News Updates August 6, 2001

CIC Urges Recess Appointments Now

Now that Congress has left Washington, D.C., President George W. Bush should fill the positions of his government with Recess appointments. If you agree, please call the White House Switchboard 202-546-1414 and say "Americans support recess appointments by President Bush during the August Recess." You heard it here first.

Inspector General Should Investigate DC Police

DC Police continue to ignore the overwhelming evidence linking Gary Condit to Chandra Levy's likely murder. They refuse to classify this case as a homicide and refuse to investigate Gary Condit as a prime suspect. “Either by sheer stupidity or incompetence, the DC Police are utterly derelict in their law enforcement duties,” says CIC. CIC strongly urges all supporters to contact the Inspector General of DC and demand an investigation into the DC Police's mishandling of this case:

Honorable Charles C. Maddox
Office of Inspector General
717 14th St. NW NW 5th Floor
Washington, DC 20005
(800) 521-1639 Toll-Free Hotline
(202) 727-9846 Fax E-Mail

CIC Delivers Petitions To Prosecute Clinton, Revoke Pension

Congress Sneaks Itself a Pay Raise!
CIC recently visited Capitol Hill to deliver over 10,000 website petitions and mail petitions that call for prosecuting Bill Clinton and revoking his pension. CIC visited the offices of Speaker Dennis Hastert and House Whip Tom DeLay, as well as Rep. Dan Burton and other selected members of the House Government Reform Committee, which is still investigating Pardongate. Last week, the House snuck through a provision in the FY ’02 Treasury, Postal & General Government appropriations bill (H.R. 2590), which allocates $992,000 in taxpayers’ money to Bill Clinton for his pension, office, and other expenses. House members also got greedy and gave themselves a 3.4% pay increase (a $5,000 raise). This will be become effective October 1st unless it is blocked. CIC has been collecting thousands of mail petitions from across the country opposing any congressional pay raise. We plan to fight this bill in the Senate and in conference committee. Stay tuned with us at

New Evidence Implicates Condit

As expected, the DC Police have turned a blind eye to new evidence that could finger Condit for homicide. FBI agents recently interviewed an employee of Candey Hardware in DC, which is located near Chandra Levy’s apartment, who claims that Ms. Levy entered the store on May 1st or May 3rd to have copies of house keys made. It is probable that Ms. Levy was making copies of keys to Condit’s condo. To date, at least 27 women have talked to the FBI and many have given chilling details of Condit’s sadomasochistic and violent sexual lifestyle. One frightening account comes from two former interns in California who were 15 at the time and allege that Condit raped them. They filed police complaints (which were destroyed), and later fled the state in fear that Condit might kill them. Other women, like Joleen McKay, have come forward claiming an affair with Condit and were threatened by Condit staffers to be quiet. Former Rep. John LeBoutillier’s article detailing Mr. Condit’s bisexuality and his frequenting of male prostitutes has been gaining attention on national talk radio. Liberal talkmeister Victoria Jackson, heard on WABC-630 AM in Washington, had Mr. LeBoutillier on her show discussing this sordid aspect of Condit’s double-life. Rush Limbaugh has also referred to Mr. Condit’s “homoerotic” lifestyle.

Condit aides Michael Lynch and Michael Dayton are now targets of a federal obstruction probe for helping their boss hide and destroy evidence, lying to the police and public, and engaging in witness tampering and intimidation. It is quite clear that Condit’s suspicious behavior, his lack of cooperation with authorities (even after four interviews) and this new evidence of culpability makes him a prime suspect for murder.

Is Murder A “Private Matter”?!

It’s sickening to see the extent to which liberals will go to defend not just adultery, but even murder. That’s exactly what Bill Maher did, in such delicate words, when he gave carte blanche blessing to Congressman Condit possibly murdering Chandra Levy. Funnyman Mr Maher, the host of ABC’s “Politically (In)correct,” recently appeared on CNN’s “Larry King Live” and responded to questions assuming Mr. Condit’s guilt. Mr. Maher blamed Ken Starr for Levy’s probable murder because it was Starr's fault for creating a climate that would force a philandering politician to “get rid of ‘em [mistresses]. ” But Mr. Maher is not the only pro-Condit spinmeister. Arguments defending and/or excusing Mr. Condit’s sordid double-life have become so debased that liberals now feel that murder may be a “private matter.” Public opinion polls clearly show that a majority of Americans believe that Condit’s romantic relationship with Chandra Levy directly caused her “disappearance.” So where’s the outrage on Capitol Hill? Don’t expect it from the liberals, who have no integrity at all, or even from many Republicans. Since our elected officials cannot be trusted to monitor themselves, it is time to invoke a new ethics rule, as proposed by Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO), that bans sexual relations between Congressmen and interns. “If academic institutions, corporate businesses and our military have policies against fraternization, then why shouldn’t Congress?” asks CIC’s Jack Clayton. “Members of Congress should be held to a higher ethical standard than the rest of us.”

