News Updates July 20, 2001

The Condit Cover-Up Continues

CIC Seeks Answers from DC Metro Police, House Ethics Committee
The DC Metropolitan Police Department is stonewalling CIC’s attempts to find the truth in the Condit/Levy case. CIC recently visited DC police headquarters to follow-up on previous questions CIC posed to the police, including: Have the videotapes from the cameras behind Ms. Levy’s apartment building been secured and reviewed? CIC has posted photographs

It has taken the police 2 ½ months to belatedly search Mr. Condit’s apartment (that was described as "wiped cleaned" by officers) and they are still treating Ms. Levy’s disappearance as a "missing persons" case while they also belatedly scour the woods of Rock Creek Park for a possible dead body.

Why Is Congress Protecting Condit?

CIC has recently visited the offices of selected members of the House Ethics Committee to demand, at a minimum, an investigation of Mr. Condit for obstruction of justice, abuse of his congressional office, and violation of House ethics rules. In a letter to the committee, CIC spokesman wrote: "There is ample evidence, more each day, in the public domain that Rep. Condit is guilty of witness tampering and subornation of perjury by threatening his former mistress Ann Marie-Smith to sign a false affidavit and to lie to the FBI. Equally important, there is sufficient cause to charge Mr. Condit with additional counts of suborning perjury and abusing his congressional office when he forced his staffers and aides to lie to the press and public."

With the exception of Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) and Sen. Trent Lott (R-MS), Congress is strangely silent and appears to be protecting their colleague who has shamed and dishonored the House of Representatives. If the Ethics Committee does not take immediate action, or if Mr. Condit fails to resign, then the House may be force to expel Mr. Condit as is legally prescribed in Article I of the Constitution.

CIC’s Theory: Condit Is Guilty!

Most folks have rightfully dismissed as absurd the theories that Chandra Levy disappeared on her own volition or that she committed suicide. After 2 ½ months she would have been sighted or her body would have been found; moreover, her family and friends strongly disregard these theories. This leaves only one option: Chandra Levy was a victim of foul play.

According to former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova, the DC Police should be treating this case as a murder investigation and Mr. Condit should be the prime suspect. The FBI, though, is investigating the matter but they have not released any information.

Actions You Can Take To Hold Condit Accountable

  1. Contact the DC Metropolitan Police Department. Call (202) 727-9099 (Detectives Durant & Kennedy) and (202) 727-4383 (Sgt. Joe Gentile). Send Faxes to (202) 727-0437. For more contact information visit Demand they arrest Mr. Condit immediately. Some murders have successfully been prosecuted without a body being found. Enough evidence already exists to charge Mr. Condit with murder, obstruction of justice and subornation of perjury.
  2. Contact Rep. Joel Hefley (R-CO), chairman of the House Ethics Committee, and demand an immediate investigation of Gary Condit. Call (202) 225-4422; Fax (202) 225-1942 or write to: 2230 Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC 20515.
  3. Contact Rep. Porter Goss (R-FL), chairman of the House Intelligence Committee. Tell him that Condit is a potential risk to national security and he should be removed from his committee seat. Call (202) 225-2536; Fax (202) 225-6820; E-Mail . Some media outlets (McClatchy Newspapers/ Scripps-Howard) have given credence to CIC’s previous update in which we suggested Condit’s (dis)service on the committee may have been linked to Levy’s disappearance.
  4. Contact your own Congressman and Senators and tell them to take a stand by calling for Condit’s resignation. Call (800) 648-3516 or (877) 762-8762, or click to and .

    Is Big Media Covering-Up Condit’s Sordid Lifestyle?

    On July 13th published an article written by contributing columnist former Rep. John LeBoutillier (R-NY), which cited sources that Condit is bisexual and has frequented male prostitutes. CIC has long applauded NewsMax’ investigative reporting and biting news articles. CIC believes that this shocking new development in the Condit/Levy case is worth mentioning for two important reasons. 1) The FBI and DC Police may be investigating the possiblity that Condit may have paid one of his homosexual male companions to murder Chandra Levy and then flee the country. Curiously, liberal newsite, which served as a White House attack dog against Linda Tripp, Monica Lewinsky and Kathleen Willey, are now showcasing allegations by Condit aide Marina Ein, who is attempting to shift the focus away from her boss’ sick lifestyle by smearing Ms. Levy as a promiscuous woman. 2) The “mainstream” media has this information on Condit’s sex life, but for reasons unknown are afraid to report it.

