News Updates November 2, 2001

Calling All Genius Inventors And Geeks

If you are an American patriot who has ideas, concepts or theories about tactics or devices to destroy Osama Bin Laden, please hear this plea: On behalf of the President of the United States and the American people, CIC's Steve Miroy asks you to visit and pick from 38 catergories of "concepts" to fight terrorism.

The Pentagon has set up this site to receive specific or general help in fighting this enemy. "Nobody has a lock on good ideas" says James Kurtz, a defense expert, in published remarks.

Columnist Orders Up Carpet Bombing

In his column "Not Enough Might", W.Post columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote on Tuesday, October 30, 2001 "Bomb today, pause tomorrow. That strategy met with nothing but pain and defeat. ...(F)or three weeks in Afghanistan we (have) held back from massively bombing the Taliban front lines facing the Northern Alliance....Why have we not loosed the B-52s and the B-2s to carpet-bomb Taliban positions?"

Bombs Ordered And Delivered As Requested

The Associated Press reports early, today, Friday, heavy B-52 bombers pounded the front line north of Kabul in some of the fiercest bombardments yet. More than 15 bombs were dropped over several hours. American military advisers on the ground in opposition territory appeared to be directing the fire, said opposition official Saeed Hussain Anwari, on the front in Gulbahar.

Redford Is Sucking Gas From America's Tanks

Stop the little gas sucker
Actor Robert Redford has sent an e-mail to Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) members asking them to contact their senators to stop the "pro-oil energy bill" endorsed by the White House.

CIC friend Amy Ridenour says: "Now is the time to reduce our dependence on Middle Eastern oil and we can do it in an environmentally responsible way. Opening the Arctic Refuge is prudent and could provide as many as 735,000 badly-needed jobs."

CIC's Jack Clayton says "Redford has been a big movie "Red" liberal who is now pretending to be a patriot in his latest movie. Don't rent "Red" and don't see his latest movie either. Write Congress and demand they suspend all "environmental" restraints during actions in Afghanistan and open up the Artic Reserve so we do not depend on Mid East Oil.

House Of Reps Should Oust McKinney

Rep. Cynthia McKinney wrote an America-bashing letter to Saudi Prince Alwaleed in hopes of snagging the $10 million donation New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani turned down on principle, now writes in the Washington Post that she is a victim of censorship. CIC's Mike Davis asks the Ethics Committee of the House "How about the Ethics Committee investigating the open corruption of Cynthia McKinney, trashing the USA and offering her office to foreign interests for $10 million? That's more money than Hillary Clinton got for her not publishing a book."

Liberal Bandits On Ballot Tuesday

If you live in New York City, New Jersey and in Virginia, don't forget to vote Tuesday, November 6th. Every vote counts, even the ones thrown out by liberal Democrats. Make work for the crooks who steal elections, vote. And bring the rest of the family and neighbors to the polls. This is one way to make sure they don't do your voting for you. In many polling places, corrupt officials "check off" and cast ballots for voters who did not vote on Election Day.

E-Mail Is The Way To Contact Congress

Repeat: Use E-Mail
Mail is backed up and many members of Congress are still displaced from their Congressional offices. There are only a few reliable ways to quickly get through to your Congressman: physically see him in Washington. Call on the telephone. Send a mailgram. Or visit his or her website and obtain the current e-mail address. CIC has a link to do this. To contact your Congressman or Senator, visit

Hillary Clinton Booed Big Time

Senator Hillary Clinton (D-NY) found herself being jeered and booed by thousands of New York firemen and policemen at a 9-11 benefit concert on a recent Saturday evening. VH1 cameras caught New York's finest screaming at the Senator to get off the stage. One police officer yelled, "Get off the stage! We don't want you here!" Senator Clinton apparently cut short her speech and her time on stage. Afterwards, she said that "these are the type of people who listen to Rush Limbaugh."

Hillary Ran Down An Officer

Just days before that Senator Clinton ran down a police officer in her automobile and the headlines read "Clinton OK after car accident". The officer was slightly injured but Clinton is accused of ignoring security related instructions from the officer.

Free Offerings From CIC

  1. Free Resource For Anti-Liberal News
    CIC is a traditionalist-leaning group that works with everybody to fight liberals, like patriotic Libertarians. CIC does not always agree with Chuck Muth of "GOP News & Views on the Republican Liberty Caucus" but Muth has contributed greatly to the effort to fight terrorism and liberal hysteria. Visit Muth at:

  2. Free Fun Links For Patriotic Americans
    Link 1:American-style "Telephone Attack"
    This is direct link to a website that unleashes American-style torture, on the Taliban. CIC does not know who did the site but it is funny.

    Link 2: A bomb bomb bombing we will go!
    This is a direct link to a cartoon running 5 minutes featuring George W. Bush on the Bongo. There is a strong word and lots of explosions, but this is war at

    Link 3 from CIC's Nutty Site
    Direct Link on this for nice music with Osama Bin Laden as a Chicken. The site is decent except for ads at

    Fun Link 4 at Conservative Action Website Now
    Click on Fun link: U.S. Peaceniks" Meet Osama -- Cartoon Movie at Still the top rated referal on the net.

Free American Flags And Artwork.

CIC is promoting several links to obtain free artwork for a variety of American Flags in different forms. CIC has posted a link to free American Flag song lyrics and arts and crafts related to the Flag for children. CIC is offering metalic American Flag pins, for purchase, with proceeds to CIC. Visit

Osama Bin Laden Toilet Paper For Christmas 2001

The 'Wipeout Terrorism' toilet paper, featuring the face of Osama bin Laden, can also be used for offical "portraits". Buy some for yourself at

Prepare for Biological or Tactical Warfare

CIC is offering books in its library, on how to deal with chemical and biological warfare, how to track down terrorists in society, personal security, and how the U.S. Army's anti-terrorism units operate. Get armed at

CIC's Top Patriotic Songs Available Now

From "God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood to Great War Movie Themes like the "Ballad of the Green Beret" with John Wayne.

CIC Recommends Free Song Clip

Some radio stations are already airing teenager Kelly McHugh's Song of Tribute to the victims and hero's of 9/11 called YOU ARE AMERICA.

Listen to a portion of the song by going to the bottom of the front web page at Proceeds from CD purchase go to a small Christian Ministry.

Cartoonist Huber Scoops Network News Teams

Huber's new cartoon, just posted today, exposes the calm patronizing lies bestowed by the nightly news teams. What is next from Mr. Jim Huber? Anthrax Drink Mix? Find out at


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