News Updates October 18, 2001

US Troops Land In Afghanistan

Special Forces Open Ground Campaign
The Associated Press is reporting U.S. special forces are operating in southern Afghanistan, a government official said today, opening a significant new phase in America's military response to terrorist attacks. Members of thesecretive forces were supporting efforts by the intelligence community to undermine the Taliban regime, said a government official. The official said military action could increase significantly in the coming days.

These "Pacifists" are Spoofed in On Line Movie

Look for link on CIC site. As reported by Fox Television News some "U.S. Peaceniks" in a free cartoon action movie show how Osama gets his just deserts (CIC does not endorse the site, just the movie. There is violence and one shouted obscenity from Bin Laden).

Click on Fun link: U.S. Peaceniks" Meet Osama -- Cartoon Movie at

Real Time USA-Based Hunting And Bombing

The Associated Press is now reporting "An unmanned American spy plane armed with missiles has been used for the first time in combat missions over Afghanistan, defense officials said Thursday. The low-flying RQ-1 Predator, previously used only for reconnaissance, is carrying Hellfire anti-tank missiles, two officials said on condition of anonymity." CIC's Jack Clayton says "Americans can now launch long range search and destroy missions without risking a single American life."

Daschle Turned Down Offer Of Osama Toilet Paper.

CIC Staff Being Tested For Anthrax Exposure
CIC spokesman Jack Clayton, and 2 volunteers with him, are being tested for anthrax exposure. As of today, CIC's staff is healthy. Authorities are concerned only about visitors during a certain window on Monday morning and while CIC was in the room with Senate staffers who were exposed, CIC is considered low risk for exposure.

Clayton, age 60, was delivering rolls of Osama Bin Laden Toilet Paper to the U.S. Senate and went to Senate Majority Leader Thomas Daschle's Hart Senate Office building office in Room 509. Daschle's staff refused the offer of free OBL Toilet Paper.

Free American Flags And Artwork.

CIC is now promoting several links to obtain free artwork for a variety of American Flags in different forms. And CIC now has posted a link to free American Flag song lyrics and arts and crafts related to the Flag for children. CIC is offering metalic American Flag pins, for purchase, with proceeds to CIC. Visit

Complimentary 911 Photos

As a non-profit group, CIC promotes the sharing of information and does not endorse other sites. This link will bring you to Ray Charles singing America the Beautiful with scenes from New York on September 11:

Daschle's Toilet Bowl Wheeled In During CIC Visit

During CIC's visit, Senate workmen were carrying in a new white ceramic toilet tank and bowl. Clayton said "We could not ask for better timing for our delivery" as he put rolls of toilet paper in tank. Daschle's staff asked for Clayton to remove the gifts and Clayton complied.

Most Senators and Congressmen visited by CIC loved CIC's visit and accepted the gifts of free OBL-TP. One bystander on Constitution Avenue started screaming in support of Osama and cursing the CIC delegation. When our cameras came out, he fled. Most cheered CIC and other groups.

Just Who Support's Osama?

CIC feels the best way to "find" extremist Osama supporters is to have anti-Osama posters or our toilet paper in your hand. Take pictures of pro-Osama supporters who yell and scream obscenities. Do it for the victims, past and future.

CIC is supporting the victims and families of the September 11 attack on America. CIC is offering Osama bin Laden Toilet Paper with net proceeds going to the Salvation Army, AmeriCares' Heroes Fund, and the Survivors Fund of the National Capital Area. The 'Wipeout Terrorism' toilet paper, featuring the face of Osama bin Laden, is the original TP featured in several newspapers. Buy some for yourself at

Top Ways To Prepare for Biological Warfare

CIC is offering resources, in its bookstore, explaining where Osama bin Laden came from and how to defeat him. Included in the selection: books on how to deal with chemical and biological warfare, how to track down terrorists in society, personal security, and how the U.S. Army's anti-terrorism units operate. Get armed at

CIC's Top Patriotic Songs Available Now

From "God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood to Great War Movie Themes like the "Ballad of the Green Beret" with John Wayne. Like American Flags, CIC can not get enough of these songs and neither can CIC supporters. So we posted them in our "bookstore".

Cartoonist Huber Refuses to Panic

CIC is proud to host one of the bravest and most handsome Cartoonists in the prime of life and good humor. Huber's new cartoon conveys the calm demeanor of a seasoned humorist.We can not tell you what he has in store for you tomorrow because he never tells us in advance. Let us just say after you see today's cartoon, it will be only a matter of days before the Taliban surrenders with the words "Jim Huber, Please autograph a cartoon for us" at


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