    Both Michael Issikoff of Newsweek and Tom Squitieri of USA Today have alluded to “dark” and “secret” aspects of Condit’s lifestyle, but their editors have forced these reporters not to write or talk about them. However, national talk radio host Michael Gallagher has highlighted the details of the article on his own radio program. And Jim Robinson, the attorney for Condit girlfriend Ann Marie-Smith, has disclosed that more shocking information will eventually come out about Condit and that federal investigators have asked him and his client to not give details at this time to the media. In addition, Mr. Robinson has recently disclosed information on FOX News’ “Paula Zahn” show that Mr. Condit does indeed own and drive a red-colored sports car that has DC plates, and not congressional license plates. This is a simple fact that the DC Police have yet to acknowledge to CIC or to anybody.

    Marriage? Pregnancy? Condit’s Brother?

    CIC is determined to follow every avenue of inquiry to find the truth about what happened to Chandra Levy and to bring Gary Condit to justice. There have been unsubstantiated reports by the London Times and other papers that Chandra may have been pregnant with Condit’s child and this led to her disappearance. On the other hand, Geraldo Rivera on CNBC has interviewed a shady-looking Mr. Victor Flammini, a former “confidant” and driver for the Congressman, who has claimed that Condit told him years ago that he had a vasectomy. On a related matter, “Talk” magazine contributing writer Lisa DePaulo spoke to several of Ms. Levy’s close friends, and she contended recently on Fox News that Levy was pressuring Condit to divorce his wife and marry her. In an unrelated development, Florida police have been searching for Mr. Condit’s brother, Darrell Condit, who skipped bail after violating probation on 1996 DUI and drug charges. It not yet known whether Condit’s brother was in the DC area during the time period of Ms. Levy’s disappearance.

    Pardongate, Money-Laundering By Bill & Hillary

    A week never goes by without new information surfacing about the latest crimes of Bill & Hillary Clinton. The House Government Reform Committee is investigating new allegations Bill Clinton’s brother Roger accepted $50,000 from the Gambino crime family in exchange for a pardon of mafia boss Rosario Gambino, who has been languishing in prison on heroin trafficking charges since 1985. George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley says that Roger Clinton’s pardon schemes could leave Bill Clinton vulnerable to indictment. On another matter, Mr. Peter Paul, who gave an illegal $2 million in-kind contribution to Hillary during the “Tribute to Bill Clinton” gala last year , was interviewed on ABC’s “20/20” recently discussing his lawsuit against them. Hillary’s disclosure report to the FEC states that Mr. Paul only gave $2,000. This is a clear violation of federal law by Sen. Clinton. It was also revealed that Hillary may have received illegal donations from the Golden Hill Paugeesukq Indian tribe in Connecticut in an effort to gain official recognition from the Bureau of Indian Affairs as well as a gaming license. CIC plans to visit Congress soon with letters and over 10,000 of your petitions demanding justice and accountability for Bill & Hillary’s ongoing crimes, and we are urging Congress, at a minimum, to strip Bill Clinton of his taxpayer-funded pension and investigate Hillary Clinton for illegal fundraising. Stay tuned with us at as we hit Capitol Hill next week.

    Help Defend The Stars & Stripes

    The House has recently passed joint resolution H.J.Res. 36 , a constitutional amendment which, if approved by 2/3 of the Senate and ¾ of state legislatures, would ban the physical desecration of the American flag. Since this bill is a proposed amendment, not just standard law, it will not conflict with first amendment protections of individuals nor with Supreme Court rulings. Because the Democrats control the Senate, it now faces an uphill battle. CIC urges you to contact your Senators at and ask them to support H.J.Res. 36.

    McCain-Hillary In 2004?

