority chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, established a Select Committee on POW/MIAs. The committee’s investigations regarding the Vietnam War concluded that American soldiers were deliberately left behind with the tacit knowledge of the U.S. government; that the Pentagon had covered up this tragedy; and that some missing soldiers may had still been alive in Vietnam as late as 1991. These conclusions were affirmed that year by Eugene Tighe, former director of the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and Col. Mike Peck, former director of the DIA’s POW/MIA investigative division, who resigned in disgust over what he saw as an official cover-up. Surprisingly, the committee’s report infuriated Sen. John McCain (R-AZ), who himself was (supposedly) a POW. During emotional committee hearings, Sen. McCain tried to quash testimonials offering evidence of these conclusions. Outside the hearings, in the hallways of the Dirksen Senate Office Building, McCain berated and belittled family members of missing POWs and MIAs who confronted him with very direct questions. In January of 1992 the select committee was dismantled and Sen. Helms was forced to fire most of his foreign relations staff. But throughout early 1992, one CIC representative witnessed firsthand this housecleaning and confirmed that this purge was the result of “strong-arming” by Sen. John McCain and former National Security Adviser Brent Scowcroft, who were the prime movers for shutting down the POW/MIA committee. Thereafter, the now late Admiral James “Bud” Nance, who assumed the position of minority staff director of the Foreign Relations Committee at the time, directed all “new” staff that no more copies of the POW/MIA report would be released to the public. Despite this directive, a few patriotic staffers took special measures to make sure that the last requests for the POW/MIA reports were honored.

Bush Moves Leftward On Major Issues

President Bush has taken several left turns on major issues, angering conservatives in middle America and pleasing the liberals in Washington. Mr. Bush has reversed himself on health care and now supports a downsized version of the liberals’ so-called Patients’ Bill of Rights (the Frist-Jeffords version). He has ignored the mistakes of the 1970s and now supports price controls on electricity imposed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. Mr. Bush has sacrificed school choice vouchers and higher standards to push through Congress his $33 billion education monstrosity, which still needs to be reconciled in conference. He has played the racial card by caving in the Hispanic voters and announcing the end of Navy bombing exercises on the island of

Foreign Crises Challenge Bush This Summer

After a relatively successful foreign policy trip to Europe recently, President Bush is confronted with burgeoning threats of terrorism and war in the Balkans and the Middle East. Mr. Bush has mistakenly used 350 U.S. troops to help rescue Albanian terrorist rebels in Macedonia, in essence perpetuating Bill Clinton’s disastrous support of the Islamic Marxist KLA. And instead of pulling out all of the 700 U.S. troops still stationed in Macedonia, Mr. Bush is considering adding fuel to fire by possibly sending over more soldiers! Bush has failed to understand that the entire Balkans region does not serve U.S. national interests. Should he enact new deployments, this action would only enflame the region and kill thousands of more innocent civilians, much like Clinton’s warmongering against Serbia in 1999. On the other hand, Bush has wisely withdrawn and scaled back some U.S. troops stationed in posts throughout the Middle East due to serious threats of terrorism against American, Israeli and British targets. A recent report by Arabic television network MBC predicts that Osama Bin Laden, or another terrorist entity, is planning an attack against the United States within the next two weeks. President Bush is scheduled to return Europe in late July for the G-8 economic summit. Extra heavy security measures have been implemented after specific threats were made against Bush’s upcoming trip. Mr. Bush is also planning a stopover in Kosovo to meet with American troops still stationed there, an indication that the White House anticipates an escalated conflict and deeper U.S. involvement.

Western Families Devastated By Clinton Enviro-Rules

A last-minute executive order by Bill Clinton that cut off water to 1,500 farmers in Klamath Valley, Oregon has had a domino effect, devastating the lives of tens of thousands of hard-working westerners and their families. Fields that had been irrigated for over 100 years have dried up and property values have dramatically plummeted, forcing many families into poverty. This misery was inflicted by Clinton, and his eco-extremist allies, in an effort to save the so-called “sucker” fish, which is regarded by most fishermen as garbage fish about as worthless as carp. “These wretched environmental Clintonites are enemies of humanity,” says CIC’s Scott Lauf, a Western native. “These insane and immoral liberals place more value on weeds and rodents than they do on human life!” While Congress has already held hearings on this crisis, Senators and Representatives have the power to implement the Congressional Review Act and overturn this Clinton executive order. President Bush also has the authority to scrap this order and take measures to get water and relief to these families. CIC urges all supporters to contact their members of Congress at and , and President Bush by calling toll free (800) 303-8332 or (202) 456-1414, Fax (202) 456-2461 , and E-mail at . Tell them to overturn this Clinton E.O.