Gephardt Unleashes The Clinton Tax Demon

As American families and individuals began receiving their Bush tax cut rebates in the mail last week, potential presidential candidate Rep. Dick Gephardt (D-MO) vowed to steal back this money if the Democrats win control of the House next year. In a speech recorded by the Des Moines Register, ultra-liberal Gephardt stated that he wanted to increase taxes on the same scale of the massive Clinton tax hike of 1993! The Democratic leader was quoted as saying: “I’m glad what we did was right in 1993, and I’ll do it again because I believe in being fiscally responsible with the taxpayers’ money.” Apparently, for Mr. Gephardt, being “fiscally responsible” means swiping more money from taxpayers and spending it on wasteful liberal programs that his fellow Democrats favor.

Liberty Amendment Gains Momentum

In a surprising move, Congress has scheduled a special two-day hearing beginning September 18 to discuss the constitutionality of the federal income tax. An arrangement was made between Rep. Roscoe Bartlett (R-MD) and Assistant Attorney General Dan Bryant that will hear testimony from tax and legal experts of the Justice Department and the IRS, as well as constitutional experts and anti-tax organizations. These hearings provide a huge boost to Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) “Liberty Amendment” (H.J.R. 45), which calls for the abolition of the federal income tax. CIC asks all supporters to keep contacting their members of Congress at 877-762-8762 or 202-224-3121 and urge them to co-sponsor H.J.R. 45. In the Senate, floor debate and a vote is anticipated soon on the “Internet Tax Nondiscrimination Act” (S. 288), which extends a moratorium on internet sales taxes for five more years. The current moratorium is due to expire in October. Please contact your Senators today and tell them to support this bill.

Bush, GOP Buckle Under Dems.’ Power

Felons And Illegal Aliens To Get Power To Vote
President Bush and Republicans in Congress appear to be cowering to the pressures of the Democrats. House GOPers, along with a reticent Bush, have abandoned their efforts to overturn dozens of illegal executive orders and regulations enacted by Bill Clinton. Ironically, Gore running mate Sen. Joe Lieberman (D-CT) is hell-bent on retribution against President Bush supposedly for the very few Clinton environmental regulations Bush has reversed. After threatening the White House with subpoenas, liberal Lieberman forced Bush to cave in. The real reason for this phony witch hunt is that Lieberman is still bitter over his election defeat in Florida last year. Reps. Henry Waxman (D-CA) and John Dingell (D-MI) have turned their guns on Vice President Cheney demanding that he turn over all notes and documents related to his “Energy Task Force.” Apparently, these Democratic attack dogs see a conspiracy between Cheney and the oil industry. And now, back from the ash heap of history, comes former President Jimmy Carter, who, after publicly railing against President Bush on a host of issues, delivered a report on “Election Reform” to the White House. Carter’s proposals for voting reform will lead to even greater Democratic voter fraud because it calls for allowing convicted felons and non-registered voters (i.e. illegal aliens) to cast ballots. Sadly, instead of throwing it in the trash, President Bush praised the report as “guidelines for meaningful reform.”

Clinton’s Eco-Extremism Killed Firefighters

Bill Clinton's stringent environmental regulations and the Endangered Species Act may be to blame for the recent tragic deaths of four firefighters. After repeated requests to obtain water from a river containing “endangered” fish, firefighters in the Okanogan National Forest of Washington state were helpless for more than nine hours in their efforts to put out a deadly fire. Clintonite bureaucrats at the U.S. Forest Service delayed granting permission to the firefighters to extract water from the Chewuch River, which contributed to the spread of the forest fire and the subsequent deaths of four brave men serving their country. “It is time that these eco-maniacs be held accountable for their crimes against humanity,” says CIC spokesman. CIC urges supporters from western states to contact Rep. Scott McInnis (R-CO), who chairs the House subcommittee on U.S. Forests. Mr. McInnis has already pledged an investigation into this tragedy. Call him at (202) 225-4761; Fax (202) 226-0622; Write: 320 Cannon House Office Building, Washington, DC 20515.