    The Democrats are scheming to draft their own “dream ticket” for 2004 to challenge President Bush: Sens. John McCain & Hillary Clinton, according to an exclusive report in’s magazine. Democratic polls clearly show that McCain is widely popular amongst Democrats; GOP polls show that he is a hated pariah in his own party. And self-described “independents” are split. McCain has denied that he’s running in 2004, which really means he is, and the only logical ticket for him to run on is Democratic. McCain has zero chance of winning the GOP primaries, especially against a sitting incumbent. Furthermore, he would face huge obstacles as an independent candidate. He would need to spend an enormous amount of time, resources and money just to get on the ballot in all 50 states for the general election. He does not have the personal fortune and advantage that Perot had in 1992 and 1996. And McCain would also be forced into court to battle the Commission on Presidential Debates, which excludes third-party candidates. The campaigns of Pat Buchanan and Ralph Nader failed miserably primarily because they were banned from the debates. “McCain is an arrogant egomaniac, but he is also ruthless in his quest for power,” comments CIC’s Jack Clayton. “He knows the only effective way he can run for president is in the Democratic primaries.”

    Dems. Hold Liberal Pow-Wow

    Putting the McCain-Hillary “dream ticket” aside, the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) held its annual convention in Indianapolis recently to give a platform to the other big egos in the Senate. While the DLC claims to be the moderate, centrist wing of the Democratic party, radical liberals clearly dominated the podium. Still bitter over Al Gore’s loss, potential Democratic presidential contenders in 2004 like Senators Daschle, Bayh, and Lieberman railed against President Bush and gave their usual liberal litany of policy prescriptions to cure America. Interestingly, though, it was Lieberman who said that Bill Clinton and Al Gore were the natural leaders of the Democratic party. In an unrelated note, a Clintonite judge has protected the Democrats’ corrupt fundraising practices by barring the FEC from disclosing documents about the DNC’s potentially illegal relationship with the AFL-CIO.

    Is Gore The ‘Comeback Kid’ ?

    Recent reports in the Hill newspaper indicate that Al Gore intends to get back into the national spotlight and begin a possible comeback bid for the White House. This fall the ex-Vice President plans to campaign on behalf of Democratic candidates in the 2002 elections. Mr. Gore has also recently hired two top DNC fundraisers to help fill the coffers of his presidential PAC and he has signed a lease for an office in Arlington, VA. Also assisting the 2000 presidential loser is his daughter Karenna, who recently penned a juvenile article for “Glamour” magazine that describes Bush’s term as “scary” and offers preachy advice for more abortions, environmental regulations and gun control.

    Bush Contradicts Campaign Pledges

    President Bush has again waffled leftward these last few weeks on major issues that he took solid conservative positions on during his campaign last year. After stating unequivocally that he “oppose[s] Federal funding for stem cell-research that involves destroying living human embryos,” he is now considering reversing his position. After stating that he was fully opposed to any type of amnesty for illegal criminal aliens, the president is now considering granting such a measure for 3 million mostly Mexican illegal immigrants living in the U.S. On environmental matters, Bush has refused to review and reverse Clinton’s tyrannical executive order that starved farmers of water in the Klamath Valley of Oregon. And, after taking a strong anti-Castro stance during the 2000 election, Bush is extending Clinton’s policy that bans Cuban-Americans from seeking compensation from foreign companies operating in Cuba that have stolen their property, as prescribed in the Helms-Burton law. This week Mr. Bush is visiting Europe for the G-8 summit where security is high and the tensions among EU leaders is growing. The pressure is mounting for Bush to take leftward (i.e. Clintonian) positions on more NATO/U.S. involvement in the Balkans; more fleecing of U.S. tax dollars for IMF and World Bank boondoggles; and a possible U.S. endorsement of the eco-radical Kyoto Treaty.

    Hillary Abuses Secret Service Agents

    Queen Hillary is at it again. A report by MSNBC’s Chris Mathews of “Hardball” has described an incident where he witnessed Hillary ordering the Secret Service to carry her bags on recent plane trip. Of course, this is nothing new for Hillary, who has always treated her bodyguards as bellboys. During the Arkansas days, Hillary would order state troopers to run personal errands for her, including trips to the pharmacy to buy Tampax tampons.


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