Liberal Hypocrisy On Environmental Standards

It’s safe to say that most liberals – at least those in Washington – are complete hypocrites. They scream and yell about imposing EPA standards in rural areas of the country (note above), but oppose implementing these same rules and regulations in their own backyard! House Majority Whip Tom DeLay (R-TX) has denounced this double standard by pointing out that the EPA condones the deliberate polluting of the Potomac River so as not to upset the liberal, wealthy elites in Georgetown. These eco-hypocrites have long used their clout to support dumping of toxic waste, sludge and other garbage into the Potomac all because they don’t want to see dump trucks in their neighborhoods. In 1998 these elite Washingtonians banded together and formed the “Coalition for Responsible Urban Disposal.” To date, they have been successful in preventing EPA pollution standards from being applied in DC – the same standards applied elsewhere in rural America.

Safety Nazis To Control The Roadways?

Liberals love to use the power of government to control peoples’ lives. That is why these “big brother” mini-tyrants are now dubbed “safety Nazis.” Their latest attacks against automobile drivers are so incredulous and authoritarian that Americans may be better off forfeiting their driver’s license and never getting behind a steering wheel again. Liberal Democratic Sen. Jon Corzine has introduced the so-called “Mobile Telephone Driving Safety Act” (S. 927), which bans the use of cellular phones in automobiles. Liberal Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) has introduced in the House H.R. 1837, perversely titled the “Call Responsibly and Stay Healthy Act,” which forces the Department of Transportation to withhold federal highway funds to any state that does not pass a law banning cell phones in cars. CIC supporters are being asked to contact their Representatives and Senators at and and tell them to quash these ridiculous bills, S. 927 and H.R. 1837, respectively. NOTE: This liberal blitzkrieg against motorists and cell phones is not just confined to Congress. New York has become the first state in the nation to ban cell phones in cars, and 40 other states are considering legislation. And in Virginia’s Loudoun County, for example, where several CIC members reside, the safety Nazis are moving to not only ban cell phones but also any activity that causes “distraction” to the driver. In other words, eating French fries or picking your nose in the car may one day get you pulled over and ticketed by police!

“Big Brother” Is Watching You On The Streets!

Unbeknownst to many Americans, the safety Nazis have installed hidden “big brother” cameras in over 50 cities, 10 states and, naturally, Washington, DC, along roadways and intersections to capture so-called “red-light runners” and “speeders.” These liberals have also tampered with traffic signals by shortening the time span of yellow lights in order to catch more “violators,” and, thus, gain more revenue. A single camera in Washington, DC brought in over $1 million last year alone! House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) is currently waging a battle against these authoritarians and he states unequivocally that these cameras are an “intrusion against people’s constitutional rights.” Congressional hearings and legislative action may be forthcoming. Two fronts that will inevitably need to be addressed are: 1) That the privacy rights of not just motorists but also pedestrians at the sidewalks and intersections are also being unwittingly recorded by these cameras, and 2) that the “District of Columbia” is the first battle for constitutional liberty since DC is NOT a state, but is a federal entity subject to the authority of Congress. If you have been a victim of this “big brother” trap, CIC encourages you to contact Rep. Dick Armey at (202) 225-7772 , Fax (202) 226-2028 , Write: 301 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515. Or visit

Jeffords’ Book Deal Akin To Hillary Ethics?

Turncoat Sen. Jim Jeffords is negotiating with Simon & Schuster to write two memoirs on his experiences as a traitor and liberal lawmaker in the U.S. Senate. Exact financial figures have not been disclosed; however, this back-door literary scheme reeks like Hillary’s infamous $8 million book deal. Though the Senate Ethics Committee has been corrupted by the new chairmanship of Democratic Senator Harry Reid, a well-known Clinton stooge, CIC believes the committee has a public obligation to investigate possible illegalities by Sen. Jeffords. Concerned citizens and supporters should contact the Senate Select Committee on Ethics. Call: (202) 224-2981; Fax: (202) 224-7416 or visit

Conservatives Triumph In Preview To 2002

The moderates, squishes and assorted country-clubbers of the Republican Party need to take note of two recent GOP election victories. The House GOP has added one more member to its majority with the special election of conservative Randy Forbes in Virginia’s 4th congressional district. This seat had been occupied by liberal Democrat Norman Sisisky, who passed away earlier this year. The 2000 census revealed that minority and Democratic voters grew in heavy numbers in the district, but the race was considered a toss-up. In New Jersey, conservative Mayor Bret Schundler has beaten liberal former Rep. Bob Franks to be the GOP nominee for Governor next year. “Both of these victories are clear triumphs for true conservatives in the Republican party,” says CIC’s Mike Davis. “They also serve as a warning to President Bush and others that if you stick to your core conservative principles and beliefs, then you will win.”