Hillary Sinks Bush Nominee

Crowning herself as a guardian for the American consumer, Sen. Hillary Clinton is attempting to sink President Bush’s nomination of Mary Sheila Gall to head the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Ironically, Mrs. Gall was also nominated to this same post by Hillary’s husband, but this didn’t seem to bother New York’s junior Senator in her hypocritical quest to derail a non-controversial nominee. Exerting her dominion over the Democratic party, Hillary has forced all Democratic Senators on the Commerce Committee to vote down Ms. Gall’s nomination. Hillary is also on the socialist warpath to protect America’s "children" and the "environment." She is sponsoring the onerous SCHIP Enhancement Act of 2001 and the so-called Family Care Act, and is continuing to demonize President Bush over his arsenic standards that are “poisoning our children.” In other Hillary news, Sen. Clinton made a verbal gaffe about her presidential ambitions at a recent National Press Club briefing, saying: “I’m having a great time being pres….being a Senator from New York.” However, pro-Hillary pundit Doris Kearns-Goodwin believe that this slip of the tongue was deliberate. And down in Fort Lauderdale, the Florida Bar has exonerated Hillary’s crooked brother Hugh Rodham despite overwhelming evidence of criminal wrongdoing when he raked in $400,000 from his successful pardon schemes of a convicted cocaine dealer and a convicted embezzler.

Clinton Holdovers Destroyed Chinagate Evidence

President Bush should have cleaned house when he came into office six months ago. Clinton-appointee David Tarbell, director of the Defense Technology Security Administration at the Pentagon, destroyed top-secret reports that detailed the Clinton administration’s approval of allowing American companies to sell advanced military technology to communist China. At the Justice Department, Clinton holdover Lee Radek was finally replaced by a Mr. Andrew Lourie, a federal prosecutor from Miami. Mr. Radek was Janet Reno’s right-hand man in squashing all inquiries into the Clinton-Gore 1996 campaign’s illegal foreign fundraising practices.

‘Big Brother’, Privacy Violations = Totalitarianism?

The House Transportation Committee recently held hearings highlighting the illegal use of “red light” cameras. These hearings came on the heels of a report last week that Washington, DC expects to haul in over $160 million in ticket revenue by 2004! Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) testified that these cameras are a clear violation of citizens’ constitutional rights and are unjustly extorting money from drivers. Ironically, Congress has already earmarked $800,000 in tax dollars to help the District of Columbia purchase more cameras. Across the country, concerns are mounting over related ‘big brother’ technology that is being used by authorities and individuals to spy on their fellow citizens. According to Counter Spy Shops and, tiny, sophisticated cameras are so readily available that two major hotel chains have bought and installed them in their rooms! In Tampa, Denver, Virginia Beach and other cities, authorities are using spy cameras to conduct “facial profiles” of unsuspecting pedestrians and drivers. Federal government scientists are now developing a remote “frisking” device that can search a person’s body and his belongings without ever coming in contact with him, according to a recent Cox News report. A new software program called Spector can let anyone ‘bug’ a computer, read others’ e-mails and monitor their web surfing. The U.S. Postal Service has its own surveillance system of innocent customers, called “Under the Eagle’s Eye Program,” which compiles and reports to federal law enforcement anyone who buys money orders or uses cash cards from a postal clerk. CIC applauds Attorney General John Ashcroft’s recent creation of a ‘privacy czar’ at the Justice Department. He recently tapped Mr. Daniel Collins for this post and his first task is to monitor the FBI’s “Carnivore” snooping program (i.e. DCS1000). However, legislative action is needed on Capitol Hill. Please contact Rep. Bob Barr (R-GA) and House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-TX) and encourage them to introduce legislation that bans all traffic/spy cams on U.S. streets. Click to and

Time To Reform The FBI?

The FBI is having a hard time recovering from the Clinton-Reno reign of terror. Fallout from the Ruby Ridge shooting, the Waco massacre and Oklahoma City bombing exposed overzealous agents out of control. The bungling of the Chinagate, Filegate and Travelgate scandals allowed Bill & Hillary Clinton to escape justice. The embarrassing espionage cases of Aldrich Ames, Wen Ho Lee and Robert Hanssen weakened our national security. Most recently, over 180 FBI computers and 450 weapons have been reported missing and/or stolen. Unfortunately, President Bush’s nomination of Robert Mueller to be the new director of the FBI is not the solution to these problems. The FBI does not need a Mr. Mueller, whose most recent job was a federal attorney for the Clinton-Reno Justice Department and has close ties to Chinagate DOJ figure Lee Radek. The FBI should not have at its helm this long-time federal bureaucrat who has shown little regard for the privacy and property rights of American citizens, and whose biggest cheerleaders in the Senate are Hillary Clinton and Dianne Feinstein. What the FBI needs is massive downsizing and streamlining of its law enforcement functions. It may surprise many Americans to learn that our constitution gave the federal government the power to investigate and prosecute criminals ONLY for treason and counterfeiting. It was the intent of our founding fathers that all other crimes would be handled by local and state police forces. Sadly, since the 1930s, the FBI has usurped federal power beyond any scope imaginable. Congress has legislative oversight and power to correct this situation. CIC applauds the House’s recent move to create a deputy inspector post to monitor the FBI’s abuse of power. This a positive first step. However, perhaps it is time for the Republicans on Capitol Hill, who claim to be for ‘limited government,’ to launch a legislative initiative to abolish the FBI? Tell us what you think. E-mail us at

