News Updates November 23, 2001

Parade In New York City A Success

The Statute of Liberty led the parade and was titled "Tribute to America". Lots of heros were cheered and lots of patriotism was on display. Crowds chanted "RUDY, RUDY, RUDY" as Mayor Rudolph Giuliani waved from a float featuring a 13 foot Big Apple, miniture Empire State and Chrysler buildings.

U.S. Special Forces Killing "Hundreds"

The Washington Times says U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) are killing "hundreds" of Taliban militia and members of the al Qaeda terrorist army. "SOF the past two weeks have conducted...sustained ground combat in Afghanistan...(and) have ambushed the enemy and killed them in small batches." "Lets continue to give the SOF free rein" says CIC's Jack Clayton. See the full report at

Taliban Refuses To Surrender Kunduz

MAZAR-E SHARIF, Afghanistan, News reports first said all Taliban fighters in the northern Afghanistan city of Konduz agreed to surrender by Sunday, a top Northern Alliance commander said early Thursday.

Now, Taliban fighters are refusing to surrender and Northern Alliance forces have started an assault to take control of the last city in the north of Afghanistan.

Free "Bomb Osama" Game

Please go and download your free "Bomb Osama" Game at You can fire your own cruise missiles and other projectiles at terrorist low-life Osama Bin Laden. You get your score at the end when you stop.

Congress Extends Internet Tax Moratorium

Congress has extended the Internet tax moratorium for another two years. Given the fact that states and localities are howling for new revenues as budget gaps grow, any extension is cause for celebration.

Reason Magazine online reports "But the particulars are cause for concern. Only the first $25 of Internet access fees is to be levy-free. This is a big green light for states and localities to devise new taxes on higher-priced broadband access. This is exactly what struggling-to-expand broadband does not need." And this cap may spark new attempts to garner cash from other "access" based conditions.

Talk Radio Audience Up

Published accounts report "News and talk stations have climbed to the top" of radio stations being listened to in many major cities since September 11 as more people want to listen for breaking news and to discuss current events.

Hillary Clinton Says "Move Now" To 20 Million People

Newsmax is reporting Sen. Hillary Clinton wants even more new federal hirings to keep an eye on the nation's nuclear plants, now protected by the plant owners' security forces.

According to New York Times reporter Robert Worth, Clinton, D-N.Y., is pushing for an expansion of the evacuation zone from the present 10 miles to 50 miles, putting New York City, 30 miles away, and its 8 million residents within an evacuation zone. This would require the evacuation of all 20 million people in that zone in the event of an emergency at Indian Point. See entire article at

Conservative-Hater Poundstone Jailed After Relapse

Published accounts report super-liberal Paula Poundstone was briefly tossed in jail Tuesday after admitting using drugs.

A Santa Monica judge on Tuesday ordered the comedian locked up in Los Angeles County Jail after she suffered a relapse while in rehab--a serious violation of her probation on child-abuse charges. He later had her released and sent back to Promises, the Malibu-based clinic that has been treating her.

Last month, Poundstone was sentenced to five years' probation after she pleaded no contest to felony child endangerment and a misdemeanor count of inflicting injury on a child stemming from incidents involving kids in her care. In addition to fines, counseling and community service, she was ordered to finish up her six-month stint in live-in alcohol rehab and told not to consume any drugs or alcoholic beverages.

America's Impeachment Leader In Fight For Political Life

The man who made possible the entire impeachment process is now in a Republican Primary. Because of in Georgia, Rep. Bob Barr has been thrown into a primary contest with another Republican incumbent, Rep. John Linder. CIC quoted Bob Barr hundreds of times since CIC sponsored the primary impeachment website. Barr consistently led and pushed and pulled to impeach William Jefferson Clinton. CIC's Jack Clayton says "America can not afford to lose Bob Barr and we ask every American who wants Bill Clinton to face Justice to factor in Barr's work for impeachment when they decide who to vote for or donate to in the coming days."


The 'Wipeout Terrorism' toilet paper, featuring the face of Osama bin Laden (still alive at last report), can also be used for official "portraits". Buy some for yourself at

CIC's Top Patriotic Songs Available Now

From "God Bless the U.S.A." by Lee Greenwood to Great War Movie Themes like the "Ballad of the Green Beret" with John Wayne. Like American Flags, CIC can not get enough of these songs and neither can CIC supporters. So we posted them in our "bookstore".

Cartoonist Huber Targets Anti-Liberty Laws

CIC is proud to host one of the bravest and most handsome Cartoonists in the prime of life and good humor. Huber's new cartoon is posted, FOR FREE, at


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