Senate Gridlock Is Good

Liberals in government and the media love to blame the Republicans for “gridlock” every time one of their socialist pieces of legislation is delayed in Congress. While the GOP always take a public relations drubbing over this, the American people are actually better off without more regulation, taxes and federal encroachments on their liberties. Senate Republicans, if they so choose, are in a unique position to be a powerful minority blocker of liberal legislation and can rightfully argue that “gridlock” has protected the American people. Since 1995 former Majority Leader Trent Lott (R-MS) rolled over for the Democrats and compromised conservative principles at every turn. On the other hand, the Daschle Dems are ruthless and cunning and will do everything in their power to hamper President Bush’s judicial nominees and stop GOP legislation. Ironically, while the Dems are acting like arrogant tyrants, the Senate has still not passed a reorganizing resolution that officially recognizes the Democrats in the majority control. It is time for the Republicans to take advantage of this situation and use their clout effectively. Several reports by Roll Call newspaper have revealed that Sen. Don Nickles (R-OK) may challenge Trent Lott as Senate minority leader should Lott continue his pandering ways. Stayed tuned with CIC at as we bring you updated information on the internal battles of the U.S. Senate.

Help Abolish U.S. Commission On Civil Rights

The liberal Democrats are still trying to relive election 2000 and cannot get over the fact that their man Al Gore lost. The so-called U.S. Commission on Civil Rights has issued a biased and statistically laughable report alleging that Republicans in Florida disenfranchised thousands of black voters. This racial griping was spearheaded by the Clinton-appointed chairwoman of the commission Mary Frances Barry, who has made no secret of her allegiance and financial ties to Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and numerous other Democrats. “This politicized liberal commission is a joke and a waste of taxpayers’ money,” says CIC’s Jack Clayton. “It should be permanently abolished.” CIC supporters should contact President Bush at (202) 456-1414 or e-mail and also contact your members of Congress at and

Bill Clinton Still Seeking Spotlight; Pardongate Lingers

Impeached ex-President Bill Clinton is still traveling the globe and raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars from speeches. Clinton got an astounding $500,000 for a speech at an information technology conference in Australia. In Toronto recently, he was greeted by protesters as he took in $100,000 for a speech on human rights. He also pocketed an undisclosed sum for a speech at a “Success” seminar in San Francisco, and in Ohio he received the so-called “Dayton Peace Prize,” no doubt in recognition for his killing of thousand of civilians in Serbia and Iraq during his presidential tenure. In New York City Clinton dined with infamous Hillary donor and indicted embezzler Sant Singh Chatwal, an Indian national on the lam in the U.S. Clinton also met up with his wife for the first time in months where they both attended the recent Belmont Stakes horse races; both were resoundingly booed by the audience. And in Chicago, Clinton was the featured speaker at a DNC fundraiser for high-powered liberal donors of $50,000 and up. Meanwhile, the federal probe in Pardongate continues at a snail’s pace, but has sharply focused on Roger Clinton. Garland Lincecum, whose family paid Roger Clinton $240,000 for a presidential pardon, was recently deposed and has given information that can link Bill Clinton to Roger’s pardon swindles. And in an unrelated matter, presidential biographer Roger Morris, in a recent WABC radio interview, gave devastating details of Clinton’s severe cocaine habit in the late 1970s and 1980s and Clinton’s close relationship with cocaine dealer Dan Lasater. Could Clinton still being using coke today?

Homo Freak Shows Hit Streets Of U.S. Cities

The annual “Gay Pride Parade” took place in New York City this last Sunday, where tens of thousands of semi-nude homosexuals, leather-clad transvestites, and drug-induced drag queens marched the streets of the Big Apple, terrifying children and tourists alike. Similar but smaller freak shows took place in Houston, Chicago and San Francisco. On a related note, Rep. Phil Crane (R-IL) blasted two prominent former Clinton cabinet members by saying they were lesbian lovers. In a recent speech at a meeting of Illinios’ congressional delegation, Crane stated that Attorney General Janet Reno and Health & Human Services Secretary Donna Shalala are long-time gay partners, thus confirming long-time rumors that circulated Washington for eight years.


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