The Latest U.N. Assault On U.S. Sovereignty

The United Nations is at again. At a recent U.N. global gun control conference, international delegates assailed the United States’ second amendment right to keep and bear arms and have demanded that American gun owners submit to an illegal U.N. firearms registry. This latest assault on our sovereignty and rights is one more worthy reason for the U.S. to withdraw from the U.N. CIC is encouraging supporters to keep up pressure on Congress to support Rep. Ron Paul’s (R-TX) “American Sovereign Restoration Act” (H.R. 1146). Please contact Rep. Henry Hyde (R-IL), chairman of the International Relations Committee, who is the latest Congressman to support this bill. Demand that he schedule full committee hearings on H.R. 1146. Call (202) 225-5021 ; Fax (202) 225-2035 ; or visit

2008 ‘Nazi’ Olympics To Be Held In China

Western Appeasement to Communists Continues
The International Olympic Committee (IOC) was recently bribed by the communist Chinese, who spent at least $24 million in a “lobbying” campaign to successfully win their bid for the 2008 Olympics. Christians and human rights activists have joined together to roundly criticize this decision, comparing it to the 1936 Nazi Olympics when Hitler used the Games to showcase his totalitarianism. Sadly, Congress failed to speak out because Speaker Hastert and Sen. Majority Leader Tom Daschle refused to schedule floor votes in time on two concurrent resolutions (H.Con.Res. 73 & S.Con.Res. 27) opposing China’s bid for the 2008 games. Instead, the House voted on H.J.R. 50, sponsored by Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA), which would have suspended PNTR privileges for a year. This went down in a major defeat. There is still a glimmer of hope on Capitol Hill. Two other pending trade bills -- H.R. 1467 & H.R. 1497 – both revoke PNTR. CIC strongly supports this legislation and urges all supporters to contact their Congressman at (877) 762-8762 or (800) 648-3516 or visit and demand he or she co-sponsor these resolutions. On related matters, liberal Secretary of State Colin Powell visited Beijing recently to give diplomatic winks-n-nods to Red China’s worsening human rights abuses, their nuclear arms build-up and their threatening overtures towards Taiwan. Mr. Powell seemed unfazed by Beijing’s most recent and outrageous demand: that U.S. taxpayers fork over to the Chinese $1 million for the “expenses” they incurred when they hijacked and held our 24 American soldiers hostage in April! And on a positive note, Bush’s choice for undersecretary of the Army, Matt Fong, has withdrew his nomination due to the illegal Chinese donations he received during his previous runs for statewide office in California. However, Labor Secretary Elaine Chao, whose close ties to the Chinese Communists were exposed earlier this year, still maintains her Cabinet position and holds behind-the-scenes influence over Bush’s China policy. In an unrelated matter, Red China is suspected of launching the “Code Red” computer worm, which may still pose a threat to the internet and computers in the United States.

Middle East Teeters On Brink Of War

Intelligence reports by Stratfor, Washington Times and other media outlets have predicted that an all-out war between the Israelis and Palestinians (and their Arab allies) is imminent. Israeli national security plans to retake the West Bank and Gaza and wipe out the Palestinian Authority have been reported in the Jerusalem Post and other Israeli papers. Israel has already established nine offices around the world to call up Army reservists. And recent American attempts to broker a cease-fire and a peace deal have failed. “If war breaks out, it would be wise for President Bush to maintain a position of absolute neutrality,” advises CIC’s Steve Miroy. “Any U.S. involvement could lead to major terrorist attacks by Arab extremists against American soldiers and civilians.” In related news, the House’s Subcommittee on National Security recently held hearings on the possibility of a bioterrorist attack against the United States. Former Sen. Sam Nunn (D-GA) testified about the chilling effects of a chemical or biological weapons attack against America and how such lethal viruses could spread from state to state and overwhelm our health care system.

There Goes The Neighborhood

The already-tarnished image of New York City’s Harlem neighborhood just got worse. Disgraced ex-president Bill Clinton officially opened his offices in black Harlem at 55 W. 125th Street. While the liberal media portrayed Clinton as being happily welcomed into Harlem, quite the opposite was true. Officials estimated that thousands of people would show up to greet the impeached President with enthusiasm. Less than 500 came, and many Harlem residents – including Black Panthers – protested his gentrifying presence. Meanwhile, Mr. Clinton is still keeping up with his money-grubbing schedule. To help plump up his over $1 million basic checking account, Clinton is about to announce a multimillion dollar book deal with one of New York’s top liberal publishing houses. Clinton is also expected to travel again to Scotland and England where he will get paid $200,000 for three speeches and will charge up to $2,100 for each handshake!


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